Handy List

Thanks to those who showed concern about my well being. Thanks for your calls, sms-es and comments. I really appreciate them. Despite having sleepless nights for a week now, dark circles under my eyes getting prominent, repetitive nightmares when I managed to get a wink of sleep, sleeping with a wooden samurai sword by my side, waking up at slightest sound – I am generally okay.

As a precaution to all friends, I enlist here the important phone numbers to remember in case when you lost all your belongings to avoid panic and fumbling over getting phone numbers. I find calling 103 is useless.


Maybank ATM/Credit Card – 03-7844 3696/ 1-300-88-6688
RHB ATM Card – 03-9206 8118
Direct Access Credit Card – 03-6204 7878
CIMB Bank Credit Card – 03-6204 7788
Alliance Bank Credit Card – 03-5516 9988
Citibank Credit Card
03-2383 0000 (KUALA LUMPUR),
04-296 0000 (PENANG),
07-268 0000 (JOHOR BAHRU),
1-800-82-1010 (SABAH & SARAWAK)
HSBC Bank (603) 2072 8608
Public Bank Report Lost ATM Card – 603-21639191
Public Bank Report Lost Visa/Master card
– 603-21768555

Remember to call your banks before going to the police station as it might take the officer forever to type your report.

You may contact the Police at these numbers:-

1 Pulau Pinang 04-2691999
2 Bukit Aman 03-20319999
3 Selangor 03-20529999
4 Kuala Lumpur 03-21159999
5 Perlis 04-9711999
6 Kedah 04-7341461
7 Pulau Pinang 04-2691999
8 Perak 05-2401999
9 Negeri Sembilan 06-7619999
10 Melaka 06-2851999
11 Johor 07-2251999
12 Pahang 09-5151999
13 Terengganu 09-6231007
14 Kelantan 09-7450999
15 Sarawak 082-240800
16 Sabah 088-253555
17 Labuan 087-412575

Prevention is better than cure. I met up with an old friend, Melvin from A&T on issues of security in the house. So if any of you wish to have total security solutions (security alarm system, Autogate system, CCTV Surveillance system, door access system, etc) for your house, please feel free to contact him at 012-393 0646 or 03-7781 2762 for details.

8 thoughts on “Handy List

  1. we will only take action when something happened to us isnt it… i think we should not have this attitude in all aspects of our lives… know what i mean?

    anyway… like i said… it’s good that no one is hurt and he is probably alone. otherwise… it an be really tragic… u know how many rape cases are there already.

    Thank God indeed.

  2. Great post. I may print this for whenever I make the trip over there. Never know when I might need to contact the police.

    Do you know how to fight with a sword? As a former soldier I suggest you never use a weapon if you are not trained in it. If you are trained then ignore my comment. Otherwise I suggest pepper spray. Does not require a lot of training. Spray and run like hell.

    Hope you find peace so you can get your rest as well as the feeling of security.

  3. ml: I hope so too..

    Zewt: I used to have this list in my study desk but when it’s time you needed it, it is usually missing. So, better make sure things are always in order. Yes – I know what you mean. Instead of reactive, we have to be proactive.

    SA: If you ever visit here, I hope you don’t get into any trouble at all, that’s for sure! That list is for local credit cards only. Probably you need to get a list of your own for the banks. As for the police – you may keep this list. I am not a trained person in using that wooden samurai sword. But my cousin did teach me a few tricks on how to use it. I guess I better stick to pepper spray! Thanks!

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