Greek God

I was at the Bed – the club made popular by the series – Sex and the City.

I took a seat.. or rather, a bed and soon, I was lying down with a gorgeous hunk. I couldn’t really remember how he looked like but nothing short of a Greek God in Armani Suit. I could remember his smile though. Exactly like James Franco’s. Simply delicious.

There were many tall and slim girls walking around trying to entice him but he focused his full attention on me. I was really flattered.

Him: I am a lawyer by the way.

Me: A lawyer! Christ! I have very bad experiences with lawyers!

Him: Oh come on. I think I deserve a chance. One bad apple doesn’t mean the whole tree is rotten!

Me: Let me think about it.

The conversation was a bit hazy but I think I did mentioned something about not trusting men from the internet or something. Must be having too much Champagne.

We exchanged call cards and promised to keep in touch.

I was crossing the road with a friend. As I was crossing the road, we were chatting and suddenly, I blurted out to her in between conversations:-

“I don’t like men who drink too much. As age is catching up, I think I would prefer somebody who is pious.”

Then I woke up. I could feel shivers running down my spine.

Must be imagination ran wild while I was in Lang Tengah last weekend for a short getaway. But pious??? Where did that come from??

Whatever it is, I wish I never had woken up when I was in bed with a Greek God.

8 thoughts on “Greek God

  1. what does pious means? sounds ‘fanatical’ 2 me. ok, i will go look it up later. that greek god must be a surfer….a bronze toned paded surfer.

  2. Zewt: I dreamt of Leslie Cheung (many years ago before he died), Leon Lai, Wan Siu Loon and now, James Franco.

    Ann: Yes, don’t we all?

    takeshi: Pious means alim lah. Not alim alim kucing ok? Haha. Yeah.. I will try to dream again tonight to continue where we left.

  3. No leh.. the more I think about him, the more he look like James Franco! Haha. I remember he’s not Asian. I think he’s a hot latina hunk. Hahha.

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