50 Favorite Shots VII

….Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my favorite 50 shots taken around Malaysia….

Since my lap top was stolen, I would try my best to recall what I wrote on these photos. Sigh.. I seriously dont remember what I had written.. so, please bear with the lack of descriptions.

Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. This was my first time to Cameron Highlands. I saw the pictures in brochures and heard of many tales of how cold and wonderful Cameron Highlands is. There wasn’t much scenery in CH as I hope it would be except for the small plot of tea plantation.

#31 A Room with a View. A colleague’s home in Cameron Highlands surrounded by acres of land of fruits and vegetables. Hibiscus is Malaysia’s National Flower.

#32 Pick Me! One of the many potted flowers for sale in local markets.

# 33 You’ve Got Mail. House number 103.

#34 Potted Beauty. One of the many potted plants for sale in local markets.

# 35 Three steps one bow. Saw this monk performing the ritual – three steps one bow. It was difficult to get a proper shot without having legs as background as there was a beeline of devotees waiting to see a monk who claimed he could heal diseases with his blessings.

4 thoughts on “50 Favorite Shots VII

  1. Great shots again. Hibiscus are nice. We have some here but I don’t think as brilliant as the ones in your photos. Still amazed that there is cactus is tropical lands. I always think this is a desert plant.

  2. have been to cameron highlands a few times for hiking and lepak-lepak in recent years. it is not as cold as before anymore. in fact, people like me who easily feel cold can also feel it’s a bit hot there during daytime and i don’t need to wrap myself with thick jacket. actually, gunung cantik (at the back of the MNS hostel), gunung irau (beautiful mossy forest which will give u a bit of lord of the ring feel), cameron valley (a nice place to sip tea), and the tea drinking place at the boh plantation are some of the places that have very nice sceneries in cameron highlands. am sure you can bring the best shots out of these places if u’re there.🙂

  3. Hey, will be going up to CH sometime next month with my colleagues for a weekend getaway. Will use my eagle eye to spot the various pictures you posted!😛

  4. SA: Tropical weather can grow basically anything… even apples but in higher grounds.

    ml: I did go to Cameron Valley. Took some good shots also there as well.

    zing: Enjoy yourself! I am sure you will find better pictures.

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