Random Notes

I was on medical leave yesterday due to some fever, cough and flu. Was sleeping at home, watched some tv and get my license done.

Note #1

Since I was sick and resting at home with no lap top to go online, I decided to read something not so heavy. I read “He’s Just Not That Into You” by Greg Berhrendt & Liz Tuccilo. I know it’s very unlikely for me to read self help book and I wouldn’t be caught dead in the self help aisle in book stores but I didn’t want to sprain my sick (literally) brain digesting another novel from Haruki Murakami. Surprisingly, I found it to be very witty, funny and downright true. Not that I have many dates to reflect upon. One piece of advice which knocked me off my socks laughing is, “You already have one asshole. You don’t need another.” Hahahah! How true that is! So ladies, always remember you are hot and fabulous and deserved to be treated like a queen. Thanks, Ed for sharing this.

Note #2

I drove to JPJ Wangsa Maju in a groggy state to get a copy of driving license since I lost it in the house break. It’s better to do this now as I am saving my leave for a trip this November. I was rather surprised that, it took me only 10 minutes – to park the car, pay RM3 for parking, collected the form to apply for license, off to counter no. 13 (ground floor, next to the forms and enquiry booth as opposed to the last time I did this in February) to collect a queue number then, as soon as I finished filling up the form, my number is up. The officer at the counter is very friendly and helpful.

Note #3

I thought my agony was over till got a statement from Alliance Bank and found that the idiot who stole my bag used my credit card for petrol. It’s really weird because I blocked my card on the day I found it got stolen and was informed that there was no activity on my card but, there was one. I am not going to pay for it. Filling up dispute form now to waive the charges.

Note #4

Quan Quan is getting more and more active. He hardly sleeps, he bites anything at sight, makes noise when you don’t give him what he wants, etc and he’s only 10.5 months old. He is more challenging to look after compare to Sasha and Lok Lok. One Sasha is already a headache. I wonder how stay-at-home moms deal with hyperactive kids.

Ok now. Back to work.

4 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. hmm… sorry to hear about the credit card theft.
    thought the bank should have block all transaction once it is reported stolen.


  2. My god, you did so many things and drove out for errands while you are high on drugs? Ain’t it tad bit dangerous – esp w/o anyone accompanying you. Naughty, naughty gal. You should be resting at home you know.

    Quan Quan is soooo adorable. I feel like giving him a tight squeeze. Yuk yuk yuk.

  3. laymank: Local banks mah. What do you expect?

    Kleio: I only went to get my license only. I decided to do it since I am on “medical” leave.. hahahaha. After getting the license, I went home to have another dose of cough mixture and flu tablets and hit the sack. I just gotta do it while I can.

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