20 Thoughts

As I was lying on the bed for almost 2.5 hours yesterday having facial, some random thoughts rushed through my mind.

1. Oh please, I hope there is not much extraction today. I have very bad case of black heads and haven’t been to facial for two whole months! I hope the blackheads had been reduced with regular use of Ginvera Marvel Gel.
2. Is the bed getting smaller or am I getting larger?
3. I have to do something with my hair.
4. People consuming monkey brains (when the new trainee is massaging my head, I was hoping she didn’t puncture a hole on my head top with her thumb).
5. Turning blind. What if one day, we just turn blind due to accidents? Reminds me of a blind girl my friend read to as part of our charity work during college days. (This time, the new trainee was massaging the eyes zone).
6. Would my life be any different if I were half of what I weigh now? It would be awesome.
7. It would be nice to have a visible collar bone. I can’t see mine. Sigh.
8. Jogging around the housing area is so dangerous now. Some couple got mugged along the road near their home during the fuel crisis day. I have a bad knee.
9. I think I should blog this.
10. The grilled chicken wing I had last night was superb! But the price per piece had increased to RM2 from RM1.70!
11. Did I day dream when I was driving here just now? The oncoming cars from the opposite lanes were fast and furious. Sometimes I wonder why they were in such a hurry all the time.
12. How on earth a friend spent RM10k, only having ONE vacation in Tasmania for two weeks??
13. I cringed at the thought of possibility of me snoring out loud while on long haul flight sor long journeys of buses. Must get those breathing aid.
14. Have to copy IC for dad.
15. QQ trying to help changing gears when I was driving him just now. What a naughty kid!
16. Please don’t come in the room now, I am going to fart big time. (while the mask is already on my face for more than 20 minutes)
17. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson… he’s part Canadian, Samoan.. and… what ah? I don’t remember. He’s so sexy.
18. Should I go window shopping this weekend?
19. Those Kardashians sisters are so damn gorgeous – Kourtney, Kimberly and Khloe. Kendall and Kylie would also be bombshells when they grow up.
20. Should I eat dinner after this session?

Now I know why I have so many dreams at night.

14 thoughts on “20 Thoughts

  1. to the contrary, the concave area (if i make it visible) formed by my collar bone can actually retain water if u pour some into it. it makes me look like a skeleton suffering from anorexia nervosa, while i am not…

  2. 16. Please don’t come in the room now, I am going to fart big time. (while the mask is already on my face for more than 20 minutes)

    OMG I think of that all the time too! Each time the beautician extract stuff from my forehead, I have the urge to sneeze. And when it is about time for my mask to be removed, I ALWAYS have this urge to fart…and like you…I’ll be praying, “Oh please don’t come in now, please don’t come in now…”


  3. zewt: I think I would most likely float to dream land already.

    ml: Hahaha! Wah.. can retain water some more.. like camel. Hahaha!

    Lil’ Ms Pinky: Hahahha!!! I think with all the body massages and face massages, they sort of cause you to fart? I think so lah. Hahahahah!

  4. That’s a long facial you had there!
    I also have very random thoughts during facial, shower, while waiting for someone etc. But my brain usually promptly purge them before I could write them down. Bummer.

  5. Zing: I did try to meditate but was never successful. I think the brain synapses are too active to be stopped.

    takeshi: No ah.. I use a more canggih notepad – my super giga RAM in my brain. Haha!

    cc: Yeah.. very long facials. Well, usually if I make a mental note.. I remember them.. and sadly, I usually remember useless things. Haha!

  6. It is amazing that you remember all those things you think about or dream about.

    I can’t remember what I wrote three minutes ago.

  7. JK: In fact, I did. I always have words and sentences forming in my brain every time I do something. Haha! I ended up writing blogs, usually more or less taking the “notes” made mentally when I get my hands on a computer. I think that is why I could write so fast.

    : Still young mah.. wait another 10 years lah.. hahahah!😀

  8. Kenny Mah: Hahaha!!! Yeah.. I think we are all super addicted to blogging! Haha!!

    colourmecrazy: Hey!!! Got new blog also never tell me! Haha! I think I had instant noodles. Haha!😀

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