50 Favorite Shots V

.Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my 50 favorite shots taken around Malaysia….

#21 Sir Francis Light. Fort Cornwallis, Penang. You can get to goof around with an empty rifle and ancient hat and take picture with Sir Francis Light. Stories here.

#22 Come away with me. Taiping Lake, Perak. Tranquility and serenity exude in this picture.

#23 Hail Sergeant! Taiping Museum, Perak. Sorry, I don’t know who this was. *Sheepish grin* The Museum is quite well maintained. I remember I always go there when I was little and the huge skull of the elephant at the entrance of the museum, always spook the shit outta me. Haha.

#24 Swaying Trees, Kuala Terengganu. Attended WY’s sis wedding and jumped on the opportunity to snap some pictures while waiting for the driver to buy some nila (fermented coconut water) from one of the many stalls along the road back to Kuala Lumpur.

#25 Moon River. Kuala Terengganu. Moonlight view from Primula Hotel. I said it’s a symbol of loneliness. Shae, a friend who is more optimistic would like to think this as a light of hope in darkness. See how one sees his/her glasses as half full or half empty.

8 thoughts on “50 Favorite Shots V

  1. I look at Sir Francis Light and wonder how the heck he can wear all of those clothes in the tropics. Give me shorts and t-shirt. hee

    So they had a scarey elephant head for you. haha I guess they do that everywhere. Our science museum had the head of a bigass elephant too. And he is even spookier because eh killed a zookeeper before they put him to sleep and mounted his head in the museum.

    Love that red glow around the moon. So subtle, but there. The fire of hell on a dark night burning away all peach in a man’s heart. Roll over and the moon is still staring needles in your back.

  2. SA: HAHAHAHHAH!! That is funny. Yeah.. with the tropical climate, I wonder how he survived the heat wearing that. I believe during the old times, the ozone is not that thin yet. He was in suits in most of his pics in my history book – so I guess he’s wearing it to take pics only.. then would probably stripped to his shorts only once pics were taken. Haha.

  3. Abbot: How have you been? Long time didn’t hear from you. Unfortunately, photobucket do not support pics bigger than 800 x 600. So I have to minimize quite a bit. Probably let me know which pic you like, I will e-mail them to you.

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