Uniform Dilemma

Gone are the days of tea lady and cleaning lady. No more ridiculous colors of baby shit yellow and smurf blue. No more making mistakes of which day to wear which colours. Currently, we have to wear yellow blazers on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and blue blazers on Wednesdays. Fridays are smart casuals. Whoever came out with such a genius idea ought to be shot dead – colors selection, design, and which day to wear which colors – guilty at charge on all counts! No more suffering from heat stroke whenever the air conditioners in office are not functioning (which is quite frequent)!

The new uniform

I am glad that this time we could opt for pants instead of skirts. I waddled like a duck in skirt and it’s super unsightly! Uniform this time, comes with blouses. Blazers are reserved for monthly assembly only! Cool!

One good thing about working in a firm which provides uniforms – you don’t have to hurt your brain thinking of petty things like what to wear the next day. Not that I have much choice of clothing. I recheck my wardrobe and was horrified that I actually paraded in shocking flowery clothes which made me look like Ah Soh at such young age. Ahem. Whoever wants free maternity clothes, feel free to contact me.

The flip side is you cannot afford to put on weight the next 2 years (this office changes new uniforms every 2 years). If you lose weight – you won’t look nice either. You have to maintain your weight and size. I had tried the uniform today and it’s already too tight at the underarm area and way too short. Shit! I look like a blardy penguin. My sis mocked  that I have put on weight over the past 4 months. Luckily the uniforms are subject to alteration.

Geez. I need to lose some weight seriously. But everyone complained about the blazer being too tight, especially the underarm area. So I guess it’s the whole office problem and not only mine… okay okay… I am not going to give any excuse anymore. I will lose weight. I am going to lose weight.

14 thoughts on “Uniform Dilemma

  1. yeah….. let’s work for it together…remember our days in TBR? the two of us fasted whole day and ate very little for dinners? well well, controlling diet is important, but more important is exercise leh…

  2. Urghghg – you have uniforms for work? It’s like being back at school! What happens when you get pregnant? Can you come in casual clothes then or do they have maternity uniforms?? hehe!

  3. YY: My metabolism is not as good as it is 10 years ago.. now have to triple the effort!

    laymank: Jogging I cannot lah. Briskwalk maybe. Perhaps will go swimming. I almost burn my ass again yesterday night doing steam bath.

    ml: Haha! That is the penguin I used to draw for my friends when I was in primary school.

    Ann: That time I joined gym and my discipline is okay.. only for 4 months. Hahahhaa.

    colourmecrazy: If pregnant, can wear your own clothes one… we are not communists mahh…

    Yuin: Hahaha!! Like that mah, have to buy only one set. Coz you don’t eat much yourself.. later I pulak help you finish your portion. Hahah!

  4. based on the pic posted, the new uniform looks nice.. well, at least better than the old one. n what? u put on weight over the 4 mths? dun kid? well, i can always help u if u need some advice on loosing weight… heehaa… ;p

  5. Phew! I am so glad that management has got some senses this round on the uniform choice. Or else we would be stuck with another shitty uniform for another 2 more years. Bagaro.

    I am pretty happy with this round selection. Very glad that they ditched the jacket on normal days. Maybe it’s in favor of the current global warming… in case, we all drop dead due to heat stroke wearing that jacket during work. LOL.

    Yeah, LOL I could still remember telling you, you look like a duck waddling away when you wear that stupid long and clumsy skirt. It makes me waddle too. It’s near hazard these skirts… nearly drip over it several times liao.

  6. Kleio: Yeah! Finally they have senses that we are not working in some 4 seasons country and we don’t have to wear the ugly blazers all the time. Yeah. I remember I almost trip myself on the way down the staircases at the lobby with that stupid noisy skirt.

    Haha. I remember drawing lotsa penguins when I was younger.

  7. Been missing reading ur blog lately… workloads are piling in…

    GREAT to know that you’ve gotten yourself a new uniform, more like a corporate wear with that color, compare to the previous one.. when can I see you wearing it???? You must look like a ‘lui keong yan’.. cheers😀

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