Eat, Drink, Be Merry

Deco at Dragon-I

The long weekend catered for only one thing: sheer gluttony. It was a good, long weekend to catch up with friends over food and drinks. After all in my world, this is life – eat, drink and be merry. So, this would be a photoblog of pure gluttony.

Siu Long Pao

Friday night out with the girls at Pavillion. Since we were at lost of what to eat, we just go for the safer choice; Dragon I.

Saturday night, to celebrate one of the friends in the famed post on the organic horror of the seven spinsters and we went to Queen’s Park, Cheras for pumpkin porridge steamboat and seafood. We ended the night at one of the girl’s house for kick-ass coffee and juicy gossips.

Sunday night, I was at another friend’s place and each of us cook some dishes. As usual, since I only know how to make two dishes, I made both.

Sweet sour chicken, from moi

Roasted chai ngor from moi

Cheese bake rice, courtesy from AH

Fried Wanton, courtesy from LL

Seafood tofu, courtesy from JK’s mom

Pasta Carbonara, courtesy from SG

*AJ brought drinks only. Yawn.. haha!:D

Today, I was at ONE U with Taufu Pok and had my late lunch at one of my favorite food haunt – Just Thai for phad kebao kedao.

This sums up my long and sinful weekend. Hope yours was just as eventful.

9 thoughts on “Eat, Drink, Be Merry

  1. HHmph… well, I fell sick after that.. terrible cough till today and another friend was down with fever with all those goodies.. Sigh!

  2. the phad khe xx khe xx looks yummy… is it as good as it looks? coz sometimes food presentation might deceives our taste buds…

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