50 Favorite Shots X

….Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my favorite 50 shots taken around Malaysia….

The following pictures are taken during my recent trip to Lang Tengah (except for the last picture), which wraps up the 50 Favorite Shots series. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoy putting them up for you.

#46 Into the Sun. As soon as we got there, it was slightly drizzling. I was glad that the sun came out from dark clouds just in time for us to watch sunset. The fishing boat moved slowly into the sun and it was such a beautiful horizon to behold.

#47 Follow Me. As the beach was damp after the downpour, footprints on sand could be prominently seen.

#48 Pure White. One of the many species of flowers on the island.

#49 The Lovers. As I was walking towards our chalet for dinner, I saw this couple sitting at a jetty, overlooking the sunset. A chance photo, I might say.

#50 See, Hear, Speak. Taiping Lake, Perak. Bloggers are monkeys? I was very offended that a youth minister in Malaysia condemned bloggers as monkeys. He was directing the verbal abuse to political bloggers and yet, he made a general assumption.

I believe in freedom of speech. I believe in pure democracy. I believe in human rights. I believe in the Constitution. I sincerely hope every race in the country would always remember that we are co-dependent on each other in order to survive and to build this country together. If only people would liberate themselves from their selfishness and egoistic mentality that they are worth more than others; this country would be a much prosperous and peaceful place to be.

Happy 50th Birthday, Malaysia!

10 thoughts on “50 Favorite Shots X

  1. u r damn productive! ooppsss, don’t get me wrong. hehe… i am refering to putting up your post 1 after another in a real fast manner.🙂 still love ‘the lovers’ very much.

  2. laymank: Yeah. The camera is quite useful when it comes to macro shots.

    ml: I can’t possibly post things at home as I do not have internet access anymore… my lap top is gone mah.. so have to post everything here before the long break this weekend.

  3. colourmecrazy: This series ended already. To view all photos, just click on 50 favorite shots archive.

    SA: Thanks. Glad you enjoy it. Well, what to do? Shit happens all the time. We just have to look forward and hope things would get better.

    FH: Thanks! Enjoy your weekend too.

    Ina: Yeah. That is one lucky shot, really.

  4. Wow! Great shots!
    You are pretty artistic with the camera.
    Happened to find your site by chance while searching for some Christmas photos.
    Keep up the good work.

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