Are You A Lesbian?

Silent night, holy night

I was at Datin’s house last night for the annual Christmas dinner. Datin has been hosting dinner parties for as long as I could remember, ever since a few of us helped him out to move in a few years ago. Wah.. climbing 5 flights of steps and bringing mattresses down is not a joke!

The dinner yesterday was anything but boring.

I got to meet a few new friends. Raymond – a very fair looking gentleman with acute allergies to the sun. Gan – a quiet and unassuming guy. Annuar – a very handsome dashing young man. The rest were the regular “parasites” at Datin’s party – ML, Dan, Andrea, Pat, Henry, Ian and myself. Hahahhaha!

There was a slight communication problem as the regular parasites tend to bitch about work and career.. and politics (highly stressful) while the other gang – about men and bragging how colorful their sex lives are. Well, not exactly. I am making conclusions out of eavesdropping some of their conversations. I can’t help it. Those bitches were really loud! Haha! For example…

Eh.. I bumped into so-and-so the other day! He still looks damn good! Has he recovered from gonorrhea?

Hmmph.. now we know who chills better at parties. The wonderful gay men.

The nice Christmas Spread

When I was helping out to wash the dishes, I felt a sudden gush of wind.

Me: Wah.. here very good lah! Very airy! Fong leong sui lang!

Datin: No lah! I switch on the fan for you lah!


When we were attacking the Christmas spread with gusto, one of the guys asked Datin –“Are they L?”


Yes! We are L. L stands for ladies! Not lesbians! We love men very, very much.

As we were checking out some men from facebook – some of them commented the guys I said cute were way too young. I retorted by mimicking their favorite phrase throughout the night – Age doesn’t matter! It’s only sex what! Hahaha!

So, how did you spend your Christmas? Hope it’s as colorful as mine! Merry Christmas!

11 thoughts on “Are You A Lesbian?

  1. ahaahaha…the ‘are they L’ question was really classical! i almost choked out of laughter. datin’s reply to those asking was even funnier ‘they are your competitors u know?!’ ahahahhaha😀

  2. Mama BoK: Ordinary is good actually. Haha. As long they are spent with friends, then it would be extraordinary.

    zewt: You dunno which datin ah? This Datin very famous in my blog and is a very dear friend of mine.

    abbot: Thanks.. I thought so too.. haha.

    Firehorse: Ok mah… I think it’s very relaxing to see ocean mah.

  3. i tot which datin….yuen loy hei larm jai lei keh….tiuuu.

    tot of hooking up with her tim…so, she can buy me armanis and tod’s…..while i can give her a sweet…my sweet…lol.

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