50 Favorite Shots VI

….Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my favorite 50 shots taken around Malaysia….

Balik Pulau, Penang. My late grandma’s place. I have gotten myself a new digital camera Ixus 50 for free due to some manufacturing default in my previous model, Ixus 3.2 which I used for about 15 months. I tried to get used to the new camera before I go on a trip to Bali the following month, so I snapped away.

#26 Explosions. Fireworks during eve of Chinese New Year in Selayang. It’s never easy to capture fireworks. This was a lucky shot.

# 27 It’s a Bug’s Life. This leafy bug was hanging out in the kitchen where the family congregated. At first, I seriously thought it was a fallen leave and it was not unusual to have leaves around the kitchen as the house is near the forest. But this leaf could move!

# 28 Two Lives. The egg plant with my nephew riding a bicycle as background. How one fuel the other in order to survive.

#29 Weeping truck. The major cause of most jams in Malaysia. Keh Poh Chi aka Busy Bodies slowing down to look at accidents by the Simpang Ampat highway. We didn’t stop though. This photo was taken while the car was moving. A painter friend said this photo has interesting composition. It was as though the truck is weeping in front of the fireman. Intriguing take.

#30 Infinity. Simpang Ampat, Perlis. A day after the paddy is harvested. Visiting my brother’s wife and family at her home.

12 thoughts on “50 Favorite Shots VI

  1. Infinity reminds me of my part of Texas. Just lose the mountains in the background. This part of Texas grows a lot of rice. And you probably thought I live in a desert.:)

    The truck is an excellent compostion. You should enter it into some photo contests. The photo is crisp and it is amazing that you caught it on the move.

    The fireworks is brilliant too. Submit that photo too. See if you can make some money to makan makan with.

  2. the fireworks is cool, very natural, but abstract. the eggplant one is also cool, very countryside. the weeping truck is a good one, because it catches the moment and very journalistic. the last one is intersting for geography buffs like me….cool!

  3. I have tried to take fireworks pictures before, but they all turned out blurry… so i gave up. I guess you have very very very steady hands to begin with. Good pics!

    I like the grasshopper! Would have tangkap it and keep ….

    And boy, the open skies just remind me of the cloudless sky in Phoenix… hot and parch.

  4. I remembered having one of those hoppers for my biology project. Had to preserve it and spread it out. It was so beautiful…:)

  5. SA: Texas has paddy fields??? You are not pulling my leg, are you?? Haha. Uhm.. as for trying to get the pictures into contest, I think I would probably need to do it soon.. need some money for my lap top.

    takeshi: I am waiting for your version of top 50.:)

    laymank: Like I said, the fireworks is merely a lucky shot. You know I don’t have steady hands when it comes to taking pictures. It’s not a grasshopper lah dude! I dunno what species is that.. but apparently, this bug can always be found in guava trees.

    Spread it out?? There is probably nothing to spread out. It’s a small little bug. Just that I took a macro shot of it. Its “leaves” are big, but it’s one small fella.

  6. Oh no. I would never pull your leg about this. Might pull it for some other joke, but not describing home. Will take some pictures when I go home if I remember. Texas is not all desert, that is West Texas. East Texas is piney woods, South Texas is the coastal plains and a little on the swampy side.

    Hope you can try a good photo contest. I recall Hijackqueen has been blogging about a photo contest, though I am not certain how much longer they are accepting submissions or what the prize might be.

  7. They are good enough. People are always hard on themselves. Just remember the price of success if paid in failure. You have to at least give yourself a chance to fail or success will never come into view.

  8. asme: Haha. Thanks. Worse pics in contests? Yeah. Sometimes, I don’t understand why people using SLR still produce shit pictures. It’s a waste of resources. Hahahha!

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