20 Thoughts

As I was lying on the bed for almost 2.5 hours yesterday having facial, some random thoughts rushed through my mind.

1. Oh please, I hope there is not much extraction today. I have very bad case of black heads and haven’t been to facial for two whole months! I hope the blackheads had been reduced with regular use of Ginvera Marvel Gel.
2. Is the bed getting smaller or am I getting larger?
3. I have to do something with my hair.
4. People consuming monkey brains (when the new trainee is massaging my head, I was hoping she didn’t puncture a hole on my head top with her thumb).
5. Turning blind. What if one day, we just turn blind due to accidents? Reminds me of a blind girl my friend read to as part of our charity work during college days. (This time, the new trainee was massaging the eyes zone).
6. Would my life be any different if I were half of what I weigh now? It would be awesome.
7. It would be nice to have a visible collar bone. I can’t see mine. Sigh.
8. Jogging around the housing area is so dangerous now. Some couple got mugged along the road near their home during the fuel crisis day. I have a bad knee.
9. I think I should blog this.
10. The grilled chicken wing I had last night was superb! But the price per piece had increased to RM2 from RM1.70!
11. Did I day dream when I was driving here just now? The oncoming cars from the opposite lanes were fast and furious. Sometimes I wonder why they were in such a hurry all the time.
12. How on earth a friend spent RM10k, only having ONE vacation in Tasmania for two weeks??
13. I cringed at the thought of possibility of me snoring out loud while on long haul flight sor long journeys of buses. Must get those breathing aid.
14. Have to copy IC for dad.
15. QQ trying to help changing gears when I was driving him just now. What a naughty kid!
16. Please don’t come in the room now, I am going to fart big time. (while the mask is already on my face for more than 20 minutes)
17. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson… he’s part Canadian, Samoan.. and… what ah? I don’t remember. He’s so sexy.
18. Should I go window shopping this weekend?
19. Those Kardashians sisters are so damn gorgeous – Kourtney, Kimberly and Khloe. Kendall and Kylie would also be bombshells when they grow up.
20. Should I eat dinner after this session?

Now I know why I have so many dreams at night.

A Bizarre Funeral

I was at a funeral of someone I didn’t know. But somehow, deep down in my heart, I felt I had known this person for years. It was the passing of a great old lady. She was laid in the coffin with such serenity on her face. It looked as if she were merely sleeping peacefully and not dead.

There was a grand carnival at the beautiful garden funeral. Yes, even funerals have themes now. There was a nice, cool fountain in the middle of the garden. There were children and parents chatting and helping themselves with food. If not for the funeral, it would be like a normal weekend of friends gathering for a summer afternoon fiesta, with endless champagne and wine.

When we were about to bid farewell to the old lady by closing of the coffin, I swore to God, I saw her face twitched. I was alarmed but I kept my cool. It must had been my imagination, I thought to myself.

As they were about to close the casket, the old lady suddenly opened her eyes. Everyone gasped. Thinking it would be some sort of reflex from whatever chemicals left in her body, we remained cool.

But we were no longer cool when she began to pick herself up and sat up in her casket. She started to come down from the coffin and everyone ran for their lives.

I kept my cool and told everyone to remain calm. After all, this great old lady could be their own great grandmother, grandmother, great grand aunt, great aunt, mother, god mother, etc. I was frustrated by the people’s reaction.

As I was standing there, pacifying people, the dead-then-alive elderly lady walked towards me with her smiling face. I trembled as she looked at me with her piercing gray eyes.

Then she held my hand. I froze for a moment and she started talking to me.

“Do not be afraid,” she said.

In my subconscious mind, the greedy Chinese in me started to pester me to ask the elderly lady for 4 digits. I wrestled with the idea toying in my mind and struggled to refrain from asking that question for the fear of stirring her wrath.

Seeing me struggling; she was able to read my mind and asked me if I wanted numbers. I didn’t react as I was dumb founded.

She suddenly started to decompose rapidly; turned grayish and strewn into ashes.

I woke up, wiping tears from my eyes, unsure whether they were tears of regret for not asking for the numbers or I was merely traumatized.

30 seconds

I was driving to a friend’s house today. Nearing the traffic light, I cursed at the sight of the road with pot holes. I tried to avoid the uneven road and as I was slowing down, I saw a grayish white figure in one of the small holes.

To my horror, it was a small kitten lying there, barely able to move. To make things worse, the kitten stared aimlessly into my eyes as if he had resigned to the fate of death awaiting him.

I was contemplating whether should I get out from my car, grab the kitten and put it by the pavement. But I stopped in the middle of the 3-lane road. It would be dangerous if a motorbike suddenly came from behind; didn’t see me and knocked me down. Or what if some bastards deliberately planted the kitten there and might car jack or take away my belongings if I were to get down from my car with its engine running.

Time was ticking. It was merely a 30 seconds pause; yet I felt the fleeting moment passed by deliberately slow.

The traffic finally turned green and with a heavy heart, I went on with my journey. I checked my rear mirror and said a silent prayer that no car would run over the kitten.

I could not concentrate on what I was doing after that. Till now, my mind was haunted by the soulless gaze of the kitten. What our life has turned into? We always worry and tend to think too much when it comes to extending a helping hand. In our barbaric society now, our prudence would always supersede our compassion.

What would you do if you were in my situation?

Happy 5th Anniversary, PPS!

I was hurled into the world of blogging by James from Loopymeals. He started a blog for me on my birthday in 2004 in blogspot. That was when I started blogging consistently. At that time, I was a bit discouraged about my job and the situation back at home. Blogging has been therapeutic. I get to lash it out in my own cyberspace as an anonymous person.

Not everything is bad, though. I tend to see my glass as half full than half empty. I decided to write about other stuffs that generate my interests; be it everyday stuffs; the places I have been and share my sheer joy being a glutton, etc.

I need a platform to share my joy, especially the humorous side of me (it can be quite sickening!). Instead of threatening my friends at gun point to read my blog and forcing them to comment; which can be utterly exhausting, James suggested a better and non violent alternative. He told me to register at Project Petaling Street (PPS).

The rest is history.

I was feeling deliriously happy when Aizuddin Danian ping me on my write-up on my trip to Perhentian Islands with the Monk and the demented duo in 2004 (but I only found out some YEARS later – I am such a no0b). I was rewarded by readers with their invaluable comments as well as friendship and enriched by stories shared by friends in my blog. I am glad that I could record this life journey here and share it with the world at large.

I have since change my blog address from blogspot to wordpress to hide myself from the glaring fame that PPS bestowed upon me. (I wish!) Lol!!

Four years had gone since and through PPS, I have met some good friends for keep. Some of whom, I have spoken to for years but yet to meet. (I am supposed to remain anonymous and mysterious, you see!)

It has been a good four years of blogging and thanks to PPS for bringing all of us together – bloggers and non-bloggers alike; to share something invaluable called life.

Happy 5th Anniversary, PPS!

Rotting Alone

As I was eating lunch today, sis mentioned about our colleague, age 37 is getting married this weekend. This 37 year old colleague funnily described herself as an artifact in the museum. Just when she was about to give up hope to get married, she found her boyfriend. She likened herself as being resurrected from the museum and brought back to life.

Our conversation inadvertently redirected to mother in laws, daughter in laws, marrying into other people’s families.

We spoke of my mom’s best friend’s mother in law who insisted that all her daughter-in-laws must cry or preferably wail upon her death in order to show people that, she was well loved when she was alive.

Hearing this, my mom, being her sarcastic self retorted – “She’s dead. Do you think she will know if you don’t cry?”


The conversation was then, redirected to me. The phrase “the one that missed the boat” written all over their faces as they looked at me.

Me: Well, since I am not getting married and going to die alone, please remember ah.. as long as you don’t leave my dead body rotting at home, I would be happy enough.

Mom: Even if you die alone – the police will help you. They will act when your neighbours complain about foul smell emitting from your house. So, you have nothing to worry about.


I never felt so loved in my entire life. *Sigh*