50 Favorite Shots X

….Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my favorite 50 shots taken around Malaysia….

The following pictures are taken during my recent trip to Lang Tengah (except for the last picture), which wraps up the 50 Favorite Shots series. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoy putting them up for you.

#46 Into the Sun. As soon as we got there, it was slightly drizzling. I was glad that the sun came out from dark clouds just in time for us to watch sunset. The fishing boat moved slowly into the sun and it was such a beautiful horizon to behold.

#47 Follow Me. As the beach was damp after the downpour, footprints on sand could be prominently seen.

#48 Pure White. One of the many species of flowers on the island.

#49 The Lovers. As I was walking towards our chalet for dinner, I saw this couple sitting at a jetty, overlooking the sunset. A chance photo, I might say.

#50 See, Hear, Speak. Taiping Lake, Perak. Bloggers are monkeys? I was very offended that a youth minister in Malaysia condemned bloggers as monkeys. He was directing the verbal abuse to political bloggers and yet, he made a general assumption.

I believe in freedom of speech. I believe in pure democracy. I believe in human rights. I believe in the Constitution. I sincerely hope every race in the country would always remember that we are co-dependent on each other in order to survive and to build this country together. If only people would liberate themselves from their selfishness and egoistic mentality that they are worth more than others; this country would be a much prosperous and peaceful place to be.

Happy 50th Birthday, Malaysia!

50 Favorite Shots IX

….Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my favorite 50 shots taken around Malaysia….

All the following pictures are taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Sabahans are very proud of their hometown. I could see why. Most of the beautiful places in Malaysia are in Sabah. You shouldn’t miss climbing Mount Kinabalu (Ok! Perhaps I should get to do this myself), taking a dip at the many islands, or go to Hot Poring Springs. Sabah is the ultimate stop for sun, sand, mountains, adventures, food and history. It was unfortunate that I am not an adventurous person (read: NO stamina) that I made a pass to participate in any of the adventurous activities which might otherwise made my trip memorable.

#41 Green Pastures. The breath taking view of the Kundasang’s dairy farm is spell binding. I remember freezing my ass off here in attempt to get pictures. Fresh milk can be purchased here.

#42 Mode of Transport. Boats are generally mode of transport from the nearby islands to the town.

#43 Fishy Business. I saw locals being hard at work at a fish market, near the Philipino market. The fish are indeed fresh and they come dirt cheap!

#44 Day Dream. I saw this girl waiting at her sewing machine, indulging herself in a care-free bouts of day dreaming. In fact, there was a beeline of sewing machines alongside of the Philipino market and most of the tailors are men!

#45 Shell Life. Collected some shells at Sutera Harbour beach front. It was indeed bliss to sleep away the afternoon, doing nothing and watching the day passing by.

50 Favorite Shots VIII

….Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my favorite 50 shots taken around Malaysia….

It’s hard to be in festive mood after what had just happened but, I hate to stop when I’ve already started on a project (wish I have this mentality when it concerns losing some weight)….. so here goes…

#36 Shadow Play. I love this picture. Taken in Pulau Redang, Terengganu last year. A company trip where I brought along some friends.

#37 Netted Sun. The deserted volley ball court in Pulau Redang, Terengganu.

#38 Clear Waters. You don’t get water this clear in the west coast of Malaysia. Taken Taken in Pulau Redang, Terengganu.

#39 Bliss! I would take time out anytime to come here to bask in the sun and read a good book or simply sleep the afternoon away. Avillion, Port Dickson.

#40 Cycles of Life. One of my many shots of lotuses. This one you could see bees pollinating the lotuses while scouting for honey. Avillion, Port Dickson.

Handy List

Thanks to those who showed concern about my well being. Thanks for your calls, sms-es and comments. I really appreciate them. Despite having sleepless nights for a week now, dark circles under my eyes getting prominent, repetitive nightmares when I managed to get a wink of sleep, sleeping with a wooden samurai sword by my side, waking up at slightest sound – I am generally okay.

As a precaution to all friends, I enlist here the important phone numbers to remember in case when you lost all your belongings to avoid panic and fumbling over getting phone numbers. I find calling 103 is useless.


Maybank ATM/Credit Card – 03-7844 3696/ 1-300-88-6688
RHB ATM Card – 03-9206 8118
Direct Access Credit Card – 03-6204 7878
CIMB Bank Credit Card – 03-6204 7788
Alliance Bank Credit Card – 03-5516 9988
Citibank Credit Card
03-2383 0000 (KUALA LUMPUR),
04-296 0000 (PENANG),
07-268 0000 (JOHOR BAHRU),
1-800-82-1010 (SABAH & SARAWAK)
HSBC Bank (603) 2072 8608
Public Bank Report Lost ATM Card – 603-21639191
Public Bank Report Lost Visa/Master card
– 603-21768555

Remember to call your banks before going to the police station as it might take the officer forever to type your report.

You may contact the Police at these numbers:-

1 Pulau Pinang 04-2691999
2 Bukit Aman 03-20319999
3 Selangor 03-20529999
4 Kuala Lumpur 03-21159999
5 Perlis 04-9711999
6 Kedah 04-7341461
7 Pulau Pinang 04-2691999
8 Perak 05-2401999
9 Negeri Sembilan 06-7619999
10 Melaka 06-2851999
11 Johor 07-2251999
12 Pahang 09-5151999
13 Terengganu 09-6231007
14 Kelantan 09-7450999
15 Sarawak 082-240800
16 Sabah 088-253555
17 Labuan 087-412575

Prevention is better than cure. I met up with an old friend, Melvin from A&T on issues of security in the house. So if any of you wish to have total security solutions (security alarm system, Autogate system, CCTV Surveillance system, door access system, etc) for your house, please feel free to contact him at 012-393 0646 or 03-7781 2762 for details.

Strike Two

As soon as I thought my nightmare is over, the “break-in” happened again on early Thursday morning.

At about 11 pm on Wednesday night, I went downstairs to lock my car and house doors. I cursed that my dad and aunt who left for their mahjong sessions did not lock the door to my house with additional padlock which I specifically advised them to do so in light of the missing lap tops last Saturday.

When I got upstairs, I continued watching tv till about 12.30 am. My cousin sister was still awake and she just finished studying and went to the main room. I went into my room and lock my door. Before going to sleep, I went to the bathroom which is located outside my balcony. It’s a very weird renovation, I tell you. Little did I know that such weird design of my house contributed to such incident which we could have avoid.

Before I went into the bathroom, I pushed the door to my cousin’s room door to the balcony to ensure it is locked. Then I went into the bathroom to go about my business. When I was washing my face, I heard the door to my cousin’s room was opened. Hasty steps were heard and I was alarmed. I quickly opened my bathroom door and dashed out.

To my horror, the door at the balcony to my cousin’s room is wide open. I went inside my room and found it puzzling that my door was not locked. I went out and scolded my cousin sister who just left the room studying. I scolded her for leaving the door opened so wide.

She refuted. She said she had locked the doors. I told her to see it for herself. Being a dim wit, she scratched her head in puzzle and said she probably did not lock it. I went to lock the doors hastily and went downstairs myself to check. At this moment, I saw my dad’s handphone left lying in the living room.

I opened all doors and switched on all lights. I went to my dad’s room which is downstairs and checked under the bed. The bathroom, two storerooms, the living room, dining hall and kitchen. I dismissed that I might have heard some noises out of my fragments of vivid imaginations.

I proceeded upstairs and went into my room and continued reading till about 1 am.

When my handphone alarm went off at 7.50 am, I woke up to a commotion outside my room. I heard my cousin sister fussing over the loss of her handphone. My eyes automatically look at the post of my bed where I used to hang my handbag. It was gone.

Alarmed, I went out of my room and asked if anyone saw my handbag. Nobody saw it. I suddenly recalled the noises yesterday; was by all means, not an imagination. This is the second time within 5 days that the thief preyed on our house.

I was so distraught that I was fumbling to look for numbers to call the banks to cancel my credit cards and atm cards.

This time, I lost my handbag with all my things inside – my purse, digital camera I won last December, thumb drive, my office access card, keys to my lockers in office, my daily planner.. everything.

I almost lost my mind. Now I understand how it felt to have lost all your belongings to a snatch thief. My case was even worse. I got robbed in my own home.

To recall what happened yesterday, it’s puzzling how the thief got into the house. I guessed that because my aunt and my dad didn’t apply the padlock when they left for their mahjong session. The thief had been hiding all along in my house (as he had stolen keys to the main door) when I went downstairs to lock the car and my house door. As soon as he heard I switched off the tv upstairs, he went into my cousin’s room which is empty to get into my room and took my bag and ran downstairs.

To think about it, I am sure lucky that I didn’t check behind the sofa. I wouldn’t probably be sitting here and typing this.

He would have probably taken my bag when I was washing my face and I didn’t even notice the bag was gone.

He escaped using the windows to my cousin’s room which had no grill (which I had told my aunt since the windows were installed, to put grill and she wouldn’t listened). We found the window not locked when the police came to our house to investigate.

My cousin’s theory is even more eerie. He said, the thief probably hid at the roof top at our neighbour’s house next to the balcony to my room and came in to take my bag when I went into the bathroom. It doesn’t make sense on why he would want to unlock my cousin’s room door to get out.

I believe that my theory is correct. He had been hiding in the house all along. Somehow or another, I failed to search for him in the house. I should thank God that I didn’t come face to face with him that night. My sister would have ended up richer by RM350,000.

I thank God that I didn’t leave my car keys in my handbag. My handphone ran out of battery and I left it charging in my room. Otherwise, I would have lost both my mobile phone and car keys which would cause me endless agony and pain. Most importantly, I thank God no one in the family is hurt.

The police are totally useless. They asked me to report my story twice. I had to wait for the police to slowly type my report while he wolf whistling and winking at his female colleagues. Then I was led to the crime department, whereby I need to retell my story ALL OVER AGAIN where they had a system which link and he could just read from my report and cut and paste the whole thing in his other report.

They came shortly after we lodged a report and took some pictures. When I asked why is it that they didn’t take finger prints proof, one of the police said, we have kids in the house. The chemical they use to obtain finger prints might cause allergy reaction such as asthma in children. So, if someone got murdered in the house, just put some children lying there so that they could not obtain finger prints from the murder scene? It’s so fucking ridiculous.

Lodging police report is merely a formality to get replacement for IC and driving license. Nothing else. And please make phone calls to banks before lodging police report as it might take you forever (depending on how fast their typing skills) and it would give time for the thief/robber to use your credit cards and atm cards. Ensure you have all numbers of your banks at hand.

I felt touched when the Mechanic came to my house to fix some latches into all our doors and sister asked him to stay the night with us to calm our nerves. I saw what my sis sees in him now. I hang my head in shame for being pointlessly bias.

Today, the guy who fixed grills will be coming to my house. I hope the grill would be up by tonight. Everybody was restless last night.

I was utterly mad, frustrated and disappointed. But I hope after this episode, my family members would not think I am paranoid and start to take more precaution.