The 100,000 Hits

Beautiful KLCC

Why photo of KLCC? To me, it’s a landmark of achievement for Malaysia!

Yeah. I know I know. Not even 1,000,000 like in Tun Dr Mahathir’s achievement in a month in his blog (You rock, Sir!) and I am already gloating! *Gloat gloat gloat*

Well, like I’ve said before, I prefer to see my glass as half full than half empty.. so, in order to commemorate my 100,000 hits, I got myself a new domain. Actually, thanks to Peking Duck for this. Much appreciation.

So, please update your bookmarks and links. There are still some kinks to be ironed out – so please bear with me. I am not IT savvy mah!

Hitting 100,000 is a good start… and I pray for a good start for all Malaysians. In fact, I wrote this post two days before the Permatang Pauh election and prayed hard that, things would finally fall into their right nooks and crannies. No more nonsense and bullshit from the government. The people are liberated!!

On 24th August, I watched the closing of the Olympics on the final award ceremony for man’s marathon. When Samuel Wanjiru set a new world record of 2 hours, 6 minutes, 32 seconds received his gold medal, I couldn’t help but wonder the overwhelming feelings that he must have felt, to have won the first gold in marathon for his country, Kenya. As the Kenyan flag was being hoisted and his lips muttering his country’s national anthem in full view of millions of people in China and the world over; I could see from his facial expression how proud and joyous he must be. He controlled his emotions well and did not weep. Instead, I felt the overwhelming pride in him and my eyes welled with tears.

I believe that the people’s sentiment regarding the country’s governance was highly emotionally draining. I sincerely hope that, from now onwards, Malaysians would be able to instill the same overwhelming feelings of pride of Samuel Wanjiru, when he won a gold medal for his country – by simply being a Malaysian.

11 thoughts on “The 100,000 Hits

  1. cc: No lah.. I am just gloating only. Haha! Thanks! *Toast*

    Life for Beginners: *Toast*

    zewt: Yeah… hope it burst the thermometer! Haha!

    Ponytail: Thanks to Peking Duck!😀

  2. COngratulations,

    glad that we are part of the statistic of this blog where this friendship started.

    To many more 100K in years to come as well as our friendship.


  3. Datin: Number of hits doesn’t matter actually. I thank my lucky stars to have bump into you in blogsphere and thank you for being a great friend! I guess my blog’s 100,000 hits are nothing compare to the friendship and kindness you have shown me all these years. Here’s a toast for many, many more years of friendship to come.

    goldfish: Thanks!😀

    zing: That would take a few more years…. but.. slow and steady wins the race!😀

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