Between Your Legs

Got this in facebook. I find this utterly hilarious!!!

*** Between your legs****
Everybody.. lets get this started and see what creative movie titles we can come up with.. here’s the rules.. think up a movie title(ANY movie title), and add “Between Your Legs” to the movie title..ill get it goin…continue to forward this!!!

Gail :- Gone in 60 Seconds Between Your Legs

Cindy :- Rush Hour Between Your Legs

Patrick :- Gone with the wind Between your legs

Carl :- Finding Nemo Between your legs

Damian:- Mad MAx Between your legs

David:- Armageddon Between your legs

Andre: – 300 Between your legs

Trace: – Dirty Dancing Between your legs…

Amy: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Between Your Legs

Jordy: Midnight Express Between your legs

Joshua: Training Day Between your legs

Callie: Cruel Intentions Between your Legs

Tom: Final Fantasy Between your legs

Garrett: The Abyss Between your legs

Ji; Dirty dancing Between your legs

Belinda – Fast and Furious between your legs

Zac- Finding Nemo between your legs

San-Dodge ball between your legs

Norman – The Phantom Menace between your legs

Jazz – The city of lost children between your legs

Aileen – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon between your legs

Pik Choo – READ between your legs

ChrisC – MAN ON FIRE between your legs

Lionel – Top Gun Between Your Legs

Faisal – Bad Boys Between Your Legs

Felix – Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs Between Your Legs

Vincent – 101 Damations Between Your Legs

Felix (the 3rd) – The Labyrinth Between Your Legs (ooo yes, baby…)

Manvir – Braveheart between your legs

Revathi- Grease between your legs

Soon Yean – The King and I between your legs😛

Grace – Indiana Jones Between you legs

Robert – Love Actually Between your legs😛

Nicole – Anaconda Between your legs…

Gina – Just Like Heaven between your legs

Now… your turn!

9 thoughts on “Between Your Legs

  1. I would have gone with Lost Between Your Legs but that ain’t a movie (though TV series could be another spin-off, pun not intended). I’d go then with my all-time fav disaster movie…

    Twister Between Your Legs.

  2. Drive Me Crazy Between Your legs..
    The Sweetest Thing Between Your legs..
    What Women Want Between Your legs..
    Clueless Between Your legs..
    Girls Just Want To Have Fun Between Your legs..
    I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Between Your legs..
    What A Girl Wants Between Your legs..
    Born to ride Between Your legs…

    What else??? Hehehe

  3. Bend it Like Beckham between your legs
    Little Man between your legs
    As good as it gets between your legs
    The rising between your legs
    The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear between your legs

  4. 28 Days Later Between Your Legs (personal fav ;D)
    The Green Mile Between Your Legs
    Misery Between Your Legs
    Identity Between Your Legs
    Thirteen Ghosts Between Your Legs
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Between Your Legs

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