A Friend Indeed

I had another bout of weird dreams the past few weeks and I could only find time to pen it down now. With much regret, some slipped my mind as the week progressed.

Dream #1

A few days ago, I had a dream of myself trying to measure a mattress. I was given a very short measuring tape and I kept complaining I couldn’t simply get a proper measurement if I don’t get a proper measuring tape. I kept measuring and measuring in frustration, and woke up feeling frustrated. It then occurred to me that, I was measuring my own mattress. I could just use my height as measurement and add the remaining length or minus the remaining width. So silly of me to not think of that in my dream!

Dream #2

Yesterday night, after I watched the first 17 episodes of Bleach, I had enough doses of anime men, especially the hunky Yatsutora “Chad” Sado. I know it’s kinda late to be absorbed in the frenzy over Bleach, but better late than never! I am glad I eventually get myself addicted to Bleach and revived my interest in the Japanese language, which I took briefly.

I slept hoping to dream of Sado, which I did. I was at an old house, somewhat looking like the old torture house in Phnom Penh, called the S21 prison. I was with AJ and he wanted to use the bathroom. So, we went to the bathroom and saw Sado at the entrance. He was the toilet guardian and demanded 10 sen per entry. I used my charms (in dreams, I have charms ok!) on Sado. He was bewitched. AJ got to use the toilet for free and I scored a dinner date with Sado. When he appeared at my house to pick me up, the alarm clock rang.

@#$%^&* Baka! @#$$%^&* Dame!

In dreams, I even go out with a toilet boy? Geez… I must be very desperate. A friend said, as long as the guy looks like Sado, never mind what he does. Nothing else matters. She is right. Even if he is merely a fantasy. *Sigh*

Dream #3

The weirdest was last week’s. I slept at about 1 am after tossing and turning in bed. I was too sleepy but my brain just could not shut down. Must be watching too much tv. Big Love made its debut last night at HBO. I find it not at all that interesting really.

I dreamt that both Ed and I were in a house with mosaics of blue and green flowers motives. The interior design was very old, as old as pre-war houses you can find in smaller towns. We were washing dishes on three very oddly shaped sinks. The sinks were right in the middle of the kitchen overlooking the stove. As I was washing the dishes and chatting away with Ed and some other unrecognizable faces, I felt an urge to go to the loo.

When I rushed to the bathroom, Ed was already in the toilet and I waited for my turn. Since I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I defecated on the floor. Err.. I didn’t really squat down to defecate but the shit was already there and instincts told me, the poo belonged to me. Hahaha.

I quickly ran outside the bathroom to bring in paper towels to clean up my own mess. To my horror, Ed already came out from the bathroom and cleaning up the shit on the floor. I was so embarrassed that I told him I could do that myself. Ed dismissed it and said it’s ok for him to assist me in cleaning up my shit. We were too busy cleaning up the shit that I heard a clinging sound outside my house. Then I woke up.

I wrote to Ed the next morning to tell him of this dream and thanked him for his endless support as a reliable friend, even in dreams. This guy wrote me a RM1,000 cheque when he heard of my house being broken into and lost all my belongings. Where can you find such a thoughtful friend??

8 thoughts on “A Friend Indeed

  1. Ummm….when you dream of an urge to go to the loo…you usually DO need to go….hope you didn’t find any solid matter in your bed the next morn..ahahahahahahhh…anyway…a friend in need is a friend indeed…so you’re fortunate to have found yourself one in Ed

  2. shorthorse: Yeap.. like when I was little, when I dreamt of going to the loo, I wet my bed.. and no… lucky thing I didn’t poo on my bed! Haha! Yes. Ed is a nice friend to keep.

    asme: I think so lah. I kept dreaming about toilets lately.

  3. Usually when people dream, their minds are not at peace. Too many things to think about / bothering them. You got something on your mind?😛

  4. seems u r having dreamy days. haha…:D mine case is worse, i dream every single time i sleep, anytime, anywhere till i’m immuned to dreaming. If I’m to compile the dreams, it’ll be a huge collection. ya, great friend like Ed, mana mahu cari? 珍惜!:)

  5. Zing: You always make the same comment whenever I write about my dreams.

    SA: LOL. Wild sex huh? Everyone’s dream to have wild sex.. ahhahaha.

    ml: These days I couldn’t recall most of them.. must be sign of old age.

    Sharlydia: I always have weird dreams and sometimes, I am pretty glad I could recall in details.. most of the time, I always forget.

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