Truth & Justice

I was randomly switching channels, trying to avoid watching the news as they were very devastating. I feel the state of this country is even more depressing than my love life. As I was bouncing in and out between HBO, Cinemax and Star Movies, I ended watching the final part of Gladiator.

It was a scene where Maximus pierced Commodus, the Emperor in his throat with a small, nevertheless deadly knife.

I enjoy this movie very much. I think I watched it a few times till I could recall some scenes vividly.

Maximus was the most renowned General in the Roman army. He had never lost any wars and the late Emperor trusted him with all his heart. However, upon the emperor’s untimely death caused by his jealous and envious son, Commodus was too worried about the popularity of Maximus that he had to find a way to kill him at all costs.

After he escaped a death order on him, fate brought Maximus back to life as a gladiator. He mourned the cruel death of his wife and son. He was a man with vengeance. They were human despicable feelings of jealousy, hatred and hunger for power that caused Maximus so much pain. He was hoping that one day, justice would prevail and he would get his chance of fulfilling Marcus Aurelius’ last wishes and pay revenge for his family. His golden opportunity finally arrived when the new Emperor, Commodus legalized gladiator games again.

To cut the long story short, due to pressure from the public (or the mob) and the rising popularity of Maximus much to Commodus’ chagrin; Commodus decided to have a duel with Maximus. Man to man. However, being a coward son of a bitch, he unlawfully detained Maximus and inflicted some injuries on Maximus before the show down. 

It was a great ending when the seriously injured Maximus pierced Commodus to death in the throat. Maximus gave his final orders from the late emperor, Marcus Aurelius before his last breath and went “home” to his dead wife and son.

This movie somehow uncannily reflects what is happening in our country at this moment. Wishes of the late Emperor (the people) were not fulfilled and the reigning power, Commodus (the government) is a despicable character –incest, hunger for power, spending excessively and insecure. Worry that the popularity of Maximus (DSAI) who was loved and adored by the Emperor and people; Commodus decided to kill him.

In between, there were hurdles – lions (FRU) and chariots with blades on their wheels (road blocks) were sent to vanquish Maximus but to no avail. The duel? Remember the recent debate – by hitting below the belt on irrelevant matters!

Surely and almost with certainty, truth and justice will prevail in the end.

Before I go to bed after the movie, I mumbled a prayer to God of the Universe. I didn’t really  bother which God I was praying to; but as long as this God could get Anwar Ibrahim and the people out of injustice, all glory and praises be to this God. In critical times like these, even a cynic like me believes in miracles.

5 thoughts on “Truth & Justice

  1. Men eat men! (Kuai dai Kuai) All for own benefits
    Shame of some of “them” who are behaved like an irresponsible idiot; simply open their mouths and puke shits.

    GOD BLESS MALAYSIA..(or shd I say, GOD Bless the malaysian?)

  2. Kenny Mah: Let’s pray together, to the God of the universe.

    zewt: Exciting is probably not the correct word.. it’s full of intolerable anxiety.

    Andrea: Just bcoz of some idiots, we all have to suffer. Sigh. Let’s pray for better days ahead.

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