Project: Watermelon

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Sailor Boy: Can you get me a present for Alex? I pay you when I get back.

Me: We are buying him an SD card liao. Never mind la. When you come back, buy him dinner.

Sailor Boy: Okay. I thought of getting him a watermelon.

Me: Oh!! Ha ha. I have boxes. Ha ha. Ok. I will buy and wrap up nicely. Lol!

Sailor Boy: Thanks a lot. I will pay you when I get back.

Me: Yellow or red?

Sailor Boy: Colors don’t matter. Bigger the better.

So, this morning, I went to shop for the biggest watermelon.

The chosen one
Final touches on the watermelon.

The present
Sis helped to wrap it up nicely.


Happy Birthday, Alex! May your years be filled with much love and happiness.

11 thoughts on “Project: Watermelon

  1. zing: Don’t mention it. I am glad you got a surprise.

    Kenny: Haha! Yes! It was hilarious.

    ml: No lah.. around 25 candles only. Haha. That also, he took 2 breaths to blow them all out.

  2. YY: Durians got smell mah.. even if you wrapped up. I believe, the smell still could permeate! That is why it’s called the King of fruits!

    byfallenangel: Sailor Boy is one heck of a prankster!

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