Popularly Fat

Gas stove showed me this link.

It says that, Girls who feel unpopular more likely to get fat.

She was wondering since I am considered quite popular, why am I still so damn fat??

Nobody chooses to be fat. I especially loathe the stick insect girls complaining that they are fat and only eating one bite of their servings during meal time. These people ought to bring their own grass and chew on them or stay at home since food particles in the air will make you fat simply by inhaling!!!

I thought of my own fat issues and sad to say that I had been plagued with this problem since I was 8. I didn’t have much appetite when I was younger and was as thin as a stick insect till a bunch of pat pohs came to my house and commented to my mother that I needed some fattening up.

My clueless mom worried that I might be sick with my lousy appetite and diligently put me on Appetton. BIG MISTAKE. See what happened to me now. I am not longer “cute” as I was when I was 8. And the after effect of the Appetton did not wear off even after 20 over years!

To blame my mother is not the solution. What I need to do now is seriously have some will power and determination to shed some pounds. It’s not because of society’s pressure or what. I don’t enjoy being overweight but I don’t hate myself either. One last thing that I would do is damaging my own self esteem by hating myself. I accept whatever fate bestowed to me.

I don’t think I want to die of heart diseases or diabetic or any other complications related to being overweight. I am already on hypertensive medicine 4 years ago due to stress at work and home, not to mention because of my weight and no thanks to lousy genes hereditary.

Sigh. I find that my weight escalated since I started to work near home. Comfort to have lunch at home. No need to walk from car park some minutes away from office. No need to do the sprint, crossing a busy road. No more going to the gym because of high parking prices, toll and petrol. Get to sleep more. Thought of picking up jogging around the neighbourhood but you know, I might end up as one of the murder statistics while jogging. Yes yes! All the fei chai trips – guilty as charged! All these in small doses had made me ballooned additional 20 kgs from my already hefty weight.

Signing up slimming courses is a total bullshit. A friend actually paid RM5,000 in advance and till today, I didn’t see much changes in her. She did lose some weight within the first two weeks and I guess it was all due to the diet she religiously sticks to – soup consisting of only some vegetables for 2 weeks 3x a day. I told her, anyone would lose weight without going to slimming centers from the way she is eating. And I would rather die from terrible heart disease than to have to drink soup only for 2 whole weeks.

Another girlfriend signed up for a slimming course and managed to lose some baby fat before her wedding. Sadly to say, she doesn’t look good. She is all pale and the veins on her forehead are more visible now since she is now stick thin. She looks more like a cancer patient compared to a blushing new bride, seriously. Not that I am a wet blanket or what.. but she sure looks better with some meat on her.

I think exercise is the ultimate solution for people to stay healthy and fit, coupled with eating the right kind of food. It would take sheer determination to get rid of bad habits but everybody gotta press the start button sometime, somewhere. Why not press it now?

And also, my friends… please keep making me feel fabulously popular so that my weight doesn’t go up! If I put on weight now, I am gonna blame you! Hahaha!

16 thoughts on “Popularly Fat

  1. Oh i sooo agree with what you have just written and I oso agree with mama bok move here and we’ll fit in just fine, especially in Canada where in winter we get to hide our fat under tons of clothing, sadly tho when i go home i feel like a damn giant.

  2. ~while walking along the Curve, suddenly….~
    “Oh isn’t that gina??” ~dashes up to gina~
    “hi!! are you gina? i absolutely looove your blog!! can i have your autograph??”🙂

  3. “I think exercise is the ultimate solution for people to stay healthy and fit, coupled with eating the right kind of food.”

    And so it is. Just be prepared for results taking a heck longer than we wish it to be. I used to be overweight myself but all anyone sees now is “He’s so skinny. Tak cukup makan ke?”

    Well, it didn’t happen overnight. And now I’m trying to put some meat back to my bones (not fats) and this will take time too.

    I think it’s great you’re thinking about your health and that your realise short cuts such as slimming centres and fad diets don’t really work in the long run.

    Surround yourself with people who will support you and not offer their negativity… I have faith you can do it!😀

  4. ml: I sudah promise my colleague to go to FRIM with her! Gambatte!

    Mama BoK: I think I will consider that. Got any mat salleh to intro as husbands ah??? Haha.

    laymank: I see you found something worth going for in Phoenix! LOL!

    Problem is.. belum pakai sweater also feel like giant liao.. I think I will look like a ball.

    Lingzie: You also kaki the Curve meh ah? LOL. I go there.. probably once every two weeks.

    kenny Mah: I kiss the ground you walk on! I totally admire people who can lost weight successfully!!

    yuin: Hhmph. Like I dunno. Don’t just tell me. Find me a solution. Muahahahahaha.

  5. Dearest Gina, you live in the wrong era where match stick figures are worshipped (actually more by women themselves). In ancient China, a plumpish girl would naturally looked more ‘healthy’ and would be better candidates for marriage (breeding). Even the women depicted in erotic European and Indian art are always fleshy and never skinny.🙂

    Too bad you can’t turn the clock back. LOL

  6. Don’t hate me coz I said I was fat in my blog.🙂 I am under immense pressure from society for being stick thin too, especially for one in my (former) line of career. Since I was 15 years old, my own mother has been berating me for being ‘fat’ and I was only 50kg then. I can’t help it if I am tall and inherited her big frame, but nooooooo, she expected me to be rail thin like her friends’ petite-sized daughters. The emotional stigma of me being ‘fat’ has stuck on. And being in my line of career doesn’t help.

    I hate it when people come up to me and say, ‘You’re quite big-framed for a Chinese girl hor?’ Like what, Chinese girls are all supposed to be thin issit, cannot be big-framed and healthy one issit? I hate that!

    Slimming centres don’t work. I haven’t tried any yet, but a friend has. Overall, she’s spent like, RM 30,000 on various slimming centres and none of them worked! I choose to save my money for more important things.

    I am on a counting-calorie diet now. Wanna go for yoga together?🙂

  7. asme: Sigh. I guess I am not the type of person who would regret and wallow in self pity also. I will do something about this lah. Imagine.. big elephant also so popular liao. If I am slim, hot and gorgeous.. I guess I have no time to blog. Hahahahahahahah!!!!

    asstha: I don’t think I am healthy also. The last medical check up I had – it was okay. But doctor asked me to go easy on cholesterol inducing stuffs – he cannot believe my cholesterol level is as clean as whistle with my weight!

    Lil Ms Pinky:
    No.. I don’t hate you. I just beh tahan you only. Hahahaha! Don’t be so hard on yourself! There are more things in life to do than counting calories!

    Lingzie: I like the Curve because it’s less packed, vibrant and lively.

  8. Wah, Appeton is so effective ah? Just take it easy & don’t be too hard on yourself when embarking on a weight loss challenge. Set tiny achievable weight loss goals …. then you can reward yourself with a Fei Chai trip after … but hey no worries. We’re sure you’ll still be blogging after slim, hot & gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  9. Plenty of mat salleh to introduce.. and some who would kiss the floor you walk on..😉 the ang mohs hor.. they love the asians.. lah..!! donch believe ka.. ?? ask FH… i’m sure she will agree with me..😉

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