Peach Blossom Luck

Many, many years ago, after college, I was in Seremban to spend some time with a dear friend before she set foot to Perth to pursue Pharmacy. She took me to this temple and claimed that, it’s very “leng”; as in, the gods may grant you wishes of your hearts. So, off we went to Kao Chim (Chinese fortune sticks).

For girls – I can assure you that, whenever they go for all sorts of fortune telling, 99% of the time, they would be asking about love luck. Being young at 19, I didn’t know what to ask for so – I ask the majority questions that girls would ask when doing kao chim. The old caretaker there told me; if I don’t meet someone during the coming Mid Autumn’s Festivals, I will not meet anyone for a long, long time. How long? I ask. He said with a bored face; an undisclosed long, long, long time. Till I am in my 50s? He was annoyed.

Shae was enthusiastic when she heard over the radio that those born under the sign of the Dragon this year has so much peach blossom luck. She wrote me an e-mail.


Morning ah
Eh I heard from the radio today on luck for those born in the year of Dragon. Apparently those who are born in the year of the Dragon will have peach blossom luck leh. So that means you also have lor. On love, those who are still single will have his/her Ms or Mr Right. Wahahahhaha…. So good news for you ah.

Eh. They every year also say dragons got peach blossom luck, ok! YEAR AFTER YEAR! I am already 32 and there is still no peach blossom luck. It’s STUPID one lah. Don’t believe lah.

Maybe this year different leh.. .hahhaha…

One night, not too long ago, I went to a reunion dinner with my ex colleagues. In the midst of chatter, Chubby received a phone call from a friend. The friend asked Chubby to go to Thean Hou temple with her to pray for luck in love. I eavesdropped some of her conversation.

Chubby: Have to bring flowers one worr… I heard from my colleague ah…… one flower enough…… then you tell the Yuet Lou Yeh ah.. you want to find a good husband…. then tell him to help you to tie the red string… for one year lah….. uh huh…..

My curiosity was aroused.

I called up this ex colleague of mine to enquire.

She said: You bring three stalks of flowers ah. One to represent yourself, one to represent your future husband and one to represent the match maker….

Me: Who is the matchmaker ah? You is it??

She said: No lah. Siao! The Kuan Yin lah!

Me: Oh…. do we need to do rituals like the one in See Yeh* temple?

*I remember once I went to See Yeh temple in Petaling Street on the pretext to pray for my final exams. Since I have already taken the exams, the caretaker insisted that I prayed for luck in love instead. I remember I bought some fruits to be offered to the Gods and paid some money to have paper effigies, candles and joss sticks dangling over my head while I knelt down and then, the offerings were burned. LOL. Come to think about that, I never felt so silly in my life.

She said: No ritual one. Just go there, bring your three flowers – don’t buy roses ah! Got thorns! Later not good for your marriage.

Me: Then buy what flowers ah?

She said: Buy lah those meant for prayers one.. like chrysanthemums.

Me: Can buy sunflower or not? Make it more ONG!

She said: Up to you lah. As long as it’s not roses. I guarantee you ah….. in 6 months ah.. you will get boyfriend! Guarantee!


Girls! Some really go for the extra mile when it comes to finding love. I was just joking the other day about nasi kangkang with some of my friends and wonder does it really work? I recalled one desperate measure to see the face of my future husband and ended up being conned.

Believe you me. After this post, many ladies will be making a beeline to Thean Hou Temple to offer flowers this weekend. Since my friend guaranteed this will work, I should have done it earlier to avoid making chai ngor again on Chap Goh Meh – the Lunar Calendar’s Valentine’s Day! My sis commented that it’s surely a bad sign that I was making chai ngor on both Valentine’s Day this year. It’s like sealing my fate of being a “vegetarian for life” (“Sek cheong chai”) – in short; spinster. That’s what Franco is for, right? (In Yuin’s words – All he needs are batteries, doesn’t complain and delivers every time. Lol)

P.S. And Chap Goh Meh happened to be my Chinese birth date. Double sigh.

8 thoughts on “Peach Blossom Luck

  1. ah…a woman’s never ending quest for the love of her life. i have also gone for those silly fortune telling sessions and even tarot card reading. all asking abt my (non-existent) love life. most give very good predictions but…in the end mah still the same!! and what peacn blossom luck? i think lilian too predicted peach blossom luck for the rooster almost every year. but still…. ‘mah hai yat yeong’!

    so… while we are always curious about our future, i have told myself that its true what they say – love will come when you least expect it, and it will elude those who continue frantically in search of it.

    and so what if you end up making chai ngor next year? i think its better to wait for the right guy (and enjoy your life while you’re at it) , then get involved with mr wrong and bring you more heartache.🙂

  2. Go to the temple and you will find a thousand other gals doings the same. Come on, guys wouldn’t get caught doing the ‘Kao Chim’ thingy. Their mothers would do it for them. Unless you are a lesbian, you will have no luck meeting Mr. Right there!

    Better to go to church, at least there your chances of catching a fish is more.

  3. Lingzie: What a joke right? Haha! Yeah. I intend to be “long term vegetarian” liao.

    shorthorse: LOL. Bring franco to temple?? You gotta be kidding.

    asme: True also.. but most of my friends who go to church are still single worr. What have you gotta say about that?

  4. Hmm. Sometimes I think we have to make our own “tau hua yun”… i.e. we make our own destiny and all that jazz. But of course chance plays a factor too. What can I say? I believe in not giving up and not settling, no matter how badly we may want to settle down.

    I’ve a friend who only got married in her late 30’s and she tells me she’s happier she made the decision to wait for the right person. So I’ve decided I’m going down her route? Anyone want to join me?😀

  5. My buddy got married in his mid forties, first child late forties and now second child when he is half a century old. He is happy.

    So happiness does not depend on the age. It has got to do with your outlook in life.

    Stay cool Kenny! The right will come.🙂

  6. asme: I guess so. Time to move on to new churches!

    Kenny Mah: Not only your friend, in fact I guess there are more and more people carefully choosing the right person. I guess it’s better than ended up with someone who give you so much misery that makes you wonder what this life is all about, as seen in some relationships. I wish you luck. I wish you well.

    Yes, let’s all have a positive outlook in life.😀

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