50 Favorite Shots VIII

….Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my favorite 50 shots taken around Malaysia….

It’s hard to be in festive mood after what had just happened but, I hate to stop when I’ve already started on a project (wish I have this mentality when it concerns losing some weight)….. so here goes…

#36 Shadow Play. I love this picture. Taken in Pulau Redang, Terengganu last year. A company trip where I brought along some friends.

#37 Netted Sun. The deserted volley ball court in Pulau Redang, Terengganu.

#38 Clear Waters. You don’t get water this clear in the west coast of Malaysia. Taken Taken in Pulau Redang, Terengganu.

#39 Bliss! I would take time out anytime to come here to bask in the sun and read a good book or simply sleep the afternoon away. Avillion, Port Dickson.

#40 Cycles of Life. One of my many shots of lotuses. This one you could see bees pollinating the lotuses while scouting for honey. Avillion, Port Dickson.

7 thoughts on “50 Favorite Shots VIII

  1. Takeshi: So you know which shadow belongs to me lah? Haha. Uhm.. I think the other person is Ms Lactose’s daughter.

    SA: Yeah. I don’t look that big in shadows. Hahahah. Pics can be tricky at times. But really – Malaysia is indeed beautiful.

    ml: I prefer taking pics of sunset not only with the horizon, but with some props in between. Look more original and not so cliche. One is Ms Lactose’s, one is mine, and the one beside me is Ms Lactose’s daughter.

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