Sex, Lies and Chicken Rice

The story started with a man being swallowed alive into the center of the earth. There were angry infernos everywhere. There were also holes surrounding the core of the earth, which looked somewhat like a worm hole.

Giant worms with sharp teeth and tentacles emerged from the holes. They went after him and looked as if they were going to eat him alive. Slimes were dripping everywhere.

The man suddenly vomited and the moment his bile waste fell onto the earth; bright lights and rays of fire expelled violently from the earth core. The fiery rays of light and fire fried the giant worms alive but left the man unscathed.

Out of a sudden, the man emerged from the fiery blaze wearing a leather suit akin to batman. The fire then sizzled and retreated the same way as it came; fast and furious.

Then there appeared a naked woman out of nowhere with the beauty of Eve. They were set to conquer the world together.

The police somehow got to know of this and decided not to let this hell breaks loose. We hurriedly went to the hole where the man in bat suit was being swallowed alive. We saw this man and the woman was about to claw their way out from the hell hole. I was one of the policewomen.

A colleague with extraordinary strength, took a huge rock and threw down at the man and the stone went down with a loud thud. The stone hit the man on the spot and killed him instantly. His head was flatten like a roti canai.

The naked woman next to him shrieked like a banshee and vowed to avenge her partner’s life. Having super powers, she flew away.

We were then transported into a building where she was believed to be hiding. All police personnel were equipped with bullet proof vest; helmets and more powerful guns and were put on high alert. We combed every floor looking for this woman. We were given instructions to shoot at sight.

This woman cleverly disguised as normal human being. She could get away with changing her faces until she decided to turn into a person who resembled a friend of mine. I could smell that in her skin as she approached from the elevator.

The moment our eyes met, I already knew it was her in my friend’s disguise. I shouted at my other colleagues to go after that woman in disguise.

She tried to escape back into the elevator and was shielded by a Caucasian woman. I frantically shouted orders at the Caucasian woman to be on the knees so I could shoot her – “Get down! Get down!” The Caucasian woman sprawled onto the elevator floor and I took an aim at the woman and shot her accurately on her neck.

Being an alien, she didn’t bleed but the shot somewhat paralyzed her. I quickly took the opportunity to jump on her and handcuffed her. Since I worried that she might recovered from the shot, we used handcuffs which could paralyze super powers and handcuffed her on a railing on a busy street while waiting for backup.

Come to think about it…. The railing on the street looked like the one in Argyle Street in Hong Kong in Mongkok district, where we had our chow tofu when we visited Hong Kong last year. Hehe!

While waiting for backup, I was resting in a house. Somehow, the atmosphere was somewhat relaxing and calm. I was sitting on a comfortable velvety brown couch and watching HBO.

There was a guy sitting far left from me. He looked like my classmate from secondary school. Daniel^ was a guy with medium built, strong hands, army short hair style, smooth fair skin and small slanting eyes. I could feel he was looking at me. I stared back at him and he was all in flirty mode.

^Name changed to protect the innocent

I was telling myself, if he’s in a flirty mode, why was he sitting so far away from me?

“Come nearer!” my head literally screamed.

As if he could read my thoughts, he suggested “Let’s make out when there’s commercials.”

I couldn’t stifle my laughter and let out a hearty laugh at his attempt to make funny remarks.

I switched off the tv and looked at him.

Barely able to contain my lust, I pounced on him on the couch and we made out vigorously. *

*Note: In this dream, I was this slim and slender woman and the total opposite of what I am in real life. Sigh.

I was then walking along a street. It looked like a street where I used to stroll down when I was in TAR College. Walking next to me was an old flame.

Old Flame asked me to put my arms around his waist. I did and chuckled that it was getting wider. I asked if he had put on some weight. He just smiled at me and hugged me as we walked down the street and we chatted about the good old times.

Daniel was seething with jealousy and anger when he saw me walking and hugging this guy in public.

He met up with Old Flame face to face and demanded him to stay away from me. Daniel said, we have been going steady for about a year now and asked Old Flame not to disturb our relationship.

I was somewhat saddened by the misunderstanding (I think if this were to happen in real life, I would probably be jumping with joy for the amount of attention given – hahah!) and decided to take a break.

The story ended with me becoming a chicken rice seller and packing a few packets to be distributed to poor children.

I woke up in a totally confused state. So confused that I don’t know how on earth I came up with this “a little off” title.

16 thoughts on “Sex, Lies and Chicken Rice

  1. LOL.. Very the Ying!!

    Like “6 gok dai fung seong” kind of drama.. (in fact, i’m bit lost there at the hell hole just now).. Hey pal, after tonight diner (perhaps chicken rice), it’s time to use the wooden cxck.. Kekekeke

  2. Andrea: LOL!!!! It’s not wooden ok.. it’s made of plastic and it’s battery operated. Eh.. you were talking about the other wooden c*ck. hahahah!

  3. asme: Lol!! I wish I would have more erotic dreams.. I will try to dream of one tonight!

    shorthorse: Hahahahah!!! Yeah. I think Hollywood overdose of super heroes movie this month had sipped into my unconscious mind! Anytime, babe! Anytime!

    PS. Do you know who the woman disguise as that I could smell she’s a fake??? It’s our friend in New York, then now in London! Haha!

  4. sex and lies always good friend…go everywhere almost together😉
    a plate chicken rice after good sex….heavenly!!…vegetarian chicken rice please!!!!


  5. Datin: Lol! I somehow could find ways how sex, likes and chicken rice link.. there is this man in Selayang selling damn good chicken rice.. and he married both sisters. Lol! He bonked the younger sister when the elder one was in labor.. and finally married both of them. Man.. I have this dirty picture of threesome in my mind now.. yucks!

  6. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  7. …don’t smoke pot before you go to sleep…and try not to make your readers turn their pc’s nwod edispu, to avoid such dreams..

  8. Lemond Aniel: I don’t smoke pot (except when I was in Cambodia) and… I didn’t make my readers to read my blog nwod edispu. It’s up to them. Haha!

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