The Aliens have landed!

Please do not press CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

The aliens have landed and kidnapped the owner of this blog.

After conducting an experiment on this blogger, the aliens have found she is too whiney and bitchy for their liking to let them learn about the human race and decide to throw her back into the blogsphere.

So, here she is again. But instead of going back to the good old blog, she found herself in this new blog, with dangling Christmas ornaments above her head. Guess Christmas came early this year.

This is the new blog address for absolutginger.

This blog has a new loft!πŸ˜€

Please update all your bookmarks to this new address! Domo arigato gozaimasu!

25 thoughts on “Zapped!

  1. Absolutely smitten with your new blogskin/layout. Luv it. I am glad it’s not pink!

    Very cute alien pix. Where the hell did you manage to get such pix on such short notice. Is it luck?

    Congrats gal. Another milestone eh. Way to go babe.

  2. Kenny Mah: Thanks!!πŸ˜€

    Kleio da Muse: Yeah! I was really happy when I found this picture via google.. dunno whether got copyright or not.. but oh well! Yes! I would never be caught dead with a pink color blog! No offense to anyone having a pink color blog, though! Haha!

  3. ML, tekkaus, Zing, cc: Thanks!!πŸ˜€

    Zing: I think… it looks kinda suicidal right? Haha! Anyway.. It has nothing to do with feminism. I am just an ordinary woman, trying to live an extraordinary life.

  4. luckily u said no offence to ppl with pink blogs… i will marajuk kao kao witchu…πŸ˜†

    anyway… congrats on ur 100,000 hits.. (malas nak reply there la)… n lovely blog u hv here… unfortunately most of d time i will b reading it from the confines of my Google Reader so naught much to see/comment… keep the posts coming luv…❀

  5. asstha: Hahaha! Sowwie.. pink just couldn’t jive with my personality! How are you keeping? Hope everything is well!:D

    ericKwan: Thanks! Envy apa? You also can have your own domain mah!

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