Where's 2007 Gone?

I wrote a post earlier but it was somewhat depressing that I decided not to post it. Not good to spoil other people’s mood for the new year! I believe in keeping all these solemn moods to myself and not to let others be affected. I am a woman, I am allowed to have mood swings. But that doesn’t mean I should inflict consequences from my mood swings to others!

I think I am rather glad that there are more days in 2007 when I woke up in the mornings, feeling very happy and content than depressing ones.

I am glad, despite losing my things due to two thefts in a week; no one in the family is harmed. The family members stick together till the end to help solve problem – but not before I acted like some paranoid psycho.. but nevertheless, things were solved. Grills were enhanced and locks were changed. The old people in the house are more wary of the impending dangerous era we are living in now, rather than taking things for granted and having this it-won’t-happen-to-me attitude. And I have reasons to get a more powerful lap top to ease my addiction to blogging and facebook! Hehehe!

There were some days in 2007 when I prayed hard and hoped that, by the time I wake up in the morning, I look into the mirror, I like what I see. I never did. In fact, I hope things would be as easy as pressing the ctrl-alt-delete button when it comes to dealing with my long battle of weighty issues. You know, just a start all over again. Or better still, I sometimes wish that I would just sleep and never wake up. Physical attributes in this shallow society is vital. I wonder when I would ever realize that size does matter. Ah well, I hope my ego would not run out till the end of my days. And yes, I minimized time spent looking into the mirror too. Now you know why my hair is always out of place.

Patience is wearing thin in the friendship department. I broke a few friendships this year due to some petty reasons. Hello? I am a woman. I am supposed to be petty. Friends who have been taking me for granted are shown the door, those who belittled my beliefs are thrown off the window and some; for no apparent reasons – we just ran out of topics for conversations or stop talking altogether.

However, I am blessed to have a few friends who still stick to the end and was happy to have met some new kindred spirits this year. Some friends, even if you have spent so many years together, it is still befuddling that you still don’t really know them. I have learned a lesson this year. It’s good not to give too much thoughts and show your over caring nature to friends. Some might deem it as a breach to their privacy. For me, I have come to a point where – if you enjoy my company, I am okay to go out with you. If you don’t have time for me, it’s ok. I hope you keep well.

On the running of our government, I think I would let other bloggers do the dirty job by complaining and complaining. I have stopped whining since I stopped reading the Star a few months ago. I didn’t want to pay money to read rubbish. I can’t wait to cast my vote this coming March.

I had a few conversations with some friends and found out how depressed (and depressing!) they all are. Geez. Some even had to resort to taking prosaics after being unable to cope with stress. Sometimes, we always think we are the worst lot in the world. There are more depressed people out there who cannot handle themselves. What I could do is to offer a listening ear and give them words of encouragements. The rest is up to them. Our destiny is in our own hands. It is up to ourselves and some support from friends to make it through this life. Come on lah! There are so much life to life itself that you have to wake up and see what this life is all about, even if you don’t understand it!

Well, I know this post is still quite depressing but it’s not as bad as the first one drafted.

I will be spending my last few hours of 2007 in the company of some good friends in church. YES. You didn’t read it wrongly. Please. I am not that young anymore to frolic in pubs, rubbing against sweaty bodies and get drunk. Nevertheless, I wish you all a very happy new year 2008. May this New Year bring us endless happiness, good health, peace within, friendships and much, much love.


A friend said to me, if she had a choice, she would live in her mom’s basement the rest of her life; surfing through the internet, flipping books on techie stuffs and be a super nerd. She told me when she was much younger, she used to loiter around town by herself, sat at one corner and observed people. She could even eat alone in restaurants. Naah.. unfortunately, she is too pretty to be living in her mom’s basement and got married instead! Haha!

When it comes to shopping, I usually do it alone. I prefer to take my time to browse through things I want to buy and not worried where my friends would be. And I don’t think I have enough patience to shop with others. For example, I simply couldn’t tolerate people who is torn between a black or brown purse and took the entire hour just flipping the same thing over and over again. Or worse, people who negotiated a bargain and then decided not to buy anything.

I thought of my college days. I remember once, I was overstressed with studies that I need to get movie fix. In that week alone, I watched 3 movies – one with friends and two movies alone. From that day onwards, I think I could do movies alone and sometimes, whenever I was on leave, I would just go to a cinema and buy a ticket. Once, since a friend stood me up last minute, I went on ahead and watched Armageddon at the now-defunct rat infested Rex Cinema in Petaling Street.

Yesterday, while waiting for a friend to catch a movie together, I was loitering in KLCC alone. I didn’t want to have dinner at first. But since the stomach grumbled till no end, I relented. I had the nice lam mee from the Noodles shop on the top floor of KLCC. As I was walking through the food court, I saw a few ladies having dinner alone themselves. When I chose a spot to plunk my ass, there was a lady sitting right across me. She was also dining alone. At first, I was tempted to sit with her and strike a conversation but it would make her think I am a bloody maniac (and probably confirm I am a lesbian), given the current circumstances where any act of strangers are deemed malicious.

I recollect memories of yesteryears with fondness where we could simply strike up conversation without worrying the other party having malicious thoughts. I remembered once after college, I went to White Castle to have a meal and there was another lady eating alone. We just smiled at each other and sat together and had the longest conversation. Those were the days.

I always had lunch alone when I was in college, usually a quick bite of tuna croissant with coffee at Meidi-ya before attending classes and going for a swim at Bukit Jalil swimming pool right after college. I did this all by myself.

I miss the old days of doing everything alone and not being afraid at all.

*Hitori means alone in Japanese

Are You A Lesbian?

Silent night, holy night

I was at Datin’s house last night for the annual Christmas dinner. Datin has been hosting dinner parties for as long as I could remember, ever since a few of us helped him out to move in a few years ago. Wah.. climbing 5 flights of steps and bringing mattresses down is not a joke!

The dinner yesterday was anything but boring.

I got to meet a few new friends. Raymond – a very fair looking gentleman with acute allergies to the sun. Gan – a quiet and unassuming guy. Annuar – a very handsome dashing young man. The rest were the regular “parasites” at Datin’s party – ML, Dan, Andrea, Pat, Henry, Ian and myself. Hahahhaha!

There was a slight communication problem as the regular parasites tend to bitch about work and career.. and politics (highly stressful) while the other gang – about men and bragging how colorful their sex lives are. Well, not exactly. I am making conclusions out of eavesdropping some of their conversations. I can’t help it. Those bitches were really loud! Haha! For example…

Eh.. I bumped into so-and-so the other day! He still looks damn good! Has he recovered from gonorrhea?

Hmmph.. now we know who chills better at parties. The wonderful gay men.

The nice Christmas Spread

When I was helping out to wash the dishes, I felt a sudden gush of wind.

Me: Wah.. here very good lah! Very airy! Fong leong sui lang!

Datin: No lah! I switch on the fan for you lah!


When we were attacking the Christmas spread with gusto, one of the guys asked Datin –“Are they L?”


Yes! We are L. L stands for ladies! Not lesbians! We love men very, very much.

As we were checking out some men from facebook – some of them commented the guys I said cute were way too young. I retorted by mimicking their favorite phrase throughout the night – Age doesn’t matter! It’s only sex what! Hahaha!

So, how did you spend your Christmas? Hope it’s as colorful as mine! Merry Christmas!

Merry Making

* Warning! Glutton post ahead

On Wednesday night, I was at the Curve (again!) for YY’s birthday party. It was a small and not-so-quiet gathering at the Apartment. When I told a friend, I am going to the Apartment tonight, she asked – whose apartment? Someone is cooking for you again? You lucky bitch! Hahahahha! Well, I guess the Apartment at the Curve does not need anymore introduction as I could see some bloggers blog about it. The food is quite ok lah.. but a bit too pricey. I whipped out my Cybershot K770i to test its ability, and ended somewhat disappointed. Must practise more! We adjourned to have coffee at Winter Warmers after dinner.

Thursday started with me waking up late for an appointment. I woke up at about 10 am and was shocked that I needed to be in Cheras by 11 am. I bathed at the speed of a Tasmanian Devil and this time, I managed to comb my hair and arrived at my friend’s place by 10.45 am. I was early!

We went to my ex colleague’s newly acquired loft in Cheras to go ooohhh-ahhhs. It was very nicely done. Her mom knows that I love her home made yam cake and she deliberately baked one for me to bring home. Her mother even made blueberry cheesecake, which is also my favorite, meehoon Siam and ayam masak merah. Fuyoh! What a feast! We ended chatting about old colleagues, trips to come and indulge ourselves in latest gossips. Well, it’s an all-girls outing, what do you expect if not gossips?

Later on, after yakking for a few hours, I went to another friend’s place for the I-damn-stressed-out-buying-gifts Christmas party. Well, I think I was rather glad to be invited. This is a group of friends who doesn’t care what you gotten for them. All they want is your company to share a good joke and just to be with you during festive seasons. I am so damn happy that one of my presents consisted of 2 books of Haruki Murakami – After Dark and Birthday Stories!

Going out for Christmas parties ain’t that bad at all…especially when you get free food and free coffee for buying presents last minute. Hahahha!

I guess this is what Christmas is all about.. you get to spend time with people that matter most to you. Never mind the presents. I haven’t thanked my friends enough to let me be a part of their lives. I can’t wait for another round of Christmas get-together at Datin’s this coming Monday!

PS. Forgive me for the lack of quality in the photos. What to do? Handphone’s camera mah!

Super Broke

I couldn’t believe I got myself the most expensive Christmas presents – ever!

I have been busy playing with my newly acquired toys and finding time to get used to them – my new lap top and also a new handphone.

As you are aware, my old R40 was stolen in August. While waiting for the PC fair, my brother was kind enough to loan me his Lenovo V100 3000 which is a very small and chic lappie! Initially I wasn’t very used to the 12-inch screen that I had to squint to read but now I am loving it! Unfortunately, it costs about RM4,000 and way off my budget.

I went to PC fair two weeks ago and acquired Lenovo Y410. If you ask me, why Lenovo? It’s because my brother is working in Lenovo and I get personal service if shit happens. I hope not – touch wood.

I chose Y410 because it’s such a beautiful lap top! It runs on 2G RAM Centrino Duo, T5450, 160G HDD and has Bluetooth, 5 types of card reader and webcam. Well, a friend commented why I would need a webcam. I don’t need it actually. In fact people find me more appealing and amusing when they don’t see my face.. so… anyway, before I deviate, PC fair gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. It only costs me RM2,450 and comes along with a whole big bag of goodies and Microsoft wireless mouse. So people, if you want a new lappie, get it during PC fair.

Last Sunday, I got myself a new Sony Ericsson K770i after the old handphone died on me last weekend. The old one suddenly turned off by itself and could not be revived. Then, it switched on by itself. When I key in my password, it could not recognize. When I managed to switch it on, all my boss’ instructions via text messages were erased! Wah lao! Shini! (Japanese: Die!) I didn’t need anymore reason to get a new handphone.

Since I only use my handphone to make calls and sms, I didn’t think I would get such an expensive one. When I scouted around, this was the only Sony Ericsson that made a deep impression on me that I have to have one. I don’t know the specs but leave it to ML to decide. Since both of our phones died on the same day, we decided to buy together to get better discounts. We went to Low Yat and got this one at RM1,040.

For the past two days, I have been loading the phone with mp3s from my old CDs. The entire office are littered with Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girl song that it sort of makes me sick! I am using mostly movies soundtrack as ringing tone and would stick to some oldies from the 60s. My cousin is complaining of my lack of taste and said, people might just know how old I am from listening to the ringing tones I chose. I suka lah!

I went to the Curve last night to change a pair of pants I bought for my sister and took the opportunity to test the Cybershot function. It’s a bit too small for my grip and I was a little clumsy with it. Will need some time to get used to this camera phone.

Went on last minute shopping for Christmas over the weekend. Kinda annoyed with the whole Christmas thingy. I do not intend to buy anything this year. Mana tau… someone had bought things for the rest of us that made us felt obligated. I should have just stick to my guns to give BIG WET kisses as Christmas presents! That would scare the shit out of my friends and stop inviting me to their Christmas’ parties! Yay! Hahaha!

Now you know why I am so damn broke. Merry Christmas, everybody!