A Particular Valentine

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so is my birthday.

Since this year, I am going to be 32 (yes, you read it right – 32 and not 23 as I hope), a friend commented – better not have any birthday cake this year. It would mean lighting 3 long candles and 2 short ones (Cantonese translated it as – sam cheong leong tuin – meaning, you are done for/ finished/kaput-ed). Muahahaha!

As I was joking with Yuin on how to spend Valentine’s Day, he teased that; most likely I would spend it in church – like how I spent my new year’s eve. Going to church isn’t that bad after all, I guess.. but I doubt it. Got service on V-day one, meh ah?

So, I write down a list of terms and conditions to spend my Valentine’s Day this year:-

1. No church. (Ok lah. I will go on Saturdays when most cute, young guys would be attending or if they serve free food)
2. No restaurants serving mineral water at RM8 per bottle. I boycott any restaurants which do not serve plain water. It’s utterly stupid.
3. No dinners above Rm20 per person. Times are bad lah. We need to brace ourselves for more price hikes in near future, particularly this year!
4. No taking clothes off. I don’t do spa.
5. No singing. I just don’t fancy karaoke.
6. No presents. I don’t want to buy you any presents when it’s your birthday, so please don’t buy me.
7. No booze party – it’s a Thursday!
8. No going to the malls. I think the mall would be littered with lotsa couples going lovey dovey and they sort of reminding me of my celibacy – very sad.
9. No hot restaurants. Hot as in sweaty hot and not dining in a place where there are half naked waiters in hod bods (Do they even have this in Malaysia??) – so I don’t sweat like a pig.
10. No clubbing. So that the trauma of having a midget hitting on me would not repeat.

Okay. I am not fussy. I am just particular. (Eh, sounds familiar huh?)

Yuin said, if I factor all the terms and conditions into one – that would only mean one option.

I said, “STAY HOME!!”

He said, “No… Mamak stall with air cond.”

18 thoughts on “A Particular Valentine

  1. yah..staying home on 14/2 is a great idea… that’s what I did for the past few years..no place is as comfortable as this place…

  2. Yuin: Oi!!! Little boy cannot simply say things. Hahaha!

    YY: Yes worr. In fact – most of the years on V day also, I stay home one. At least you stay home and cuddling with someone mah. The only thing I cuddle every year on V day is my bantal busuk. Haha!

  3. lol i’m staying home for V-day too. it will just be any other day la to me. and yes absolutely must avoid shopping malls and gurney drive.
    there was one year my brother and i were out during V-day (just to have dinner and go about our normal routine). some ppl rushed up to him and asked him to buy flowers for me (thinking i was his gf) haiyoh!! these ppl…..!

  4. stay home… i think V-day is overated anyway… everything is super priced… if u want to show the one u love how much u love them any other god given day is fine enough no?

    as for me… this year V-day was s’posed to b a lou sang dinner with some close chums but last minute realised that it’s chor pat man which means i need to stay home and help prepare the worshipping (er… tebu?) items… and prayers starts @ 12 so… home it is… with mommy dearest😀

    P.S. if u dun wan to put 3 big n 2 small candles i suggest jz one big one will do. i find that more tasteful then a clutter if candles… my two cents worth anyway😛

  5. Yah yah…. good idea! RM3 big RM2 small – strike 1st prize can get RM15K wor….very very good. Can belanja us all after…..ahahahaha….you can buy 1975 (your birth year) can buy 1428 (Val date 08), 3208 (age this year)….so many variables !!!!!!!!!!

  6. dude….since i may not b around during the 14th feb….wishing u ‘suk sarn wan gert na kapp’ and many happy returns of the day.

    wat d kapppp

  7. laymank: Yeah. In fact, your best friend told me to get a new bantal when we went to Jusco the other day.

    Lingzie: Ah.. I went out with my brother too and everyone thought he’s my heart throb boyfriend and they were so damn jealous! Haha!

    asstha: Yeah. Everyday should be a V-day.😀

    asme & shorthorse: Wah.. both of you are really lan tou kwais. Haha!

    Takeshi: Thanks, mate. Kah Kum Kah.

  8. Vagus: Uhm… you have to read the previous post before you can get the meaning. Happy Chinese New Year! Not coming back with Kris ah?:)

    Firehorse: Gong Xi Fa Cai.

    VJ: Thanks! Apa itu? Your car number plate ah? Haha!

  9. 9.5 : Uhm… do I sound that childish and whiney? LOL. I can relate to any age – really. Ask Sailor Boy. Haha.. and what does 9.5 means? Some sort of a measurement? *Ahem*

  10. Hope you have a wonderful b’day celebration at home:) Wishing you in advance a good year ahead of you and ‘sum seong sii seng’:)

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