Three Days

The weekend was most well spent. My aunt was surprised to see me at home, hogging the tv for 10 hours straight. I remained in the same position for a few hours watching re-runs on E!, HBO and Star Movies. She asked why am I at home since it’s a holiday. You tend to get this if you always do the Houdini escapism act during weekends and only return home to sleep.

I am going to “catalogue” how I spent my weekend.


Watched re-runs of Returns of Superman, the Lake House, Pirates of the Carribean, Mumford, BTK Killer.

Bourne Ultimatum with Ed at One U.

Enigma of Loch Ness. It was supposed to be a documentary on finding the truth or facts (believe me, they are not the same) of the existence of this monster. The expedition ended up comically and downright hilarious. I could hear my own hyena laughter throughout the empty house. (Family has gone back to Taiping for the Raya holidays together with exodus of millions of people and the kids were home with their own parents, aunt and dad went to play marathon mahjong and sister as usual, busy with the mechanic).

The statement that caught my attention as I was flipping through channels which made me watched this movie – “If you notice, majority of the women who claimed they were abducted by aliens were overweight or obese women. And not only abducted, they claimed they were gang raped by aliens. Why is it only American women were abducted? Why not women from Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh or Vietnam?”

It’s freaking hilarious. Please watch it if you have the chance on Star Movies.

I went for karaoke. (Yeah! Yeah! Sue me!) Actually, it’s more about the food. We couldn’t stop stuffing ourselves in the face. Free flow of salad and drinks at Neway. It was very disruptive singing session. The waiters and waitresses kept coming in and out of the room as I was trying to maintain my pitch (if I have one, that is). It’s hard to sing in front of my friends. It’s even harder to sing in front of strangers.


I didn’t want to shop for shoes till a stupid stray dog kept coming to my house and stole my shoes. At first it bit Sasha’s shoes and messed up the newspapers left outside the house. Then it came back for Sasha’s shoes again (another pair). I was too careless to have left my one and only working sandals outside and it got stolen as well. The annoying part is, this dog only took away one side of every pairs of shoes. That idiotic dog.

So, I went on to buy my old working sandals, same aunty-ish white colored shoes from Bata. I don’t care if it is aunty-ish as long as it’s comfy. Then, for the life of me, I don’t know what went into me. I turned into a shopaholic in a blink of an eye and impulsively purchased three pairs of shoes instead of one. Sigh. I bought shoes out of the norm. I usually opt for ordinary and boring looking flat sandals. I ended up gotten myself a pair of green colored shoes and a loafer. Aunty or not?

The bargain at Parkson’s proved to be irresistible. I ended up with a handbag I wanted for so long at 70% off to replace my favorite Le Sportsac which got stolen. I got myself another pair of jeans at Isetan in 5 minutes. Women!

Makan parties

Thanks to AJ for inviting me to his tea party yesterday that I couldn’t sleep because of too much tea in my body system. We tried everything from China to Malaysia and some, we don’t even know the origin of the tea. I guess I am not a tea person. I still very much prefer coffee to tea.

I was very glad that I could resist temptation to eat meat. There were nice char siew pastries and salamis. Sigh. I am going vegetarian for 9 days to observe the Ninth Emperor God’s Festival till this coming Saturday.

Holy holy

Thinning of Ozone Layers

I went to the temple of the Ninth Emperor God’s Festivals on Saturday night. It was chaotic. I simply couldn’t understand why people would want to bring their kids there. It was filled with smoke from the burning of incense sending everyone into tears.

The devotees were huddled into a beeline, taking turns to place the joss sticks on designated pots and trying hard not to burn each other or selves. I was glad that since it was at night and the air was cooling, there was no bodily odors or sweaty arm pits and was rather surprise that there was a whiff of my favorite men’s fragrance – Giorgio Armani’s Aqua di Gio.

I went home after spending 30 minutes looking at the stalls there selling variety of things from miku (Chinese bread) to DVDs. There was even a snake show there. There were flocks of beggars loitering all over the grounds of the temple, most of them elderly people and the handicapped, making the most from the generous crowd.

Taking a nap

How did your weekend go?

10 thoughts on “Three Days

  1. At least you had fun. My weekend was spent at home, coz I was sick mah, and to top it all, the rain and thunder kept me company. How swell.

    No, the green shoes don’t look aunty-ish. Looks comfy for a weekend at the mall.🙂

  2. I would normally have commented that you have wasted your weekend watching the reruns but this round I am guilty as well. Watched almost the whole of season one for Prison Break.

  3. your weekend was happening man. mine could be concluded with the following equations:

    the good: nice ipoh white coffee and ‘blowing water’ session with old friends in greentown ipoh + yummy homecook soup by mum + lots of sleep, tv and relaxation at home

    the bad: rain + jam + sien (of the jorney)

    i think home sweet home can be replaced with ‘home jam home’ for the balik kampung mission nowadays.

  4. Lil’ Ms Pinky: Actually I prefer staying home. Can save some dough that way. But holidays are good time to catch up with friends.

    Asme: I would stay home on weekends and watch re-runs when I am broke. And I am broke most of the time. Hahah.

    ml: Too happening already. Too bad you are in Ipoh. Haha. Good mah, blow water! Hahaha.

    VJ: Aiyoh. Take more vit C and plenty of water and rest.

  5. I heard from my Bangkok friend that Neway food is good. He’s so impressed.

    My weekend was tiring. Went to Batu Pahat and Singapore. Jam + heavy rain. By the time I’m back in KL…I’m dead tired.

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