Truth or Hoax?

As I am typing this, my sister and the rest at her floor were busy talking about switching off the handphone tonight at 11 pm.

Earlier this week, I received an e-mail from the Too-free-nothing-to-do-moron in my office and dismissed it as plain lies.

Just forward – Penting. Baca sebelum malam ni (13 mei)

HANDPHONE malam ini dimatikan. Menurut METRO TV, pada jam 11 malam ini akan ada gelombang radiasi yang besar yang berbahaya utk manusia. yang akan tertangkap oleh semua hp & pemancar. Beritahu yang lain/teman2 jgan taruh hp dekat kepala..

It would be stupid to even believe this. I still sleep with my handphone on as who knows; there might be an emergency. You would need to call the police when criminals break into your house. It would be too tedious to switch on the phone, key in your password (if you can remember that during emergency).

When my sister called me awhile ago, she sounded distressed.

She: Tonight ah, have to off handphone you know.

Me: Don’t tell me you believe that stupid b*tch lah. It’s over already lah.

She: No no.. not her! A supplier called up our colleague just now and inform her that, her friend’s friend’s friend died in Puchong yesterday. He answered the phone call at 11 pm and he died.

Me: How? Maybe he so ngam died of heart attack?

She: No no.. it says ah – if you get a phone call at 11 pm, if you see it’s a call from overseas and the numbers blink in red, please do not pick up! She said, the man died because his life got sucked out of him – by some bomoh from Indonesia. She said, even her maid’s mom called her all the way from Indonesia to inform her this. It’s true.

Me: *Thinking of Predator movie yesterday – sucking life out of the body* Err… okay…

Apparently, this news were published in the local newspapers – Harian Metro. If anyone has the clippings, please send it to me… I want to have a good laugh. Millions of handphone users’ lives will be at stake tonight.

Anyone harboring a death wish for a long time, well, this is probably a convenient way to go. Haha! Just kidding!

Have a good weekend, people! Remember ah! Don’t pick up call tonight at 11 pm if it’s from overseas and the numbers blink in red light! *Chuckle*

14 thoughts on “Truth or Hoax?

  1. Wahahaha !! The fella who initiate that SMS must be too free…

    By the way, do you think I should change my ringtone to : “The Phone” Or “One missed call” that u “bluetooth”ed to me ? Hmm, which one is better leh heh ?!!!

    SIAO ! #@U$ !#$*)#

  2. i got this sms too. 1st thought in my mind: bomoh has taken over telco & beyond technology??? whose imagination is so creative? ahahaha😀

  3. Andrea, coincidentally, I am currently using ‘The Phone’ ringtone for my SMS alert. Too bad , no one messaged/called me. I wonder how the red color phone display looks like.

    Hmm… I wonder if it will still show color if the phone is the plain old green LED phone.

  4. Gawd! Dear Gawd! Such people still exist?! Where did they come out from? I thought most of our rubber estates have been decimated? Kim Ngit Mao Kot Su?!

  5. Monster: That is why I said… millions of people’s lives will be at stake!

    YY: Wah.. I never watch horror movies one.. make me scared for no reason. Haha! Maybe it is..

    Andrea: I think it’s funny too! I received your sms on it, and let my friends read it for me. Yeah.. it’s so damn hilarious. Telco provider must be very happy with all the nonsense sms exchanging. I believe they have made big bucks if they keep sending such sms-es!

    Mama BoK: Good thing you are no more in this country, the Bolehland.. apa pun boleh terjadi!

    Laymank: Not coincidentally lah. I gave Andrea the ringing tones Yuin gave us while we were in Chiang Mai. Haha!

    asme: What??? Kim Ngit Mao Kot Su? Lol!

    Vergil: Yeah.. but I was out last night with my friends and I leave the phone on as I wanted to contact other friends.. so… thank God.. I am here.. still alive. Haha!

  6. huhuhu……
    i don’t believe such damne.
    our life is control by our own god….
    whatever be gone,believe me….
    the bomoh will lose 4ever….
    that bomoh maybe playing with ‘satan’ or his geane….
    or maybe he use’ilmu hitam’…
    hi gina…

  7. huhuhu…
    what is liang po po…
    is that a chinese name?
    my sister got the call yesterday,but she ignore it..
    she said that the damne bomoh just want to porpose her..
    what a nonsense thing…

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