Super Broke

I couldn’t believe I got myself the most expensive Christmas presents – ever!

I have been busy playing with my newly acquired toys and finding time to get used to them – my new lap top and also a new handphone.

As you are aware, my old R40 was stolen in August. While waiting for the PC fair, my brother was kind enough to loan me his Lenovo V100 3000 which is a very small and chic lappie! Initially I wasn’t very used to the 12-inch screen that I had to squint to read but now I am loving it! Unfortunately, it costs about RM4,000 and way off my budget.

I went to PC fair two weeks ago and acquired Lenovo Y410. If you ask me, why Lenovo? It’s because my brother is working in Lenovo and I get personal service if shit happens. I hope not – touch wood.

I chose Y410 because it’s such a beautiful lap top! It runs on 2G RAM Centrino Duo, T5450, 160G HDD and has Bluetooth, 5 types of card reader and webcam. Well, a friend commented why I would need a webcam. I don’t need it actually. In fact people find me more appealing and amusing when they don’t see my face.. so… anyway, before I deviate, PC fair gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. It only costs me RM2,450 and comes along with a whole big bag of goodies and Microsoft wireless mouse. So people, if you want a new lappie, get it during PC fair.

Last Sunday, I got myself a new Sony Ericsson K770i after the old handphone died on me last weekend. The old one suddenly turned off by itself and could not be revived. Then, it switched on by itself. When I key in my password, it could not recognize. When I managed to switch it on, all my boss’ instructions via text messages were erased! Wah lao! Shini! (Japanese: Die!) I didn’t need anymore reason to get a new handphone.

Since I only use my handphone to make calls and sms, I didn’t think I would get such an expensive one. When I scouted around, this was the only Sony Ericsson that made a deep impression on me that I have to have one. I don’t know the specs but leave it to ML to decide. Since both of our phones died on the same day, we decided to buy together to get better discounts. We went to Low Yat and got this one at RM1,040.

For the past two days, I have been loading the phone with mp3s from my old CDs. The entire office are littered with Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girl song that it sort of makes me sick! I am using mostly movies soundtrack as ringing tone and would stick to some oldies from the 60s. My cousin is complaining of my lack of taste and said, people might just know how old I am from listening to the ringing tones I chose. I suka lah!

I went to the Curve last night to change a pair of pants I bought for my sister and took the opportunity to test the Cybershot function. It’s a bit too small for my grip and I was a little clumsy with it. Will need some time to get used to this camera phone.

Went on last minute shopping for Christmas over the weekend. Kinda annoyed with the whole Christmas thingy. I do not intend to buy anything this year. Mana tau… someone had bought things for the rest of us that made us felt obligated. I should have just stick to my guns to give BIG WET kisses as Christmas presents! That would scare the shit out of my friends and stop inviting me to their Christmas’ parties! Yay! Hahaha!

Now you know why I am so damn broke. Merry Christmas, everybody!

17 thoughts on “Super Broke

  1. Hehe, Xmas shopping… great for those who receive, uhm, less great for those who end up broke. Me, I am most definitely sticking to my guns this year: NO prezzies! Instead, friends and family shall receive something infinitely better — a nice, big, warm HUG from me!😀

    (O just call me Scrooge and get it over with already, haha…)

  2. oooo RM2450 for a lappie?! that’s a steal!! but one thing i really hate abt going to PC Fair is the crowd. have to fight everyone to get a parking lot. then fight everyone else to go see the pcs…. plus i find that the deals in KL PC Fair’s are better than the ones we get in pg.😦
    anyways….happy playing with your new ‘toys’🙂

    PS: i hate that sean kingston song!😛

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAH….Merry X’mas to you too. Don’t tell me about broke….somehow the end of the year comes with the words ‘splash, splash, splash’ ….. shucks if only money grew on X’mas trees!!!! Have a ball of a time & enjoy your new toys!

  4. :LOL:
    i get wat u mean… i’ve restricted myself to jz buying two presents… one for my outing with my frens in Malacca this coming X’mas eve (we draw lots to see who will buy a gift for whom) and one for my gathering with my office colleague with the same consept…😛

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you too Gina… *hugs*

  5. you know what? you don’t really have to frequent The Curve for 3 times in a week just to get presents…!!


    go to the nearby minimarket, get some maggi mee will do.

  6. Kenny Mah: Actually, I don’t mind ppl calling me a scrooge!

    Lingzie: Try to go early to get parking. This time round, PC fair was at KL Convention Centre. I think it’s much better than going to Putra World Trade Centre!

    shorthorse: I always try to avoid Christmas parties at all cost. Hahaha. You too! Enjoy your holidays!

    asstha: We should have done that. This year’s christmas was a very chaotic one.

    zewt: Keeping fingers crossed for a good bonus!

    asme: I guess I will stick to maggi mee and cans of tuna next year.

    JK: Not only the Curve… I went to Isetan, Sg Wang .. and Low Yat too!

  7. Perhaps you should start working on your handicraft techniques for next year?
    May be cheaper, and it comes from the heart!🙂

    But then again, your splurges seem to stem from the much needed laptop and hp…😛

  8. Monk: Eh.. if I have the choice, I wish I didn’t lose my lap top and my phone died on me ok!

    Mama BoK: I guess most of us are like that… si peh kiam siap! Hahahahah!

  9. wlau eh, the first past is like a techie review from STUFF magazine.

    btw, i have a lot of small change (coins) i would like to get rid off. Remind me next time when we meet😛

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