Shopping Coupons, Blue Sea & Ox Cart

I was shopping in Jaya Jusco and found I was in a bargain lane. There were signs everywhere showing 30%, 50% and 70% off. I was delighted to see everything offered was at already dirt cheap prices and I would be getting them at another 50% off since I am a member.

However, when I was about to make payment for a facial wash at RM1.14 and some smaller items which I could not recall now, there was a notification mentioning that I must have coupons in order to get those discounts. As I walked around to look for coupons, I bumped into two newly found friends in Chiang Mai and they gave me a stack of discount coupons. Before I thank them, I flipped through the coupons and found that they were expired.

“1992!!!! Eh, brother! Now it’s 2008 lah!” I shrieked.

“Can still use one.. they are not bothered about the dates! We tried before!” exclaimed Yip.

“Okay… I will try,” I said in doubt.

As I was nearing the payment counter, I decided to forget about it and walked out from the departmental store without paying a cent, which I did and narrowly escaped getting caught from the guards when another friend appeared out of nowhere, informed the guards that I didn’t pay for the goods. I was very angry with the friend and chose to walk away and refused to talk to her. There.. I committed a crime in a semi conscious state.

After the shopping, I packed for a holiday and was promised by the agent of a room with the best view. The hotel is new and smack right in the middle of white sandy beach overlooking a vast blue sky and a sea in different shades of turquoise.

As I was walking into the room, I was delighted to find that it was actually built on a tree, I could safely say it’s a tree house, with only leaves from the trees as shades from the hot glaring sun and blue gauze-like see-through curtains as partition. There were pristine white beds and pillows with flowers strewn all over the place, making it look like a romantic get-away heaven! As I was sighing with appreciation, three hunky white men walked into the room and I thanked the Lord that my prayers were answered (and I thought I was an atheist!).

Bad news though. The quaint little romantic room was not assigned to me. My room is somewhere in the middle of the hotel and I had to pack my bags to find the room. As I walked towards the so called best room, I was shocked that it was actually still under renovation, with pipes leaking everywhere and glass panel half completed. I was cursing at the agent and was on a mad rampage.

As I walked out from the room, I was shocked to find that the entire beach view was no longer there. I was surrounded by Chinese cemetery. Who in the world would plan a holiday, and stay in a hotel in the middle of a cemetery?

The cemetery was on a hill and it was huge. As I resigned to my fate – no hunky men as roommates in the quaint romantic room with pristine white bed sheet and flowers, I laid myself on an ox cart facing the sky with my bunch of regular traveling companions. There was a guy friend who was lying next to me, spoke into my ears but I couldn’t hear a word he said.

Then I woke up. Another exhausting dream, getting nowhere.

10 thoughts on “Shopping Coupons, Blue Sea & Ox Cart

  1. Monster: Don’t scare me leh? You mean Ox head, Horse Face? Lol!

    shorthorse: Uhm.. I watched Three Kingdoms before going to sleep.. now it made sense.. the ox cart looked familiar!

    Jane: Yes lah… my dream is always very high budget hollywood movie-like. Haha!

    Kenny Mah: Yes. Usually I am quite groggy from all the dreams the night before.

  2. asme: Hope it keep coming and it might land me with a script writing job.

    JK: Fantasy book some more.. funny how I don’t really like to read fantasies but my dreams are so fantasy-like.

    Mama BoK: That explains why I never get enough sleep most of the time. I dream too much. I even dream in Japanese.

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