Finding Love

Chocolate Souffle Cake Ala Moda

On Saturday, my colleagues and I went to Hot Chocolate for our usual monthly luncheon gathering. We bitched about an ex colleague.

Let’s call her Ms Mole as she has a mole next to her nose but in no way as leggy and pretty as Cindy Crawford.

Ms Mole left our office as Secretary after a decade of service. She wanted to try her luck on direct selling. Her family is quite well to do, so basically, even if she doesn’t work, her parents could afford to finance her for life.

Since Ms Mole is born with silver spoon in her mouth, her prospect for husband has to be someone to match her status. I think she is 36 years old this year and her time is running short.

She had a lion’s share of contributing to the gossip banks in the office. I heard she was always on the prowl for new male colleagues from investigating the new hapless sod’s background to what car he drives to work.

All these years, there were a few guys who caught her fancy and most of them fend off her advances as soon as she got to know them.

A few months ago, there was a new 40-year old new male colleague (and very single!) came to our office. Let’s call him Mr Yum Kong (since this is his favorite phrase). It was love at first sight for Ms Mole. But not love at first sight looking at his face, but looking at the car he drives. Mr Yum Kong drives a Mercedes SLK to office when my boss is still using the company car, Camry.

Her “love” for him was sealed when we were invited to his house over the weekend for steamboat. He lives alone in an end lot house of a reputable neighborhood and he cooks.

She helped out one of the girls in the kitchen to wash dishes and broke the news that she had broken up with her boyfriend whom she told us some weeks earlier that, she saw a diamond ring in his drawer and he would pop up the question anytime soon. And to her horror (the lucky bastard!) , the ring was not meant for her.

Immediately after the lunch, Ms Mole had been calling Mr Yum Kong incessantly to the point of harassment. She would missed call him and hopes that he would return call. Mr Yum Kong didn’t even keep her number at the first place and after numerous missed calls that weekend, he came to office to check with us whose number is that. He was horrified that this woman called him at 6 am and 12 am everyday and expected him to call her back.

A few days after making the nuisance calls and him, not calling her back, she contacted the girls who went to the steamboat party. One by one, she interrogated and asked why Mr Yum Kong didn’t call her back or reply her sms-es, as if we could read his mind. I simply don’t understand which part of this guy attracted her that much that she had to stoop this low to get his attention.

She even threatened one of the girls, should she finds anyone bad mouthed about her in front of this guy, she would take drastic action towards the person. Like what? Kill that person? For God’s sake!

Ms Mole even tried to reason with one of the girls that, Mr Yum Kong had been in a doomed relationship before and it scarred him for life that he would be hesitant to get involved again and she perfectly understood this. And she reiterated that she would wait for him, no matter what it takes. Oh gawd. I am gonna puke.

We were all horrified. Some of us even told Mr Yum Kong to quickly talk to her to end all these nonsense but this guy refused. No balls lah.

Towards the end, this girl finally sms-ed the guy and said that she will stop harassing him from that day onwards and respected his decisions.

That was not the end yet. I heard the guy didn’t even dare to go back to his house and bunk in his friend’s place for 2 weeks to avoid her.

Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense why there were such people in this world. I believe both sides are in the wrong. The girl, dying for his affections should have confronted him directly and stop involving us in her chasing games. As for Mr Yum Kong, he should have the balls to tell it direct to her face that he is not interested. Common sense would tell you that, from his actions, it was loud and clear that he is not interested but some people just need you to slap them on the face to wake them up.

To me, I think, if you are truly interested in someone, you ought to be subtle and slowly sow and grow the seeds of love. Believe me. I learned the hard way. When I told someone that I like him on his face, he almost jumped off a moving car. Erm.. that is another story altogether.

I advise to try going out as friends to discover common interests. If there is at least some chemistry, then you are on the right track and I wish you all the best. Should there be no chemistry, be glad that at least you have made yourself a friend.

I guess finding your soul mate should not be dictated by time or society. If it is destined that you will find somebody, you will. I believe there is always someone out there for everyone. Remember my grasshopper story? What we need to do is to be open to possibilities and learn to go with the flow. In Paulo Coelho’s words – “I opened the window of my heart. The sun flooded my house and love flooded my soul.”

18 thoughts on “Finding Love

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  2. I would say the gossip is as juicy as the chocolate souffle….. yeah, I am 99% sure that mr yum gong is a gay…

    goi wui + yum gong = no eye see…. too disastrous.

  3. LOL! But I guess when someone is in the thick and thin of it all, it is no laughing matter. Sometimes I wonder about human behaviour, maybe I should take up a course in psychology or something (and subsequently drive myself nuts too) 😛

  4. laymank: Memang drama habis this office punya orang!

    The gossip is as juicy as the souffle eh?

    zewt: You can say that again.. that is precisely my sentiment.

    ml: Or maybe Ms Pat Chi Sor Wai. Hahahha!

    YY: You also say he’s gay ah. So many people said he’s gay. And from my circle of friends, I always think gay friends are the best.

    zing: I think no amount of psychology lessons can help this woman and this man lah.

  5. Ms. Mole and Mr. Yum Kong probably suited each other best.

    A chicken shit like Mr. Yum Kong really needs a strong and an agressive partner like Ms. Mole. LOL

  6. Hello!
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    See you there and have a great day!

  7. Asme: That is why the si lai in office kept trying to hook them up. Haha.

    Lil Ms Pinky: Too bad she has a big and insatiable appetite.

    aarthilal : Thanks for the info.

    musc: I think at 36 .. your skin would turn thick with time. Hahahah.

    SA: The cake is simply heaven and comes with double ice cream! I always have a whale of time poking fun on delusional people.

  8. sometimes, a person can be really desperate and frustrated when his or her love have been rejected especially when it’s a really big crush. I have been through that feeling before but I managed to control myself. Now, we are still friends and we still talk to each other. One should keep trying but in a gentle manner like being friends first before making the move. If rejected, they should keep progressing in that gentle manner.

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