Back to the Real World

I was tied up with work in the office the past few days. Reports for meetings, letters writing, arranging for flights, stamping of agreements, etc.

With my colleague, we came up with a new nick name for Mr Clear River – my boss. Now, we call him the Road Runner or Beep Beep. Whenever he comes to office, he would bug me – Beep Beep and expects me to do work as fast as the Road Runner could outrun the Coyote. He keeps on beeping on me since I got my ass back to work. It feels good to be in need. Hahahaha.

Morons at work are invading our breathing space again.

Our much “loved” and ever “efficient” travel agency – hired a new staff some six months ago and till today she is still incompetent and clueless. It doesn’t help either that the Godfather’s wife (the Godmother?) wrote us all e-mails to “warn” us to be patient with the new staff.

Isn’t it cool to work with the Godfather? If you are inefficient, we should always be patient with you. After all, patience is virtue. Everybody now – OHMMMMMMMM….

Yesterday, I called this 6 months-not-so-new staff, let’s call her Sotong – to ask her to reschedule a manager’s trip from Moscow to Kuala Lumpur.

She came up with this flight itinerary for him.

BANGKOK TO KUALA LUMPUR Dept 21 Nov 0845 Arrive 21 Nov 1155

MOSCOW TO BANGKOK Dept 21 Nov Time 1820 Arrive 22 Nov 0705

Do you guys manage to spot the wrong in this itinerary?

She is supposed to connect flight on 22 Nov and not 21 Nov! DUH!

I called her to @#$%^&^% her but in a nice way.

Today, I called Sotong again regarding another booking and again – her stupidity strikes. I refused to remember what had transpired because it was ridiculously stupid. I was at my wits’ end. I really wanted to tell her this.

Me: Do you have a knife over there now?

Sotong: Yes… err.. why ah?

Me: Can you please do all of us a big favor by stabbing yourself to death?

Wishful thinking! I seem to have much patience now – more than I could have imagined. That probably explained why I was in such good spirit when I was in Shenzhen – Hong Kong – Macau trip, despite having to deal with the now-famous-Katak.

I wish Dogbert could help to exorcise the demons of stupidity out of this woman!

Mr Yum Kong treated all colleagues some orange swiss roll just now. When he passed a piece of the swiss roll to me, a colleague said – HOME MADE ONE!! Then laughed like a hyena.

I phobia terus!

Remember the terrible diarrhea I had after eating his home made lemon cheesecake?

I decided to tell him that I had terrible diarrhea after eating his home made lemon cheesecake. You would have guessed what he retorted.

“Nobody else had problems! Only you!”

The tea lady was hospitalized and there was a fellow colleague who also had terrible diarrhea but was too nice to complain! I didn’t want to break his heart further.

This sums up my working week and its only Tuesday! It’s good to be back to office to be entertained by demented people.

5 thoughts on “Back to the Real World

  1. Next time no need to be so honest. Just pass on the cake to Ms. Mole and say that Mr. Yum Kong reserved an extra piece for her.

    As for the 6 months Sotong, maybe the Godfather or the Godmother has the hots for her! Sorry mate. The world’s not fair.

  2. Ann: Turnover is very high when you are dealing with a tigress who has a stick up her ass in the office!

    Ms Mole resigned already lah… if not, I would have done so.. Hahahaha!!! No lah.. from the way I see it, she is probably a niece or long distance cousin.. believe me… if you have met her.. she is not the material for a bed mate. Hahhahaha!!!

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