Be Heard

I was on my way to the beauty salon for facial yesterday when I chanced upon this. There were workers putting up these colorful signboards as if they would pacify/console the hearts of the people on the happenings around the country.

So, general election day is coming soon. Probably sooner than expected. Brace ourselves for more prices increase in daily goods and basic necessities. I heard that the price of milk powder for babies will increase in November. Reason – not known. Those experts who peg inflation rate not more than 5% every year probably never completed primary school and they can all kiss my ass.

Have you registered to vote? This year, I ensure my entire family signed up to vote for the betterment of the people in Malaysia. Even if we know it might not make much difference, but at least, we could be heard. We should be heard. Exercise your rights.

10 thoughts on “Be Heard

  1. laymank: I hope that I am in the country when it happens!

    VJ: Wah! That is a good move to encourage people to vote eh? Hahha.

    ml: Yeap. At least we play our part.

    asme: True also. Both ways also die. I wish our country is something like USA – only Republican or Democratic. Of course, not in terms of leadership lah and stupid war policies.

  2. the CNS is a real good for nothing organisation which is, of late, banking on the merits of democracy…..WHEN they themselves organized the coup d’etat which was supposedly endorsed by the king. how can they preach democracy when the platform they were brought to power was thru force and not as voted by the people…..thaksin lives!!!! ahem….hehehehehehehehe.

  3. i think increase will only increase after election…. which makes it even more immiment.

    i am really looking forward to the next election, i think it’s going to be quite historical… but yet, i feel it will also be historical for other sense. i wonder my decision to leave will be justified or reverse after it.

  4. Takeshi: Aiyoh. Then you should go to Thailand lah and try to be their PR. PR can vote or not ah?

    Zewt: Everything is getting worse. They kept comparing this country with other countries with better purchasing powers. And they kept building tolls upon tolls and said Malaysians are ungrateful lot. I wonder do they realize how they got the money to “build” the country. Yes, just pray for the better.

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