Be Counted

On one MSN chat with brother….

Gina: they are dropping that fucker satay guy
Bro: replaced with daughter in law
Gina: yes lor
Gina: same also
Gina: fucker
Bro: in other words, it’s the fucking same thing
Gina: yeah… lan pa pa lan… fuck!

I am sure there are many blogs out there talking about politics and now, probably hitting boiling point since there have been some incidents where candidates were barred from filing their nomination forms and someone got killed over plastering of posters and flags. Of course, as mild mannered Malaysians who are as sleepy as the leader, we let things slide without a clue because the One Star newspapers never reported it.

I am quite saddened by some people who didn’t even bother to register to vote. Or some people who never bother to change their house addresses when they move and don’t plan to vote out of inconvenience. Or people who have registered but never bother to cast a vote because sleep is more important to them.

My fellow countrymen… By the amount of shit that the ruling party (It’s a party, alright! Drink, Eat! Be Merry!) had done over the past few years – we were not spared from racism, sexism, nepotism, cronyism and all kinds of discrimination you can find in the dictionary.

The rich are getting richer, the poor getting poorer. Our hard earned tax money were spent by doing something not important for fellow citizens – what’s the big fucking deal of sending people to space? Does it cure cancer? Does it eradicate crimes? Does it keep the idiotic fuckers Mat Rempits off the street? Does it help the poor? Oh wait – it does somehow “eradicate” some crimes – as the over glorified fucked up space program occupied most parts of the newspapers; and there is no space (pun intended) to list crimes which are happening every minute as we speak.

My sis suffered some serious nagging from me. She hasn’t registered to vote even when I had on numerous occasions, advising her to do so. Her reason being – only one vote, what difference could it make? It doesn’t matter.

I told her off. That is why, if there are 1 million idiots eligible to vote; thinking like what she is thinking now, we are short of 1 million votes which would make a huge difference. I didn’t speak to her the rest of the day.

I know I shouldn’t be mad at people who don’t even bother to exercise their rights. After all, a right is something belonging to one person – having to do or not on his own accord. I shouldn’t be mad that they don’t bother to vote. I SHOULD NOT.

I shouldn’t be mad if petrol prices hike because it’s still the lowest compared to the other parts of the world. I shouldn’t be mad if the ministers made a fool of themselves and the country in international arena because we Malaysians can take joke mah! We love clowns and rappers – you you you!

I shouldn’t be mad when brain drain is happening in this country and we will make do with doctors or nurses who accidentally amputate babies’ arms and legs because of PROFESSIONAL negligence – we are very forgiving people. I shouldn’t be mad because someone is trying to be Mother Teresa adopting Mat Rempits. They deserved a second chance. I shouldn’t be mad when someone sell satay anywhere he likes and build a mansion that put the biggest court to shame (at least no leaking mah!) and called it home; invited everyone to attend a festive open house. After all, we Malaysians love to makan mah! To foster the spirit of Muhibbah mah!

To those who will miss/planning to miss this election, well, let’s hope you would learn your lesson well and haul your asses to get registered. Hopefully, in four or five years’ time, there is still a country for you to cast your votes. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I know most of my friends think I am too politically inclined. I admit. I have been reading about politics for quite sometime now but didn’t want to read anymore because it just pisses me off. I don’t care about politics. But I care a great deal about this country. That is why I am a proud registered voter who is aware that my one, minuscule vote matters. And I will not hesitate to make my vote be counted and be heard.

11 thoughts on “Be Counted

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Mike Harmon

  2. too bad the citizens r still lagging behind…they still depends on hearsay and dont even read as much as they could, not to mention the net. blogs and articles from the net r still not widespread enough to make an impact. chinese in this particular case deserve what they get today mainly of their “care for our ownselves” attitude, those who care r frustrated, like us…cannot make up the numbers.

    a huge population went to singapurah when it separated and those earth-princes played the right propaganda by multiplying like -censor- outnumbering us in no time.

    i juz hope we grew wiser this time and vote wisely. otherwise…i really need to work harder to get a nice condo in downtown bangkok…..sawadeee kaappppp!!!! lol…

  3. there are still lot of people out there who are good at complaining loudly but don’t even bother to register or registered but don’t bother to vote or just simply don’t care. so what’s the point of complaining but not exercising the right to vote?

    i am not so much into politics but i know my responsibility and right as a citizen to vote. action speaks louder than words. am gonna drive 210km home just to cast my precious vote. every single vote counts.



    WE ALL NEED A NEW GOVERNMENT & a New country with a FUTURE

    Please stop the daily SHIT we read in newspaper by VOTING AGAINST the FUCKING LOPSIDED SCALE!!


  5. true enough, there are just too many out there who arent bothered with issues. they are more concern with their wallet or how to look cool in front of friends.

    sad to say, the fate of this country will not be determined by those who wish to vote.. but by those who are not voting… know what i mean?

  6. oh i am definitely going to exercise my vote on election day! i have been giving my brother a tough time too for not going to register.

    there are ppl in other countries who go to war for the right to vote. and here we take it for granted and are so unaware of this precious thing we have – our birthright to vote.

    yes it may just be ‘one’ vote. but that one vote is your say, your take on what you think is right for this country.

  7. Good on ya, mate!

    I have the same feeling of disgust when the people around me bitch about the state of things, then tell me they either haven’t registered or can’t be bothered to vote. The way I see it, if you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to bitch about things, cos you “asked” for it, indirectly.

    Me, I’m heading back to my hometown next weekend and casting my vote. My second round! So excited. And the last round, my State candidate won, not my Parliamentary. This time I’m hoping both my options win.

    People rule!

  8. People have a right to bitch whether they vote or not, whether they register or not. If you ask me to vote for two equally dumb idiots, I would rather abstain.

    Instead of feeling disgusted with people who have not registered, it would be better to convince them register as voters for the next election. Your one vote count only as one but if you can get ten people to register, you may get 10 more votes.

  9. Mike: Thanks.. but are you spamming me?

    Takeshi: Yeah lah. When you manage to buy a nice condo in downtown Bangkok, can I apply to be your maid or not?

    ml: Good! At least there are some people still give a shit about this country.

    Datin: We will definitely make ourselves heard on this election this time! Keep our fingers crossed!

    zewt: Yeah. Too bad you are not here to vote either. Ain’t that sad?

    Lingzie: Hi-5 Lingzie!

    Kenny: Yes! People rule!! The government is the people’s servant and not master!

    Yuin: Slap yourself silly and don’t repeat the same mistakes.. ever! Get your ass to register now.

    Takeshi: I think you can be our MP also lah… eh but then.. you are half thai, half Japanese.

    asme: Yeah. I am now convincing people to go back to their hometowns to vote.

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