New Voters

Found this at Vote For A Change Malaysia on facebook. Please forward this to your friends who are newly registered as voters or wanting to vote from overseas.

New Voters – Alert !!!
Once you’ve registered at the post office, do call up SPR at +603 8885 6500 and let them know that you have the pink registration receipt. Please fax it to them at +603 8888 9117 and follow up on each of your cases.

As for my case, I did register since June 2007, however after contacting SPR, they told me to do the above. When I called again, they replied that my date of registration was only done on Oct 2007. My details are now available online on Feb 2008.

Postal Voting
Only 4 categories of Malaysian Citizens who are overseas qualify to register as postal voters under Elections (Registration of Electors) Regulation, 2002:

1. in the public service of the Government of Malaysia or of any State or in the service of any local authority or statutory authority exercising powers vested in it by Federal or State law, who is on duty outside the boundaries of Peninsular Malaysia or Sabah or Sarawak;

2. the spouse of a person in the public service of the Government of Malaysia or of any State or in the service of any local authority or statutory authority exercising powers vested in it by Federal or State law who is living with her or his husband or wife outside the boundaries of Peninsular Malaysia or Sabah or Sarawak at the date of application for registration as a Parliamentary or State elector,

3. engaged in full-time studies at any university, training college or any higher educational institution outside the boundaries of Peninsular Malaysia or Sabah or Sarawak; or

4. the spouse of a person engaged in full-time studies at any university, training college or any higher educational institution outside the boundaries of Peninsular Malaysia or Sabah or Sarawak who is living with her or his husband or wife at the date of application for registration as a Parliamentary or State elector.

SPR said :
” If you fall under any of this categories you may apply through the Malaysia embassy located nearby. Upon completion of the form (Borang A), you can submit it back to the embassy or can mail it to EC HQ in Putrajaya.”

” The attached form is a correct form. For your information, the registration area will be filled by Election Commission. Witness is assistant registrar that have been appointed by EC, in your case Malaysian Embassy. Kindly attach your current address overseas with the registration form.”

Go to here, download Form/Borang A found under Elections (Registration of Electors) Regulation, 2002.


Feeling somewhat demovitated to write about happy stuffs. So, this is a lazy post on remarks my friends and I made over the past one week.

#1 On the bullshit about men prefer their women to be independent

Me: coz men like to feel we are in need of them
Me: that is why ah, men – even though they like independent women
Me: say only
Me: but actually they are very intimidated by independent women
Me: and they will somehow or rather
Me: go for women who somehow give them feel that, they are needed in some ways

#2 To reiterate how much I loathe hiking

Me: no joke man
Me: the one in KK
Me: sekali you see the steps
Me: you swear at God and ask him to use lightning to strike you and toast you on the spot

#3 On Franco

Friend: lol, I tot you got a new ‘device’
Me: i no time to fuck the thing yet
Friend: give him a fuck la
Me: lol
Me: but i think think ah
Me: quite pathetic
Me: go fuck a stick
Me: pathetic nya.. i better be a nun
Friend: ei, better than fuck the banana or cucumber ok
Friend: haha
Me: hahaha

#4 On election

Me: got one MCA lady
Me: go have karaoke instead of ceramah worr
Friend: hehe..who?
Me: said better to sing than to listen to ceramah
Me: she also know it’s nonsense
Friend: karaoke as a way/strategy mar…hehehehe
Me: Yong Peng state seat incumbent Lim Kee Moi, also known as the “Karaoke YB” among her constituents, said that she and her team were busy singing at events organised by the people.
Me: i want to vomit
Friend: hahahahahahaha
Me: the country is going into the dumps
Friend: reallly TIUUUUUUU one
Me: she karaoke
Me: @#$%^&*
Me: “Once they finish work they relax and many of them sing,” she said, adding that her favourite song was a Mandarin number by the late Teresa Teng titled Tian Mi Mi (Very Sweet or Happiness).
Friend: mahhhhhhh chow haiiii
Friend: lol
Friend: tian mi mi somemore….tiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

#5 On current development in the office (The big boss wants everyone to stay till 8 pm to work)

Colleague: so now he wants to play Slave Driver eh
Me: yeah
Me: why not we all get him a WHIP for his bday
Colleague: and a dildo
Me: yeah
Me: to stick it up his ass
Colleague: a freaking gigantic one
Colleague: another one for his mouth
Me: Got hairy dildo or not? Want him to choke on some bulu

Be Counted

On one MSN chat with brother….

Gina: they are dropping that fucker satay guy
Bro: replaced with daughter in law
Gina: yes lor
Gina: same also
Gina: fucker
Bro: in other words, it’s the fucking same thing
Gina: yeah… lan pa pa lan… fuck!

I am sure there are many blogs out there talking about politics and now, probably hitting boiling point since there have been some incidents where candidates were barred from filing their nomination forms and someone got killed over plastering of posters and flags. Of course, as mild mannered Malaysians who are as sleepy as the leader, we let things slide without a clue because the One Star newspapers never reported it.

I am quite saddened by some people who didn’t even bother to register to vote. Or some people who never bother to change their house addresses when they move and don’t plan to vote out of inconvenience. Or people who have registered but never bother to cast a vote because sleep is more important to them.

My fellow countrymen… By the amount of shit that the ruling party (It’s a party, alright! Drink, Eat! Be Merry!) had done over the past few years – we were not spared from racism, sexism, nepotism, cronyism and all kinds of discrimination you can find in the dictionary.

The rich are getting richer, the poor getting poorer. Our hard earned tax money were spent by doing something not important for fellow citizens – what’s the big fucking deal of sending people to space? Does it cure cancer? Does it eradicate crimes? Does it keep the idiotic fuckers Mat Rempits off the street? Does it help the poor? Oh wait – it does somehow “eradicate” some crimes – as the over glorified fucked up space program occupied most parts of the newspapers; and there is no space (pun intended) to list crimes which are happening every minute as we speak.

My sis suffered some serious nagging from me. She hasn’t registered to vote even when I had on numerous occasions, advising her to do so. Her reason being – only one vote, what difference could it make? It doesn’t matter.

I told her off. That is why, if there are 1 million idiots eligible to vote; thinking like what she is thinking now, we are short of 1 million votes which would make a huge difference. I didn’t speak to her the rest of the day.

I know I shouldn’t be mad at people who don’t even bother to exercise their rights. After all, a right is something belonging to one person – having to do or not on his own accord. I shouldn’t be mad that they don’t bother to vote. I SHOULD NOT.

I shouldn’t be mad if petrol prices hike because it’s still the lowest compared to the other parts of the world. I shouldn’t be mad if the ministers made a fool of themselves and the country in international arena because we Malaysians can take joke mah! We love clowns and rappers – you you you!

I shouldn’t be mad when brain drain is happening in this country and we will make do with doctors or nurses who accidentally amputate babies’ arms and legs because of PROFESSIONAL negligence – we are very forgiving people. I shouldn’t be mad because someone is trying to be Mother Teresa adopting Mat Rempits. They deserved a second chance. I shouldn’t be mad when someone sell satay anywhere he likes and build a mansion that put the biggest court to shame (at least no leaking mah!) and called it home; invited everyone to attend a festive open house. After all, we Malaysians love to makan mah! To foster the spirit of Muhibbah mah!

To those who will miss/planning to miss this election, well, let’s hope you would learn your lesson well and haul your asses to get registered. Hopefully, in four or five years’ time, there is still a country for you to cast your votes. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I know most of my friends think I am too politically inclined. I admit. I have been reading about politics for quite sometime now but didn’t want to read anymore because it just pisses me off. I don’t care about politics. But I care a great deal about this country. That is why I am a proud registered voter who is aware that my one, minuscule vote matters. And I will not hesitate to make my vote be counted and be heard.

Peach Blossom Luck

Many, many years ago, after college, I was in Seremban to spend some time with a dear friend before she set foot to Perth to pursue Pharmacy. She took me to this temple and claimed that, it’s very “leng”; as in, the gods may grant you wishes of your hearts. So, off we went to Kao Chim (Chinese fortune sticks).

For girls – I can assure you that, whenever they go for all sorts of fortune telling, 99% of the time, they would be asking about love luck. Being young at 19, I didn’t know what to ask for so – I ask the majority questions that girls would ask when doing kao chim. The old caretaker there told me; if I don’t meet someone during the coming Mid Autumn’s Festivals, I will not meet anyone for a long, long time. How long? I ask. He said with a bored face; an undisclosed long, long, long time. Till I am in my 50s? He was annoyed.

Shae was enthusiastic when she heard over the radio that those born under the sign of the Dragon this year has so much peach blossom luck. She wrote me an e-mail.


Morning ah
Eh I heard from the radio today on luck for those born in the year of Dragon. Apparently those who are born in the year of the Dragon will have peach blossom luck leh. So that means you also have lor. On love, those who are still single will have his/her Ms or Mr Right. Wahahahhaha…. So good news for you ah.

Eh. They every year also say dragons got peach blossom luck, ok! YEAR AFTER YEAR! I am already 32 and there is still no peach blossom luck. It’s STUPID one lah. Don’t believe lah.

Maybe this year different leh.. .hahhaha…

One night, not too long ago, I went to a reunion dinner with my ex colleagues. In the midst of chatter, Chubby received a phone call from a friend. The friend asked Chubby to go to Thean Hou temple with her to pray for luck in love. I eavesdropped some of her conversation.

Chubby: Have to bring flowers one worr… I heard from my colleague ah…… one flower enough…… then you tell the Yuet Lou Yeh ah.. you want to find a good husband…. then tell him to help you to tie the red string… for one year lah….. uh huh…..

My curiosity was aroused.

I called up this ex colleague of mine to enquire.

She said: You bring three stalks of flowers ah. One to represent yourself, one to represent your future husband and one to represent the match maker….

Me: Who is the matchmaker ah? You is it??

She said: No lah. Siao! The Kuan Yin lah!

Me: Oh…. do we need to do rituals like the one in See Yeh* temple?

*I remember once I went to See Yeh temple in Petaling Street on the pretext to pray for my final exams. Since I have already taken the exams, the caretaker insisted that I prayed for luck in love instead. I remember I bought some fruits to be offered to the Gods and paid some money to have paper effigies, candles and joss sticks dangling over my head while I knelt down and then, the offerings were burned. LOL. Come to think about that, I never felt so silly in my life.

She said: No ritual one. Just go there, bring your three flowers – don’t buy roses ah! Got thorns! Later not good for your marriage.

Me: Then buy what flowers ah?

She said: Buy lah those meant for prayers one.. like chrysanthemums.

Me: Can buy sunflower or not? Make it more ONG!

She said: Up to you lah. As long as it’s not roses. I guarantee you ah….. in 6 months ah.. you will get boyfriend! Guarantee!


Girls! Some really go for the extra mile when it comes to finding love. I was just joking the other day about nasi kangkang with some of my friends and wonder does it really work? I recalled one desperate measure to see the face of my future husband and ended up being conned.

Believe you me. After this post, many ladies will be making a beeline to Thean Hou Temple to offer flowers this weekend. Since my friend guaranteed this will work, I should have done it earlier to avoid making chai ngor again on Chap Goh Meh – the Lunar Calendar’s Valentine’s Day! My sis commented that it’s surely a bad sign that I was making chai ngor on both Valentine’s Day this year. It’s like sealing my fate of being a “vegetarian for life” (“Sek cheong chai”) – in short; spinster. That’s what Franco is for, right? (In Yuin’s words – All he needs are batteries, doesn’t complain and delivers every time. Lol)

P.S. And Chap Goh Meh happened to be my Chinese birth date. Double sigh.

Lonely Slob

Yesterday after having breakfast, I remember I wiped my mouth. When it was about lunch time, I was walking to the car with my sister and she looked at me with disgust.

Sis: My gawd! You had something for breakfast this morning that you eat with Kampong Koh Cili??

Me: How you know ah?

Sis: You have a dot of chili sauce at the corner of your lips lah! Aiyah! Why you so sia sui one? Never wash mouth after eating?

Me: Where where?? *Frantically wipe my mouth with my hands*

Sis: Eeeyehhh! It’s still there! Is your boss in today?

Me: Yes, he is… aiyoh.. sia sui betul!!!!

Sis: Now only you know ah. You freaking slob.

I think my sloppiness is getting alarming. I hardly comb my hair to office – because it’s such a huge pile of unruly hair that no amount of gel or wax could tame. The only way to tame my hair is hair wash, follow by blow dry and tease with leave-on conditioner. It’s too tedious to be doing this every morning. My round face cannot carry the out-of-bed look and it’s more like always never-out-of-bed even if I did try to tame my mane . It’s a good thing that my boss only rates me based on my performance and not my appearance.

I still remember once when I was in college, my face was infested with mother-of-all-pimples, I had to apply calamine lotion for rashes on my face. Totally forgotten about it, I went out to the shop with white patches on my face and it didn’t seem to bother me one bit. Sigh. I am a girl; I should start behaving like one.

So I guess it’s no surprise that my friends got me some grooming kit for my birthday – a comb! (hahahah!), body wash, body cream, perfume, soap, lotion, etc. This is a very obvious hint already. Okay! I get the point!

On somewhat related matter, someone got me a battery-operated device (nicknamed Franco, the device, not the person) to remind me of more lonely nights to come. He added he wanted to get me an edible underwear but who’s gonna eat it? Thanks. Tell me something I do not know, please. I guess I am destined to make chai ngor every Valentine’s Day but next time, after making chai ngor, at least I am rest assured that I will have Franco for company. I just have to make sure the battery is still working.