Strike Two

As soon as I thought my nightmare is over, the “break-in” happened again on early Thursday morning.

At about 11 pm on Wednesday night, I went downstairs to lock my car and house doors. I cursed that my dad and aunt who left for their mahjong sessions did not lock the door to my house with additional padlock which I specifically advised them to do so in light of the missing lap tops last Saturday.

When I got upstairs, I continued watching tv till about 12.30 am. My cousin sister was still awake and she just finished studying and went to the main room. I went into my room and lock my door. Before going to sleep, I went to the bathroom which is located outside my balcony. It’s a very weird renovation, I tell you. Little did I know that such weird design of my house contributed to such incident which we could have avoid.

Before I went into the bathroom, I pushed the door to my cousin’s room door to the balcony to ensure it is locked. Then I went into the bathroom to go about my business. When I was washing my face, I heard the door to my cousin’s room was opened. Hasty steps were heard and I was alarmed. I quickly opened my bathroom door and dashed out.

To my horror, the door at the balcony to my cousin’s room is wide open. I went inside my room and found it puzzling that my door was not locked. I went out and scolded my cousin sister who just left the room studying. I scolded her for leaving the door opened so wide.

She refuted. She said she had locked the doors. I told her to see it for herself. Being a dim wit, she scratched her head in puzzle and said she probably did not lock it. I went to lock the doors hastily and went downstairs myself to check. At this moment, I saw my dad’s handphone left lying in the living room.

I opened all doors and switched on all lights. I went to my dad’s room which is downstairs and checked under the bed. The bathroom, two storerooms, the living room, dining hall and kitchen. I dismissed that I might have heard some noises out of my fragments of vivid imaginations.

I proceeded upstairs and went into my room and continued reading till about 1 am.

When my handphone alarm went off at 7.50 am, I woke up to a commotion outside my room. I heard my cousin sister fussing over the loss of her handphone. My eyes automatically look at the post of my bed where I used to hang my handbag. It was gone.

Alarmed, I went out of my room and asked if anyone saw my handbag. Nobody saw it. I suddenly recalled the noises yesterday; was by all means, not an imagination. This is the second time within 5 days that the thief preyed on our house.

I was so distraught that I was fumbling to look for numbers to call the banks to cancel my credit cards and atm cards.

This time, I lost my handbag with all my things inside – my purse, digital camera I won last December, thumb drive, my office access card, keys to my lockers in office, my daily planner.. everything.

I almost lost my mind. Now I understand how it felt to have lost all your belongings to a snatch thief. My case was even worse. I got robbed in my own home.

To recall what happened yesterday, it’s puzzling how the thief got into the house. I guessed that because my aunt and my dad didn’t apply the padlock when they left for their mahjong session. The thief had been hiding all along in my house (as he had stolen keys to the main door) when I went downstairs to lock the car and my house door. As soon as he heard I switched off the tv upstairs, he went into my cousin’s room which is empty to get into my room and took my bag and ran downstairs.

To think about it, I am sure lucky that I didn’t check behind the sofa. I wouldn’t probably be sitting here and typing this.

He would have probably taken my bag when I was washing my face and I didn’t even notice the bag was gone.

He escaped using the windows to my cousin’s room which had no grill (which I had told my aunt since the windows were installed, to put grill and she wouldn’t listened). We found the window not locked when the police came to our house to investigate.

My cousin’s theory is even more eerie. He said, the thief probably hid at the roof top at our neighbour’s house next to the balcony to my room and came in to take my bag when I went into the bathroom. It doesn’t make sense on why he would want to unlock my cousin’s room door to get out.

I believe that my theory is correct. He had been hiding in the house all along. Somehow or another, I failed to search for him in the house. I should thank God that I didn’t come face to face with him that night. My sister would have ended up richer by RM350,000.

I thank God that I didn’t leave my car keys in my handbag. My handphone ran out of battery and I left it charging in my room. Otherwise, I would have lost both my mobile phone and car keys which would cause me endless agony and pain. Most importantly, I thank God no one in the family is hurt.

The police are totally useless. They asked me to report my story twice. I had to wait for the police to slowly type my report while he wolf whistling and winking at his female colleagues. Then I was led to the crime department, whereby I need to retell my story ALL OVER AGAIN where they had a system which link and he could just read from my report and cut and paste the whole thing in his other report.

They came shortly after we lodged a report and took some pictures. When I asked why is it that they didn’t take finger prints proof, one of the police said, we have kids in the house. The chemical they use to obtain finger prints might cause allergy reaction such as asthma in children. So, if someone got murdered in the house, just put some children lying there so that they could not obtain finger prints from the murder scene? It’s so fucking ridiculous.

Lodging police report is merely a formality to get replacement for IC and driving license. Nothing else. And please make phone calls to banks before lodging police report as it might take you forever (depending on how fast their typing skills) and it would give time for the thief/robber to use your credit cards and atm cards. Ensure you have all numbers of your banks at hand.

I felt touched when the Mechanic came to my house to fix some latches into all our doors and sister asked him to stay the night with us to calm our nerves. I saw what my sis sees in him now. I hang my head in shame for being pointlessly bias.

Today, the guy who fixed grills will be coming to my house. I hope the grill would be up by tonight. Everybody was restless last night.

I was utterly mad, frustrated and disappointed. But I hope after this episode, my family members would not think I am paranoid and start to take more precaution.

14 thoughts on “Strike Two

    I guess crime is on the increase in your neighbourhood?
    Did they/he/she/it hit your house only or others in the neighbourhood as well?😦

  2. OMG, so sorry to hear that. I know the trouble/hassle you have to go thru to cancel all your cards, report police on lost ic, etc, etc… Plus your organiser is gone!!! What a handicap feeling you must be in.

    Luckily didn’t put car keys in your bag. Imagine he drove off your car. What a nightmare…

  3. this is sad, and could have saved yourselves such a painful lesson if only your family members listened to you after the very first incident.

    I guess human nature is to take things for granted, never learn until you feel the pain.

    I must make sure my new apartment setup like a jail house, that any unauthorized person that came in, can never go out.

  4. so, i was wondering where we stand after merdeka? whether we really are heading towards the 2020 shite. whether there was any improvement in neighbourhood security at all.

    sorry to hear that man. must not take things for granted.

  5. wow. i mean, robbed once when ur not in the house is one thing. the audacity to try when there’s ppl in there is another. take extra pre-cautions, maybe change the locks to your car?? take care.

  6. I am so sorry to learn of the break ins especially the second one. It really a damn shame.

    Hanging in there! Take it easy. There is really nothing that we can do but to move on.

    Maybe you could get a pit bull pet!

  7. Dear all,

    I guess it’s sheer stupidity that it happened again when we could very well protected ourselves after the first incident. Ahh.. I don’t want to think about it! Thanks for the concern.

  8. Urghghh! That’s horrible. Well, on the bright side, at least no one was hurt! but – what a horrible thing to happen! Take care and hope everything just goes well after all this!

  9. I was practically shocked when you told me tru the phone the other day that IT had happened again. My goose bumps were all over. But I am soooo glad you are safe and sound. That’s what counts the most. Human life is indefinitely more previous than objects in the whole wide world… cos’ it is irreplaceable. I do hope your family has taken in this lesson deep into their hearts. That prevention is anytime better than cure.

    I must add, you are a very strong individual. To have gone thru all these with much courage and also for being able to stay level-headed at the same time. Great inner strength.

  10. Colormecrazy: Once is bad enough. . and not it’s twice just because some people just don’t listen to you.

    Kleio: Thanks for lending a listening ear. These days I will be like a broken radio – keep repeating the same thing all over and over again. So please bear with me.

    SA: I wish I have a gun too! But imagine if the country permit guns – the thief/ criminals might use it better than us. I always find people here are more conniving compare to the States.

  11. OMG… again… *geez*.. can’t imagine the mental torture… of being stripped off all privacy… or safety… o.O

    glad everything’s ok … at least the thief only took monetary items… imagine if… *shudders*… can’t bear to think of it…

    no one deserves this… least of all twice in the course of 2 weeks… hopefully all will b well now… *hugs*

  12. OH yes.. it’s horrifying alright. But as long as the family is okay, I still thank God. I have nothing to lose now.. so I am not worried anymore. Haha.

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