Dirty Money

Day 7 – Shenzhen

Saturday was the last day we would be in Shenzhen so we wanted to make the most of it. Since the pool money was not sufficient to buy 3 entrance tickets to Splendid China, I mentioned to Sure Win that Katak should stay in the hotel, watch some nonsense on tv and drink tap water till we go home on Sunday morning. Hahaha.

Of course we didn’t let that happened. We are nice people, too nice in fact till I couldn’t believe myself.

We had simple breakfast consisting of chu cheong fan, a bowl of beef noodles and the bland paos with 3 cups of soya milk. It cost us only 13 yuan for everything – I can’t believe it’s this DIRT CHEAP! Even luck is on our side when we were freaking broke. I still have 400 yuan left and I made it clear that the money is only meant for myself.

Sure Win brought a USD100 bill with her so we decided to go to the bank to exchange the money. Unfortunately, her USD100 bill had little stains on the bill and could not do so. Alarm was written all over her face as she didn’t have much cash on her either.

I had no choice but to take out my emergency USD70 to exchange for some yuan. While waiting for Sure Win to change the money, Katak still managed to laugh and slapped me on my back saying – “We are so desperate! This is the first time traveling like a beggar!”

I wanted to slap her on her face and tell her, it’s because of her, we had to be reduced in this state. I have money to last me till tomorrow and she didn’t and had to use our pool money. Don’t make me go there again.

I ignored her trying-to-be-funny remarks and gave her the silent treatment.

Rule #7 – Don’t ever bring stained or tainted money (Dirty money) when you travel overseas.

I text my family to let them know I would be back tomorrow. I got the news that the traffic in KL was horrendous because Anwar is having a meeting. Anwar? Having a meeting? This should be the BERSIH rally that got the whole blog community buzzing. I hope nobody gets hurt.

To save some money, we walked to Splendid China from our hotel. It was about 15 minutes walk from CityInn. The weather was just nice and we didn’t sweat much. This is the first time I go on a trip without breaking a sweat, even if I almost broke my back and legs walking it.

To sum Splendid China – I would leave some pictures for you to see. I was too tired because of yesterday’s shopping and also, in no mood to really see this place after yesterday’s episode.

I had the honeyed cra-apples. We couldn’t finish it. The three of us shared one stick.

The highlight of the visit is probably the live horseman show depicting the battle of Genghis Khan. It was quite good.

Here are some of the random shots taken in Splendid China.

I saw this fat rooster walking about this village house searching for food and decided to make it subject of my photos.. since Sure Win didn’t want me to take her pictures.

I was quite fascinated by this certain tribe who uses witch craft to climb a ladder of swords, overlooking this pagoda.

You don’t really need to visit other parts of China anymore when you get to see this replica. It’s quite intricately done.

After walking for a good solid 5 hours, I didn’t want to walk anymore and decided it’s time to hit the road and back to the hotel to pack.

We went to the shop that sells cheap and good food along Shennan Road for dinner. I don’t know how to read the sign board – but you may try this shop when you go to Shenzhen.

We went to the Metro station to get some food for tomorrow’s breakfast and saw they sell chicken claws as snacks at the convenient shop. Yucks! They even sell pork knuckles as snacks! I didn’t snap a picture of the pork knuckle as the shopkeeper was looking at me suspiciously. Katak, despite having zero money on her, still loitered from shops to shops to touch or look at the goods offered. Both of us shook our heads and felt sorry for Katak for being so hopeless.

The flight back to Kuala Lumpur was a bumpy one. Katak asked me if we need to complete the immigration form as handed out by the stewardess. I said, “It’s up to you!” and quickly pretended to sleep. We landed in KL on a Sunday, and it was a relief to be back after so many chaotic moments. I enjoyed it nevertheless and I am sure most of you enjoy reading the posts (especially about Katak) as much as I enjoyed trashing her… I mean, writing them.

10 thoughts on “Dirty Money

  1. the cast Katak really added a lot of flavors to this series on blog entries.

    I can imagine her delightful childlike face when she tapped your back in the money exchange counter

    we reader will miss KATAK!!! KATAK KATAK where are thou!!??


  2. I have to admit that this ‘katak’ character really added a lot of ‘dramas’ into your 7-days blog posts!

    And made me appreciate all the travelmates I had.

  3. Your friend never travelled with Katak before izzit? But then again, travelling can bring up the best or the worst in anyone…🙂

  4. Eddie: I believe so.. or else, it would be a very boring trip. Hahahah! Seriously, if there is such character in a trip, it would add some not-so-fun but hilarious moments.

    jk: So far, I had never traveled with people like katak before lah.. but it’s quite an eye opener.. like you said, it makes you appreciate the people you used to travel with.

    Yeah!!! The first and last time, she said.

    Hahah. I am entertaining myself also writing this.

    ml: Memang geli! Should have taken the picture of the pork knuckles and risked being bobbed on the head!

    The yellow thingy is egg. It’s quite delicious.

    Lil’ Ms Pinky:
    Hhahaha! It happened to me lah. Why you so worked up?! Haha. I had fun nevertheless… and it was a miracle really to maintain my patience and sanity during the entire trip.

  5. Great reviews and excellent pictures. Your ‘chee cheong fun’ pic made me real hungry!

    As for Katak, just think of her a “katak di bawah tempurung”. Sad case.

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