Not So Friendly Reminder

From: Chu Mak
To: All

Dear All Staff,

We write express our appreciation to all shareholders (staff) who attended the AGM of XYZ today (too hungry is it? Till omitted the word “to”). It was successfully chaired by our Chairman, Mr ABC and attended by members of Board of Directors. (kiss ass sucker!!!)

As you are aware, the numbers of our External Shareholders who attended the meeting today has increased. (How we know? We do not control the attendance list)

It was a surprised for us to observe that some of our staff (non-shareholders) enjoying the lunch, while the external shareholders are still around. Making the situation worst, while some of our guests and external shareholders intend to re-fill, the food had reduced with minimal choices for them. (Good what! Nobody should eat too much! Have to practise moderation)

We do understand during previous years; if there was an extra food, we will invite the staff to eat. However, this afternoon, with No invitation, staff joined the lunch with No Priority extended to the guests and external shareholders. (Eh! You think we all self invite meh? Got people ask us lah! Please get your facts right before pointing accusing finger!)

Please be reminded that AGM was held for the shareholders. (NO… you are wrong.. it’s also for guests, the press, directors and proxies). In the future, we seek your cooperation to observe manners (I wonder who is the one with bad manners here) and giving priorities (bad English grammar, consider revision) to them to enjoy their meals.

Please do understand our intention and in the future, we will not tolerate to bare (bare? Buka kain? Semi value meh?) the embarrassment on the above issue anymore.

Hence, we seek you full co-operations and understanding. (Me no understand coz me no speak bad England)


*** anyway, our “makan’ were served for every assembly.


First of all, I would like to apologize to traumatize you people with such bad English. My bad!

This is an e-mail from the group corporate communication and PR department. Can you beat it? It’s written by someone who has been working here for so many donkey years and has yet to improve her diplomatic skill. Wait a minute.. how to improve if she doesn’t even have the skill at the first place, huh?

The mail was sent after the fateful company’s AGM and sent everyone into fitful fury frenzy. In fact, everyone questioned the need to include the last sentence (highlighted in red) into the e-mail. Is it entirely necessary?

As retaliation, many decided to boycott the buffet breakfast this morning. I bet I could hear “V for Vendetta” screaming in my head. It was rewarding to see further strain in her perpetual scowling face when there was no usual beeline at the buffet table.

On a serious note, as someone who represents the company in major events, she could have been more tactful in addressing the issue. I mean, okay… we admitted, out of confusion, we had gone to help ourselves earlier than planned and we were in the wrong, and we apologized. But.. is it necessary to use such nasty manner to tell us off?

Instead of using demeaning and degrading words, not to mention childish and unprofessional – as if we were all so hard up for the food; she could have written a truly friendly reminder, advising the staff to wait for instruction from top management and seek our cooperation.

It was an unfortunate incident that, things went out of control when some staff who were also shareholders invited other staff who are not; to join in their makan session as friendly gesture. Heck. We even saw external shareholders bringing their own Tupperware to pile up the food! I have been to numerous AGM and food is NEVER ENOUGH because shareholders and proxies would bring their own utensils to pack to feed the entire family. A friend shared with me that, when she was in the hotel line, one company even ordered food for 600 people when the hall could only fit 300.

I hope this would teach the moron that, basic etiquettes and modesty are required to draft even the simplest letters and the importance of treating work colleagues with respect; even if she does not have self respect; hitting below the belt with her “well-meaning” “friendly” reminder.

P/S And.. she doesn’t have to bloody bold and highlight some of the “important” points. We know what to read.

6 thoughts on “Not So Friendly Reminder

  1. Good gosh… sounds like a complete nightmare… And this in the corporate jungle… Can you imagine if these jokers ended up in the real jungle??? Die lar… (Though there’s a chance it’d be the wild animals who will end up die lar…😛 )

  2. hey, she sounded so much like the admin manageress at my place here, with nasty attitude and revengeful… how I wish someone starts raising fund and send her off for english and counselling classes… ok, at least get her a gigolo…

  3. Tell her, to solve the problem, give food vouchers to shareholders lor, like my ex-company. Damn cacat also!!

  4. Kenny Mah: I think better to put these jokers in the zoo lah.. at least can entertain us!

    YY: Ah? So, all boyfriend-less women at work need a gigolo? Haha!

    Monster: Food voucher or not.. those people are piranhas okay! Haha!

  5. It is not her fault. If the Company had been generous enough to ensure that there is enough food for eveyone including staff, then there wasn’t a need for such a memo.

    As for her poor command of English, either you train the staff until they become qualified or get staff who are. So it is all your Chairman’s fault.

  6. asme: The latest news is.. it’s not the food that is not enough.. she is merely trying to show her bossiness by telling us – without HER instruction, we cannot come down to eat. What to do when the boss likes people who suck up to their asses eventhough they have very bad English. Haha!

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