The End of Days

Not too long ago, I think I read something about a cult emerging from the cave they were hiding due to stench from corpse rotting in the same cave they sought refuge from the predicted doom’s day on 27th April 2008. I rolled my eyes in disgust that there are actually some idiots believed in such thing and have simple minds that, they think by staying in the cave would keep them alive.

When I was little, imagine, a little girl at age 7, having insomnia because the Sunday School teachers planted a fear in us that, the end of the world is near. I cried myself to sleep every night thinking of my ah poh, ah mah, papa and mama rotting in hell because they are not believers of Christ.

I embarked on a fierce mission to convert my parents, relatives and siblings to believing in Christ because I want them to have eternal life. My burning passion was being jeered at as an unhealthy obsession. It took me years to realize that, probably I can never be good enough and probably, I was not even guaranteed a place in heaven.

I started to take matters more lightly and never have I ever felt so liberated in my life. I was practically living in fear and hopelessness during my adolescent years, no thanks to the bad approach from the church to instill such great fear in a child.

I know there is no explanation on how God works. With all due respect, I would not question the work of God. I know He does exists, it’s just that I don’t think we all should be overly concern on what He does because we will NEVER understand. I have given up entirely the need to understand Him. And I believe all religions only teach their disciples to be good. Problems only arise when people misinterpreted the teachings in any religion in accordance to their greed and in order to benefit themselves.

The recent earthquake and catastrophes brought about many doomsday soothsayers on how the catastrophes happened. Some blamed it on karma, some blamed the Olympics mascots, some were harping on their mistakes for not taking the Lee Bai’s poem written 1,000 years ago predicting the earthquake seriously, some even came up with a list of coming disasters circulating over the internet.

In my layman’s understanding, I do feel the world is coming to an end. The abuse of mother nature’s resources should not be taken lightly. Wastage of water, soils, endless pollution, poaching of animals that otherwise would act as a balance in our world ecosystem, human evolution that caused even more problems to the world – sometimes, it does make one wonder whether evolution is a good thing or otherwise.

Ah.. these are things can cause severe cerebral damages if I keep on thinking about them. Meanwhile, I guess, as long as we play our parts right – minimize wastages whenever we can, use a fan instead of an air conditioner, donate money to victims (this is the best we can do), pray for those who are suffering and lend a hand to people who needs them; I think we are good enough.

If all these fail to make some merit points in order to get to heaven (if it does exists, that is), we could always join our other friends for BBQ in hell.

13 thoughts on “The End of Days

  1. GOD has His own timing and schedule for all beings… U need not to force or worry much… When it is time, thing will happen just like that…Let the mercy GOD takes charge of that… Keep faith…

    U are right… Lend a helping hand.. not to victims but in daily life also… Be hamper, less hao-lian and showing off.. No one can bring along anything when they depart from life, but merits they have accumulated…

    Treasure every moment in life. Appreciate all things we have…. before we lost it…

  2. strange… i just had a long discussion with a friend about end times a few days ago. a lot of things are happening around the world in terms of ppl coming out with a lot of prophecies and all. some can be really real and very scary.

    for us, we just have to hold on to our faith and the word of God.

    you’re right, the world aint gonna last for long by the look of things, we just need to be ready.

  3. i dont know, but to me, these ‘religions from the sky’ r the biggest marketing scheme in the world. there may be some good in it as in all other faiths, but it’s concept is not scientific and totally dongeng. God happens in our mind and should we find that it’s a god, so be it, but rest assured it’s the mind which controls us. the word God, sucks to me, because to me it is non existence. i hv numerorus frens who converted because they find that it gave them strenght and gave them hope, not realizing that all this while, all these strenght they had in them was when they were not with God, until they were so call…’failed’, they turn to God.

    I agree, God gave them positivity because it was formed to be There…so…there was hope, not realizing there was a void. It’s juz like a 100km road…a journey which needs to be undertaken with an apple at the end of the road in mind. there r 3 kinda travellers…1st being the one who thought there was an apple. 2nd, being one who thought there was no apple, but need to go there anyway. 3rd, who thought there was no apple and no willing to take the journey. the ‘religions from the sky’ advocates first.

  4. i do agree with you. that the world is coming to an end. perhaps not in this lifetime. but it is going towards that. our environment has suffered greatly. i have been told during my years in the temple sunday school, that as with all things (birth, getting old, suffering and death), the Earth will also die or destruct one day. and then a new world/earth will be born.

    evolution may be a good thing, and it also may be bad. i read an interesting article in the Times that bio fuels may actually be causing more harm than good.

    all this can be overwhelming. so…like you i think we should just play our parts right. respect each other and respect nature. our collective efforts will then give an impact.

  5. Andrea: Yes.. God has his own timing.. that is why I am leaving him alone to do his job lah. Haha!

    zewt: Not strange.. everyone would talk about end of the world when a catastrophe struck. Just that, recently, it almost happened every other month and year.. and the end is indeed imminent.

    takeshi: Science is a way of man to understand the things in this life. There are something Science could not explain. Heck.. till today, they could not even figure out how a pyramid was built. I guess instead of being overzealous asking people to convert into a religion they champion, everyone ought to soul search within themselves, believe in what they do and act accordingly, rather than taking everything being fed to them.

    lingzie: Yes… I agree with you. Hopefully, our collective efforts would make an impact. Nicely worded, Gurl! Look at what evolution has done to mankind… some people are getting more and more beastly. Sigh.

  6. how can?! It wont be the end of the world until i say it is!
    on a more serious note, it probably isnt our job to worry about the end of the world. let God deal with that and we should just deal with the more trivial stuff like the rising price of rice

  7. Thats early, losing your innocence at the tender age of 7. Now ironic it’s the church that caused your fall from eden. Bunch of dangerous morons.

  8. i hate the diversion of christianity faith, why would one God been worshipped in so many ‘denominations’? why would people care if you are protestant or catholic? what’s with the differences within a single believe? it’s all man’s work! when the Word of God is being interpreted by men, that’s when the different faiths given to birth.

    so are the christians, if everyone is truly living by the Word, there won’t be any distinctions between Chriitianity! Even sadder is when christians started to go out there and doing things that ‘they’ think is right, when in actual fact, putting God’s name to shame. Instill the fear of God is one thing, putting fear in people’s mind is another, in fact, the devil himself is very good at that.

  9. It’s hard to understand God’s work sometimes but I’d like to share something I read which I feel gives us a little understanding of why there’s so much suffering in the world. When life is fine and dandy we tend to not think so much of spirituality and therefore devote less time to God. However, in times of suffering, most uf us will have a closer relationship with God as we pray and seek help to lift us. I know this runs the risk of making God look masochistic but how true it is that we turn to God in times of need more than when life’s running smooth and trouble free…… food for thought.

  10. Well, I was feel it’s easier to spend less time on discussion and more on action. The Tsunami that hit South Asia the last round, we held a charity mixer/auction to raise funds. I’m hoping to round enough pals to do something similar this time round, but don’t you find folks are more blase toward the whole thing these days? I read something about how the Americans are donating substantially less cos they have “disaster fatigue”, i.e. it’s easier to donate to one disaster than to a series of disasters.

  11. Yuin: Since when you are God ah? Hahahah! Yeah.. with all the hikes in prices… I think one day, we would all resort to eating grass.. wait a minute.. we already started.. alfafa anyone? Haha!

    abbot: In fact, most churches tend to preach way out from the Bible. I never see anything about sending rain on “Ghost festivals” to wash away their joss sticks in the Bible. In the old testament, there are lotsa stories on how God punished those who are deviant. So, let God do his job – we don’t have to remind or dictate Him.

    Christian: I agree with you. There shouldn’t be a segregation among people who have the same faith. In fact, I feel each religion teaches good things. There shouldn’t be a bad mouthing of whose “god” is greater. Damn fed up at times. I refuse to think about it.. so it’s better to be an atheist.

    : I guess so… we human always need a slight motivation or a tragedy to wake up and prioritize things.. I guess what you said aptly describe the book of Job, where he was tested and tried by God and the Devil. One thing about being human… everyone needs a reminder to be humble.

    Kenny Mah
    : Yeah.. some Mat Sallehs don’t even know what’s happening in Sichuan.. tragic! Our office is running a donation campaign. Hope it went on to the right hands.. and may God have mercy on their souls.

  12. The world will end, it is only a matter of time. Mostly likely it will not be during our time.

    Having said that, we should not worry whether the world is going to end tomorrow or not. We should just live our life fully and make the most of it.

  13. Most likely not in our lifetime huh? I sure do hope so. Haha!

    Yeah… it would come like a thief in the night.. so we would not know when.. so might as well just carry on living as usual.. and make the most of it.😀

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