Happy 5th Anniversary, PPS!

I was hurled into the world of blogging by James from Loopymeals. He started a blog for me on my birthday in 2004 in blogspot. That was when I started blogging consistently. At that time, I was a bit discouraged about my job and the situation back at home. Blogging has been therapeutic. I get to lash it out in my own cyberspace as an anonymous person.

Not everything is bad, though. I tend to see my glass as half full than half empty. I decided to write about other stuffs that generate my interests; be it everyday stuffs; the places I have been and share my sheer joy being a glutton, etc.

I need a platform to share my joy, especially the humorous side of me (it can be quite sickening!). Instead of threatening my friends at gun point to read my blog and forcing them to comment; which can be utterly exhausting, James suggested a better and non violent alternative. He told me to register at Project Petaling Street (PPS).

The rest is history.

I was feeling deliriously happy when Aizuddin Danian ping me on my write-up on my trip to Perhentian Islands with the Monk and the demented duo in 2004 (but I only found out some YEARS later – I am such a no0b). I was rewarded by readers with their invaluable comments as well as friendship and enriched by stories shared by friends in my blog. I am glad that I could record this life journey here and share it with the world at large.

I have since change my blog address from blogspot to wordpress to hide myself from the glaring fame that PPS bestowed upon me. (I wish!) Lol!!

Four years had gone since and through PPS, I have met some good friends for keep. Some of whom, I have spoken to for years but yet to meet. (I am supposed to remain anonymous and mysterious, you see!)

It has been a good four years of blogging and thanks to PPS for bringing all of us together – bloggers and non-bloggers alike; to share something invaluable called life.

Happy 5th Anniversary, PPS!

9 thoughts on “Happy 5th Anniversary, PPS!

  1. Kenny Mah: Thank you for sharing yours.😀

    Datin: I thank you for writing to me and I thank God to have known a kindred spirit in you.

  2. i think it’s through your blog too that i got to know you better and we started to click. keep blogging and happy blogging!🙂

  3. ml: Nice to have known you through your blog too. But this blog is merely scratching the surface.🙂 Have too much to say, so I guess this is a good way of pouring out without annoying people!

  4. Congratulations! Viva la Absolut Ginger. May you continue sharing your life with us for as long as you feel like it ….. !!!!! Thanks dearie for inspiring the rest of us to share!

  5. shorthorse: I am just a lazy person to repeat my stories all over again! So, to my friends now if they want to catch up – this is probably it – read my blog!Save a great deal than going out to catch up and also save time! Money for designer coffee! And meals! And we don’t have to drive! Cut cost! Haha!

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