50 Favorite Shots IX

….Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my favorite 50 shots taken around Malaysia….

All the following pictures are taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Sabahans are very proud of their hometown. I could see why. Most of the beautiful places in Malaysia are in Sabah. You shouldn’t miss climbing Mount Kinabalu (Ok! Perhaps I should get to do this myself), taking a dip at the many islands, or go to Hot Poring Springs. Sabah is the ultimate stop for sun, sand, mountains, adventures, food and history. It was unfortunate that I am not an adventurous person (read: NO stamina) that I made a pass to participate in any of the adventurous activities which might otherwise made my trip memorable.

#41 Green Pastures. The breath taking view of the Kundasang’s dairy farm is spell binding. I remember freezing my ass off here in attempt to get pictures. Fresh milk can be purchased here.

#42 Mode of Transport. Boats are generally mode of transport from the nearby islands to the town.

#43 Fishy Business. I saw locals being hard at work at a fish market, near the Philipino market. The fish are indeed fresh and they come dirt cheap!

#44 Day Dream. I saw this girl waiting at her sewing machine, indulging herself in a care-free bouts of day dreaming. In fact, there was a beeline of sewing machines alongside of the Philipino market and most of the tailors are men!

#45 Shell Life. Collected some shells at Sutera Harbour beach front. It was indeed bliss to sleep away the afternoon, doing nothing and watching the day passing by.

6 thoughts on “50 Favorite Shots IX

  1. not many people like to watch the day passes by just like that. some are down right too restless,must keep themselves busy to stay alive. :p

    i am like you however, i like lazing around and see the days go by at times…

  2. laymank: I will be restless also if you ask me to sit there all there do nothing. It all depends one lah. Sometimes you just feel so damn lazy that you would just prefer to do nothing.

    colormecrazy: I love the photos too! Hahaha! Most people also don’t believe the first pic is taken in Malaysia. It’s surprisingly very foreign looking. Haha.

    frank: Thanks. Go to KK and laze for a day at the beach front. Seriously, it’s relaxing.

    SA: Thanks for the compliment. Sabah is in Borneo Island. It’s 2.5 hours by flight from Peninsular Malaysia.

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