Rotting Alone

As I was eating lunch today, sis mentioned about our colleague, age 37 is getting married this weekend. This 37 year old colleague funnily described herself as an artifact in the museum. Just when she was about to give up hope to get married, she found her boyfriend. She likened herself as being resurrected from the museum and brought back to life.

Our conversation inadvertently redirected to mother in laws, daughter in laws, marrying into other people’s families.

We spoke of my mom’s best friend’s mother in law who insisted that all her daughter-in-laws must cry or preferably wail upon her death in order to show people that, she was well loved when she was alive.

Hearing this, my mom, being her sarcastic self retorted – “She’s dead. Do you think she will know if you don’t cry?”


The conversation was then, redirected to me. The phrase “the one that missed the boat” written all over their faces as they looked at me.

Me: Well, since I am not getting married and going to die alone, please remember ah.. as long as you don’t leave my dead body rotting at home, I would be happy enough.

Mom: Even if you die alone – the police will help you. They will act when your neighbours complain about foul smell emitting from your house. So, you have nothing to worry about.


I never felt so loved in my entire life. *Sigh*

11 thoughts on “Rotting Alone

  1. My mom would probably say the same thing as well😛

    She used to tell me that she found me in the rubbish dump, unwanted and she took me home…hahaha!!

  2. Ponytail,

    My mum also said the same thing about me being picked up from rubbish piles.
    You don’t reckon we could be from the dump? hahahaha! Or maybe that’s a baby dump, that’s why so many mother went to pick up one whenever they like. Muahahaha!

  3. Dear all, Yeah.. my mom is quite a hilarious person.. I am glad I get a little of her..and yes.. Lil Ms Pinky! I am a happy artifact!😀

    We always bully our sister – being the youngest and said that she got picked up from the dumpster too! Haha!

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