My Favorite Restaurant

This weekend, I went on a gluttony spree – to celebrate Datin’s birthday and Tao Pok visiting from Sepang. So, I would have two separate posts on food alone this week. So, people, be prepared to drool.

Lau Heong Restaurant in Sentul is no longer alien for those who have been following this blog from the old blog. Till today, Lau Heong Restaurant is still my top favorite restaurant due to the taste as well as the prices of the food.

I have been to this restaurant since I started my first job in Jalan Ipoh. I would say, 10 out of 10 of my friends would agree that the food in this restaurant is delicious and good value for money. Heck! Mr Particular also agreed that the food here is above average and I could see him munching away with a hearty appetite. So, it is this good that it deserved a second mention in this blog! And I actually have the contact number on my speed dial!

On Saturday, we decided to meet earlier to celebrate Datin’s birthday. Since Datin wanted to go to this much raved about place but somehow never gotten around going; we decided to bring him to try it this time.

Old train station
Kuala Lumpur Old Train Station

The traffic to Sentul on Saturday was slightly packed with cars but it was quite a smooth ride. I was glad that Datin took another route to Kuala Lumpur apart from the usual route I would take. I got the chance to take this really pretty picture of the old Kuala Lumpur train station. I guess there is some truth in the saying, “Taking the road less traveled” – you might discover some pleasant surprises along the way.

When we got there just 10 minutes before 7 pm, the place was almost packed. We took the final few al-fresco tables as the air conditioned room upstairs was packed and some tables were reserved. After I ordered the “usual”, dictating the list of dishes I wanted like a trained parrot; the food came in quite impressive speed and it started to drizzle. We quickly shifted our food into the restaurant at the very last table! Thank God, we were fast enough!

When I am taking about the “usual” here, these were the delicious recommended dishes of this restaurant that I guess brings them much business. There was once in a particular year, I was quite a regular, frequenting this place almost every other two weeks, I asked the restaurant owner’s son to recommend other dishes and he said to me, “Tou hai lei seng yatt kiu lei kiu hooi kor yeong!” (Cantonese: The good ones are those you have always ordered every time you come here!). Lol!

So people, here are the must-have dishes that you should train yourself to order whenever you frequent this restaurant:-

Seong Tong Lala (Lala in soup!)

Chiu Yip Sotong (Banana leaf buttered squid. You may add prawns also, but it would cost more)

Kari Pou Yue (Curry stingray)

Nam Yue Chao Kai Yek (Nam Yue Fried Chicken Wing)

Other recommended dishes that I have tried before were their signature tofu (fried and comes with thai sauce), fried chicken strips in thai sauce and mango, koo lou yok (sweet sour pork – up to Mr Particular’s standard) and fu yue yao mak (Yao mak vege in fermented bean curd).

So, what’s the damage for this meal? The five of us ordered 6 dishes (not in picture – fu yue yao mak and signature tofu) and 7 plates of rice, it costs us only RM80.40!

How to get there? You may check out my old blog here for directions.

Restoran Makanan Laut Lau Heong
43A-0-9, Jalan 3/48A, Sentul Perdana, Bandar Baru Sentul, 51000 KL.
Tel: 03-40427857

Bon Appétit!

P.S Happy be-early birthday, dear Datin!!😀

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Note: There is actually another Lau Heong in Bandar Baru Sentul which serves basically the same dishes, but I still prefer this place for its curry sting ray.

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Restaurant

  1. of all the dishes ordered, i like the seong tong lala the most, followed by the banana leaf sotong. the taste still lingers…in my mind.:)

  2. Zing: I still could taste the butter in my mouth now.

    Lil’ Ms Pinky: Yeah.. it has been my favorite restaurant for 8 years now.😀

    zewt: Sorry ya… but if possible, perhaps you can try a bit of everything when you get well.

    ml: I think my favorite is also the seong tong lala.

    Kenny Mah: No need to cook! Go there and eat!😀

  3. thank u very muchie for bring me to such a not so great place with excellent food. i cant wait to go again with u guys

    i think ah…lau heong will pay u some commission la. u try to type “lau heong sentul” in google… ur blog on 1st page leh. all these online word of mouth free ad should earn us a BIG PLATE of seong tong lala.


  4. Datin: We will go again lah soon! Haha!! Is it?? No. 1 some more? I think probably I am the first few who blog about Lau Heong. In fact, I blog about this 3 years ago in my old blog. I think we should print out this page and also the google page in our coming makan-makan at this restaurant.

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