Feeling somewhat demovitated to write about happy stuffs. So, this is a lazy post on remarks my friends and I made over the past one week.

#1 On the bullshit about men prefer their women to be independent

Me: coz men like to feel we are in need of them
Me: that is why ah, men – even though they like independent women
Me: say only
Me: but actually they are very intimidated by independent women
Me: and they will somehow or rather
Me: go for women who somehow give them feel that, they are needed in some ways

#2 To reiterate how much I loathe hiking

Me: no joke man
Me: the one in KK
Me: sekali you see the steps
Me: you swear at God and ask him to use lightning to strike you and toast you on the spot

#3 On Franco

Friend: lol, I tot you got a new ‘device’
Me: i no time to fuck the thing yet
Friend: give him a fuck la
Me: lol
Me: but i think think ah
Me: quite pathetic
Me: go fuck a stick
Me: pathetic nya.. i better be a nun
Friend: ei, better than fuck the banana or cucumber ok
Friend: haha
Me: hahaha

#4 On election

Me: got one MCA lady
Me: go have karaoke instead of ceramah worr
Friend: hehe..who?
Me: said better to sing than to listen to ceramah
Me: she also know it’s nonsense
Friend: karaoke as a way/strategy mar…hehehehe
Me: Yong Peng state seat incumbent Lim Kee Moi, also known as the “Karaoke YB” among her constituents, said that she and her team were busy singing at events organised by the people.
Me: i want to vomit
Friend: hahahahahahaha
Me: the country is going into the dumps
Friend: reallly TIUUUUUUU one
Me: she karaoke
Me: @#$%^&*
Me: “Once they finish work they relax and many of them sing,” she said, adding that her favourite song was a Mandarin number by the late Teresa Teng titled Tian Mi Mi (Very Sweet or Happiness).
Friend: mahhhhhhh chow haiiii
Friend: lol
Friend: tian mi mi somemore….tiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

#5 On current development in the office (The big boss wants everyone to stay till 8 pm to work)

Colleague: so now he wants to play Slave Driver eh
Me: yeah
Me: why not we all get him a WHIP for his bday
Colleague: and a dildo
Me: yeah
Me: to stick it up his ass
Colleague: a freaking gigantic one
Colleague: another one for his mouth
Me: Got hairy dildo or not? Want him to choke on some bulu

5 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. I couldn’t stop laughing, though honestly some of the conversation bits freaked me out. Oh my oh dear. But on #1? Unfortunately, largely true for most us men. Hmm.

  2. #1 – I am a man and I prefer an independant woman than a dumb blonde.
    #2 – One step at a time and you will be surprised, you will like it more and more.
    #3 – Just loan Franco to this friend since he/she is more interested than you.
    #4 – Poor Teresa?! Everyone is killing her song.
    #5 – Come to think of it – Give him the Franco! (Better after your friend used it/don’t wash)

  3. Kenny Mah: Sorry to have frighten you … but I am a perv. LOL

    shorthorse: Eh.. I cannot control who is reading this blog. I think the caption of this blog already says it all. It’s gonna be crude!

    LOL!!! I like your optimism!

    JK: Saja lah. It sounds kinky. Hahahah!

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