30 seconds

I was driving to a friend’s house today. Nearing the traffic light, I cursed at the sight of the road with pot holes. I tried to avoid the uneven road and as I was slowing down, I saw a grayish white figure in one of the small holes.

To my horror, it was a small kitten lying there, barely able to move. To make things worse, the kitten stared aimlessly into my eyes as if he had resigned to the fate of death awaiting him.

I was contemplating whether should I get out from my car, grab the kitten and put it by the pavement. But I stopped in the middle of the 3-lane road. It would be dangerous if a motorbike suddenly came from behind; didn’t see me and knocked me down. Or what if some bastards deliberately planted the kitten there and might car jack or take away my belongings if I were to get down from my car with its engine running.

Time was ticking. It was merely a 30 seconds pause; yet I felt the fleeting moment passed by deliberately slow.

The traffic finally turned green and with a heavy heart, I went on with my journey. I checked my rear mirror and said a silent prayer that no car would run over the kitten.

I could not concentrate on what I was doing after that. Till now, my mind was haunted by the soulless gaze of the kitten. What our life has turned into? We always worry and tend to think too much when it comes to extending a helping hand. In our barbaric society now, our prudence would always supersede our compassion.

What would you do if you were in my situation?

10 thoughts on “30 seconds

  1. …hey I know how those staring eyes can absolutely pierce deep into your conscience… Remember how the mousey’s life was spared even tho he gave me the scare of my life when he hid under my stove just by staring at me with his pitiful eyes….?

  2. shorthorse: Haha! But you are generally afraid of mouse so any stares from the rodent would pierce your eyes. Haha! I think you should watch the rat cartoon – Ratatouille?

  3. Well it is the Law of the Jungle (oops City) out there. It is the survival of the fittest.

    I had an even worse experience where I saw a tortoise getting stuck in the middle of the Karak highway which it had some miraculously crossed only to find a concrete barrier in the middle. I could not stop my car as there was no safe zone at side to stop the car. Even if I did, I would have posed a danger to the speeding vehicles if I tried to rescue it as that strecth of highway was the narrowest part near the Lentang Forest Reserve. It is sad just thinking about it.

  4. kf tung: Yes.. and the guilty feeling just subsided after a few days.. sigh. Sad.

    asme: Yeah.. it’s quite sad really. Actually, so many animals died because of men made structures. Heck.. earthquakes don’t kill people – collapse buildings do.

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