Taking Leave

As my boss is the final person to approve leave of some people in the company, I usually would come across quite a few hilarious reasons to take leave. I mean, not the reasons that are funny, just the way they word their reasons are pretty hilarious.

To me, I find annual leave is an entitlement. There is no need to mention reasons, unless you took emergency leave or you had finished your allocated leave before the year ends.

I came across a funny reason to take leave today.

“Long appointment with dentist. Major repair work required.”

Lol! The project manager must be thinking of his work when he was applying his leave.

My boss’ driver is very fond of putting this in every leave application form.

“Untuk beristirehat.” (Malay: to rest and relax)

A few weeks ago, his reason was:-

“Untuk berehat dan menenangkan fikiran.” (Malay: To rest and to calm the mind. Haha! I didn’t know being a driver have to think that much)

One of the managers is very detailed about taking his annual leave that he had to attach flight details to his application form.

I saw his reason to take annual leave.

“To take my wife for a much deserving holiday to Cambodia.”

Have you come across any funny way of wording reasons to take leave?

12 thoughts on “Taking Leave

  1. Oh yes, just one recent case, came in to office in the morning…after 15 mins, informed he need to go off bcos not feeling well. Then he being asked, whether taking sick leave or AL. Answers: Will definately see doc but not sure will get MC or not.

    Same person, sms informed ” I would like to apply for MC”???????

  2. I once applied for a month’s unpaid leave, something like to “menenangkan fikiran” … and never came back to the company! Guess it worked!😉

  3. my company doesn’t even require one to fill in reason. like you said, it’s your entitlement, go do whatever you like, just come back in one piece….

    I also need to ‘menenangkan fikiran’ and hopefully, don’t have to return again. hahaha…

  4. Heheheh!! i donch usually go into details.. just “personal reasons”
    of course I sometimes like to have written.. “to get outta this hell hole for abit”
    or .. “donch wanna see the bitch sitting beside me”

  5. Jane: Lol… usually, that is the case one lah. See whether you can get MC from doctor or not, then only can apply for medical leave mah!

    Kenny Mah: Hahaha! I think I will never write “menenangkan fikiran”. Haha!

    Kite Runner: Someone cannot wait to leave the company! Wish you all the best.

    Mama BoK
    : I wish ah.. I can write that also.. but so far, touch wood lah.. my office colleagues are quite ok except a few demented ones.

  6. heehee i like your boss’ driver’s reason – untuk beristirehat

    nice and simple without divulging too much. i actually don’t like the idea of giving reasons to go on annual leave. like you said, its our entitlement and we dont have to tell the whole office what we’re going to do during our leave.

    so looks like my reasons are gonna be ‘untuk beristirehat dan menenangkan fikiran’ from now on!🙂

  7. My former company is really horrible when it comes to approving leaves. More often than not, my leave application will get rejected. HMPH!

    These are a few of the reasons I’ve put when I wanted to apply for leave, especially during peak periods like CNY and Xmas:

    -Celebrate CNY with family
    -Parents’ wedding anniversary
    -Mother’s/Father’s birthday
    -Cousin’s wedding, in which I am the bridesmaid

    90% of the time also get rejected wan, so what to do? Take MC lor!!!!!🙂

  8. Lingzie: You have a stressful job? Haha!

    Lil’ Ms Pinky: Aiyoh.. why so like that one? Anyway, here is still ok. Usually I just write there annual leave, and leave it at there.

    Monster: That one is MC. She takes MC when her son is sick, not when she is sick. Hahahhaha!! Memang kuo fen.

  9. Well, when FD & I were working in Manila, one of the staff applied for emergency leave. Reason cited – Grandmother passed away. Lo & behold, during lunch time – we bumped into him there at a shopping mall. Will never forget his face when we saw him…….. lol

  10. In my company, there are staff who called up the admin dept. to check how much balance of MCs entitlement they have. Believe me, these people utilised it fully.

  11. shorthorse: Hahaha!! Wah so keng! The guy must be sweating buckets trying to think what excuse to give to FD the next day when he goes back to work. Hahaha!!!!

    asme: Yes, I think there are such people in every organization. Ours here, we encourage no MC taking by giving best attendance award – no lateness as well.

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