U Stin Kee Poo!

A staff in my office has a terrible case of bad breath.

Once, I just came out from the toilet and this person, let’s call him Mr Stinkee Poo came to see me. The moment he opened his mouth and started talking, I thought I smelled shit. I was alarmed and thought I didn’t wipe my ass properly. When he left, the smell lingered for awhile and then, it was gone. It was then I realized the shit smell came out from his mouth and not my ass.

Some colleagues who went out with him in his car once, had to roll down the window when he started talking. One colleague used her pencil to try to block her nostrils but was in vain. I wonder what he ate or did he not drink enough water? The moment he opens his mouth – it’s like you are talking to a rotting corpse.

As I am typing this, he’s talking to my very meek and gentle boss – Mr Beep Beep and I could even smell his “shit” about 10 feet away. I think if you were an ant, you probably thought you were locked in a gas chamber, waiting to be gassed to death.

I hope Mr Beep Beep has a nose block today. He seems to be unfazed by the stinky breath. Someone please give him a mint!

Gawd. I am gonna puke. Wa kiam tam pok beh sitt keee! (Hokkien: I almost pass out.)

18 thoughts on “U Stin Kee Poo!

  1. hmmm quite pity him oso, no one ever tell him.

    i once went to a furniture shop and the shop assistant has the MOST serious BO i ever encounted in my life….i nearly fainted when he keep walking near to show this piece and that piece of furniture. we all just tried sooo hard to stop laughing coz its too stinky…


  2. I have a few colleagues who has smelly breaths too! And you know, we work in a confined space, so that is really unbearable. Imagine the poor passengers having to endure the Stench of the Century while the crew serves them their meals.

    I just hold my breath while they yak away. And when I couldn’t hold anymore, I just breathe through my mouth. Like a fish. You know, open the mouth slightly, then breathe through that little gap in the mouth. Try it.🙂

  3. Why don’t you gals in the office get together a pool and buy him mints everyday for a week? If he still doesn’t get the picture, then you should switch your gift to a mouth wash.

    Better to be candid than to suffer.🙂

  4. Datin: I pity his secretary. I asked the secretary how she can tahan him??? Then she said, she is used to it already. She even told him directly and frankly that he should do something about this. He is still in denial. He said he cannot smell anything worr! And said, he is on some traditional medicine – the secretary told him to drink more water and take mint everytime he takes his “traditional medicine” but he never listens. Even the tea lady is bugging him to drink more water but, he only drinks coffee the whole day throughout. I wonder what the traditional medicine made of.. probably cow dung.

    Lil Ms Pinky: Nobody tell them meh ah, that their mouth is smelly? If I am flying by MAS and encounter such stewardesses – I think I will tell them right off!

    asme: Immediately after one of the managers heard me complained of his bad breath yesterday, the manager quickly pass the mint to Mr Stinkee Poo. Mr Stinkee Poo knows his mouth stinks – but he refused to do anything about it. I think it has something to do with his health. He probably have only one kidney, one side of lungs and probably half liver… judging from the corpse stench from his mouth! I guess I will check when is his bday and send him a gift of oral care anonymously.

  5. jk: Probably put one on his desk one of these days.

    kampungkai: I think ah… even if he washes his mouth with bleach also.. the smell won’t go away. It’s that bad.

  6. cant the HR dept ask him to see doctor on mandatory basis to fix the BB problem or issue him a memo to go on unpaid leave until BB is cured.

    hmem: he should be presentable and hygenic if he wish to continue working with the company

  7. VJ: Uhm… I don’t know HR can do that… maybe if in America, you might get sued. HAhahha! This is personal hygiene. If he doesn’t know how to take care of himself, there is nothing much we could do.

  8. Ummm…actually the poor guy – perhaps he’s not in denial, he’s just embarassed to admit it in public…bad breath or halitosis is a physical ailment. Might be caused by a lot of factors, not only lack of liquids, could be due to their diet, their oral hygiene (or lack of it), etc. I dunno, maybe it needs medical attention just like some people with bad body odour…. Hey… get him loads of Chinese Tea or Green Tea and used by olden Chinese as mouthwash as its alkaline like toothpaste. Subtle.

  9. Shorthorse: Maybe lah. His ego is as big as the bald spot on his head (which is quite big). Anyway, this is his pasal lah you know. I can’t imagine how his wife tolerated him. Imagine kissing a big maggot infested tong sampah. Hahahahahahah.

  10. I think you should advice him to go and visit a dentist. His case is not hopeless, there are some methods and treatment available for him

    DR. Timothy Driscoll, DDS
    Geneva Dentist

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