Funnies of the Week

Funnies #1

The Mechanic was clearing the back lane of our house of some rubbish when my neighbor called out to him.

Didn’t know what the elderly lady wanted, he walked to the window to speak to her.

She passed him some bread. She thought he was some DBKL sweeper, sweeping the back alley of our houses. We laughed till our stomach ached when he informed us of the incident.

Apparently, the old lady couldn’t remember who is who in our house. She even mistaken Gas Stove of being the younger sis and kept asking her why she is not in school on a Sunday.

Funnies #2

In the office on Friday, there was a strange ringing tone in the office, emitting from unknown colleague’s cubicle.

“Namo amitabha…. Namo amitabha…. Namo Namo….”

Geez! I wonder who on earth would select such ringing tone for their phones!! I told myself.

The ringing tone then went dead.

10 seconds later…

“Namo amitabha…. Namo amitabha…. Namo Namo….”

Geez! Will that someone please pick up the phone!

Then, it went dead.

A few minutes later, I checked my phone for any missed calls. There were two missed calls. It was the Monk. I forgot I assigned that ringing tone to him.

Funnies #3

On Sunday, I cooked for the family dinner. Well, not really cooking. It involved some reheating of dishes as well as making simple dishes like cucur udang and meatballs soup with seaweed.

As my aunt was frying some fried chicken, my mom who just came back from taking the kids out for swimming, she said, “Eh. .. bring some soup for us.”

My aunt: It’s not ready yet. Wait, we need to fry some garlic to add to the soup.

Mom: Can use the fried onions instead. I have stock.

Me: I think the soup would taste better with garlic.

Aunt: Yeah, I will get the garlic for you.

A minute later.

Mom: Can take the soup for us?

Aunt: Just give us a few minutes!

A minute later…

Mom: Where is the soup?

My aunt rolled her eyes then looked at me and said, “Ignore her.”

A minute later…

Mom: Soup leh, ah?

Remember the post on her being naggy?

We quickly find another wok to sautée the garlic to stop her from being naggy.

10 thoughts on “Funnies of the Week

  1. AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAH….what a dunce you are with the ringtone!!!!! ….& so sweet of your neighbour to offer bread even tho mistakenly to someone she thot was a municipal worker… Eh – soup leh, no garlic ah?

  2. Lol…Sorry..I’ve been missing out on a few of my blogrolls.😛

    Btw…why do you even have the namo amitabha ring tone?🙂 And is it a custom to feed DBKL workers?

  3. YY & Ann: That aunty very lou fah one.

    shorthorse: I got the ring tone for fun because I find it quite hilarious. Haha!

    ml: She will explain to you in detail what soup she wants one. Haha!

    inaesb: I got the ringing tone from the mechanic becoz I find it quite soothing also. Haha! It is not a custom to feed municipal workers bread.. but some people are just compassionate. We usually give mandarin oranges to them during the CNY week.

    Kenny Mah: Yes.. she is hilarious.. but overdose of it can be quite annoying.

    Monster: Yes, I will give you when I see you lah.😀

  4. Mama BoK: Seriously, even if she sometimes drives me to the wall, I wouldn’t want to change her for the world.. and I still love her to death.

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