Where's 2007 Gone?

I wrote a post earlier but it was somewhat depressing that I decided not to post it. Not good to spoil other people’s mood for the new year! I believe in keeping all these solemn moods to myself and not to let others be affected. I am a woman, I am allowed to have mood swings. But that doesn’t mean I should inflict consequences from my mood swings to others!

I think I am rather glad that there are more days in 2007 when I woke up in the mornings, feeling very happy and content than depressing ones.

I am glad, despite losing my things due to two thefts in a week; no one in the family is harmed. The family members stick together till the end to help solve problem – but not before I acted like some paranoid psycho.. but nevertheless, things were solved. Grills were enhanced and locks were changed. The old people in the house are more wary of the impending dangerous era we are living in now, rather than taking things for granted and having this it-won’t-happen-to-me attitude. And I have reasons to get a more powerful lap top to ease my addiction to blogging and facebook! Hehehe!

There were some days in 2007 when I prayed hard and hoped that, by the time I wake up in the morning, I look into the mirror, I like what I see. I never did. In fact, I hope things would be as easy as pressing the ctrl-alt-delete button when it comes to dealing with my long battle of weighty issues. You know, just a start all over again. Or better still, I sometimes wish that I would just sleep and never wake up. Physical attributes in this shallow society is vital. I wonder when I would ever realize that size does matter. Ah well, I hope my ego would not run out till the end of my days. And yes, I minimized time spent looking into the mirror too. Now you know why my hair is always out of place.

Patience is wearing thin in the friendship department. I broke a few friendships this year due to some petty reasons. Hello? I am a woman. I am supposed to be petty. Friends who have been taking me for granted are shown the door, those who belittled my beliefs are thrown off the window and some; for no apparent reasons – we just ran out of topics for conversations or stop talking altogether.

However, I am blessed to have a few friends who still stick to the end and was happy to have met some new kindred spirits this year. Some friends, even if you have spent so many years together, it is still befuddling that you still don’t really know them. I have learned a lesson this year. It’s good not to give too much thoughts and show your over caring nature to friends. Some might deem it as a breach to their privacy. For me, I have come to a point where – if you enjoy my company, I am okay to go out with you. If you don’t have time for me, it’s ok. I hope you keep well.

On the running of our government, I think I would let other bloggers do the dirty job by complaining and complaining. I have stopped whining since I stopped reading the Star a few months ago. I didn’t want to pay money to read rubbish. I can’t wait to cast my vote this coming March.

I had a few conversations with some friends and found out how depressed (and depressing!) they all are. Geez. Some even had to resort to taking prosaics after being unable to cope with stress. Sometimes, we always think we are the worst lot in the world. There are more depressed people out there who cannot handle themselves. What I could do is to offer a listening ear and give them words of encouragements. The rest is up to them. Our destiny is in our own hands. It is up to ourselves and some support from friends to make it through this life. Come on lah! There are so much life to life itself that you have to wake up and see what this life is all about, even if you don’t understand it!

Well, I know this post is still quite depressing but it’s not as bad as the first one drafted.

I will be spending my last few hours of 2007 in the company of some good friends in church. YES. You didn’t read it wrongly. Please. I am not that young anymore to frolic in pubs, rubbing against sweaty bodies and get drunk. Nevertheless, I wish you all a very happy new year 2008. May this New Year bring us endless happiness, good health, peace within, friendships and much, much love.

12 thoughts on “Where's 2007 Gone?

  1. oh yes… it’s good to drop the it-wont-happen-to-me attitude, can save lives!

    ok… you’re quite a petty woman huh? hahaha…

    and… are u saying u used to frolic in pubs while rubbing against sweaty bodies and get drunk? kakakaka….

  2. I don’t think it’s too depressing, dear. Just honest. Times can be dangerous, it’s just smarter and prudent to be careful. But at the same time, we mustn’t allow ourselves to be so petrified that we miss out on daily living — its joys and its magic!

    As for friends, it’s the precious few that matter. For me, I have The Family. I’m sure you have yours too. They’d be the one who treasure you and vice versa.

    Have an even better year ahead in 2008!:)

  3. zewt: I think most women are quite petty one… not only me.. ahhahaha! Errm… no lah.. I am not used to frolicking in pubs while rubbing against sweaty bodies when I was younger either.. Hahhaha! It’s just s figure of speech. A lot of people expect me to be a party animal.. I dunno why. I detest crowds, really. Happy new year 2008!

    Kenny Mah: I think so too. I hope they would get over it soon. As for friends, there are many people in “The Family” and there were lotsa circles intertwined in between, sometimes so hard to differentiate. But I guess like every family with problems, I just hope my “Family” is always supportive and genuine. You too. Have a great 2008!

  4. Glad to know that you’re back to church.
    If you’re still searching for a guy friend, lookout for those homely, religious and sort of self effacing type of guys. I always have this impression that they make good husbands and best of all they’re easily bullied (turn the other cheek).

    All the best & happy church going.

  5. happy new year gina:)

    btw i do agree that women are petty. I’ve lost counts the number of times i got upset with my friends over petty issues which almost threatened the friendship we have but we always get through it by being honest and i believe these are the most precious things in life to me.

    on weighty issues, i’m glad u found peace with yourself. i believe size does not matter but your health and wellbeing is more important. an old gym friend called me yesterday to wish me a happy new year. now she’s hitting 50 and the last i saw her she had the body a 20+ like me would envy but then she had leg problem due to her vigorous exercise which promted me to tell her that weight doesn’t matter as long as you’re alive and healthy. screw society and their views on what body shape is deemed acceptable. the most important thing is being comfortable with yourself and having a beautiful heart. that’s all that matters.

    All the best for the coming year and i look forward to reading many more of your wonderful post (yes, i’m still around but can’t comment as much as i used to due to workplace proxy control)😦

  6. abbot: Oh abbot! I tried writing to your e-mail but I think just couldn’t get through. Wrote you a personal wish for the new year! Happy new year! No lah.. not looking for husbands in churches lah.. but I have to agree with you. Some friends who go to church are seriously good husband material. Hahahah! Too bad they are not interested in me lah. Sigh.

    Asstha: You have a good new year too! I guess one have to learn to love oneself before he or she could learn to love others. That is what I have been trying to tell myself all these years! For the time being, my brain is not in this planet. Hope to get into the blogging mood soon.

  7. Ah yes, indeed it is a female vice to be petty & we all fall victim I’m afraid. Despite being a Roaring Fortier, I have still not mastered the art of NOT being petty so yeah…. would love to resolve not to be petty but afraid it is a difficult resolve to make indeed! As for the weight dept…. … if you think you’re not desirable ..think again…you’re considered a real HOT BABE if you lived amongst the Polynesians ok… & they’re a beautiful people, no? !!!!!!!

  8. Abbot: Oh… I tell you later lah. I think I used your previous e-mail addresses. You cannot stick to one e-mail address, can you?

    shorthorse: Polynesian??? Aren’t they cannibals?? Hahahhaha!!!!! Ok.. which part on earth are the Polynesians living in? I want to go there and crown the Queen of the tribe. Hahahah!

  9. Here I am again…. Late in commenting. As usual. Sigh…. Sorry bout it pal. Was very caught up with work of late. Not to mention losing mood to hop into the blog world. Kinda deflated of late.

    I agree with Kenny Mah, this post isn’t depressing. On the contrary I think it is full of encouragement and show of your inner strength and beauty.

    It’s such a blessing to have a close knit family – with you being the Queen in it too! Hahahaha. You know what? From what I have gather reading this post of yours, you have already achieved much in year 2007. Especially in terms of elevating personal character and building inner strength. And this is priceless. Tis good practice to look back and reflect and to learn from our past mistakes. You are doing great. I have much to learn from you😉

    Happy year 2008! May the new year brings you much joy and happiness and many more brighter achievements. Cheers!

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