I know you people have been deprived from food pictures in this blog, so be prepared for this mega food post!

Happy Birthday, Datin!

It has been quite awhile I pig out with friends on weekend. This month, Ed’s birthday is round the corner so we decided to buy him dinner and throw him a simple party. It ended with him cooking a dinner the next night for us. Paiseh!

We went to Lily Cenario in SS19. The shop is situated behind the New Paris restaurant. Price wise, it’s a little pricey for small portion of servings. However, the taste of the food is fabulous. The ambience and interior design is cosy and “arty”. Even the toilet is decorated. I thought we shouldn’t overly decorate the toilet as it’s not good feng shui?

Grilled Salmon

I had the grilled salmon. Instead of grill, I think it was fried. The salmon was topped with wasabi and ebi (fish roe). It was surprisingly good.

Brownie with Ice Cream

The brownie is not too bad either. Try is ala mode – with ice cream on top. Other than that, Chef Pasta is recommended. The yogurt chicken curry is not too bad either. All in all, it was quite a good gastronomical experience.

Yogurt Curry Chicken

We adjourned to Ed’s place for the traditional cake- candles – making -a -wish party. Ended chatted till 12.30 am. Andrew’s vodka concoction is superb. Try mixing mango juice with raspberry vodka and a little hint of lemon.

Andrew’s Secret Concoction

The next day, my ex colleagues and I went to Monte’s in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Since my senior had some generous vouchers to dine and wine in any restaurants in BSC, we took this as an opportunity to excite our taste buds. Further, Senior just bought a new MyVi and we decided to go on a test drive.

Seafood Salad

It was a late afternoon lunch at 2 pm but the restaurant was modestly packed. I could see why. The portions were just nice for the price. I like the seafood salad. It comes with baby octopus, shrimps, salted salmon, caviar and vegetables. Yes. You got it right. Caviar at RM23.95++. The rest of the food was typically western. The grilled halibut which I had was not that fantastic. Perhaps you might want to try other combo meals which look quite good.

Prawn & Chicken Combo

We adjourned to Bangsar Village to check out the new place. Even a shop, as typical as Vincci is slightly upscaled. Pig skinned bags which look like typical bags you can get in Bangkok for RM20 cost RM499 here! Christ! I will reserve my shopping in Bangkok.

After walking around the shop, we didn’t have anything much to buy or rather, our pockets are not that deep for us to splurge on the items here, we ended up, acknowledging our poor fate by eating our hearts out at Bakerzin.


Chocolate Amer

Strawberry Shortcake


The cakes are delicious! The Lavender tea tastes a little way off our usual, typical Malaysian tongues. Instead of releasing stress, we find it is stress inducing with the terrible taste in our tongues! Go for lemon grass tea.. it’s better, even if it does remind me of mosquitoes repellent I used in my camping trips.

After that, we took a spin in Senior’s new MyVi and I headed to Ed’s house for another round of gluttony.

Datin’s Delicious Mushroom & Onions scones

If you ask me, how I managed to stuff all these goodies within 2 days…  it’s beyond me and I hope it won’t happen again… Okay!! I will diet tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Overdose

  1. terima kasih banyak banyak

    there will never be a better way to spend the birthday than with u guys.

    may ur kindness return to you in hundred of folds


  2. laymank: Seem? Of coz it’s nice!🙂

    colourmecrazy: Hahaha.. yeah.. just look at the strawberries!

    e: You are most welcomed. You are very much loved. Remember that!

  3. Zing: Get for you the recipe is okay lah.. make for you ah??? Probably I would burn down the whole kitchen. Will see how lah.. how nice you are to me first. Hahahha.

  4. It is most cruel of you (towards your heavier frens) to post such beautiful pictures of food. Need to run that extra mile to get those images out of my head..

  5. Yay! Finally some food pics!!!!!!! Been so deprived of it in your blog recently. haha. The salmon & cakes look so delicious.
    Oh ya, happy bday to “Datin”🙂

  6. Yummy *slurp* Luckily I view this page of yours with a full belly else it would have ruined by dieting. My oh my, that piece of ‘Opera’ does look very tantalizing still, even with a full belly.

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