Some People Never Learn

I was talking to ML today on how some people just never learn. There have been scores of theft of sports shoes around her condominium. The cases were highlighted repeatedly in their residence forum.

As of today, there are still people posting comments and complaints in their residence forum about shoes theft. First of all, everyone in their right mind – or have the slightest common sense would start keeping their shoes in the house instead of leaving them outside. These people never learn from other people’s mishap. Serve them right! Some people just never learn.

As I was walking towards the photocopy machine just now, I overheard a conversation among some colleagues.

A colleague aired concern and told the clerk not to wear too much gold. The clerk said, the bracelet she was wearing is not of pure gold and merely for decorative purposes. I joined the conversation and agreed with my colleague that, nowadays it’s not safe to wear gold anymore especially if you are taking public transport. We advised her to take it off. It is better to be safe than sorry. It would be most unfortunate if we fall prey to those barbaric thieves because of what we have on our body due to vanity. We didn’t advise another moronic colleague though – who wears her gold dangling all over her neck, ears, wrists and ankles, thinking she is a Christmas tree.

I remember once, a colleague told me, her neighbor was robbed in front of her house of her “gold” necklace. Apparently, the neighbor was wearing fake gold for ornamental purposes. A few days later, the same robber came to her house and waited for her to return from work. The criminal was very angry because of the fake gold and forced this neighbor to eat dog shit found in front of her house pavement!! I don’t know how true this story is… I know it cracked me up real good!! But ever since we heard of this (hahahha!!) story, we kept telling our common friends that in order to avoid being forced to eat dog shit.. we better not wear gold at all. Some people just never learn.

On the recent mother of all by election, some people still have the cheek to conduct a post mortem on why they lost so badly. They blamed it on everything – the weather, the choice of candidate, lack of funds, the cat, the dog, the mosquito, but never themselves. And they thought they are such a genius by barring a website that exposed their misdoings would stop people from getting to know of their misdeeds. It’s like piling up one shit after another. They ended up “stinking” even worse than ever. Some people just never learn.

PS. In another story – I lost a pair of shoes to the thieves before. Once, I went to stay overnight at a friend’s condominium in upscale Bangsar. Who would have known – such a prestigious place would also have such thieves? This happened 10 years ago when the crime rate was still not as outrageous as the present times. And for God’s sakes, my shoes only cost about RM15/-??

I ended taking a pair of shoes from the cleaner’s closet next to my friend’s condominium. I left them at the lobby of the expensive, prestigious apartment when another friend picked me up. I went home bare footed and kept quiet about it or else, I would subject myself to constant nagging from mom. I learned my lesson. From that day onwards, I never leave my shoes outside the condominium unit whenever I visit a friend.

5 thoughts on “Some People Never Learn

  1. Kenny Mah: They better not come back!! Haha! Thief thief, go away. To hell all the way. ForeverTuck away. Be Satans’ subject of play. Haha!! Bad rhymes!

  2. pekingduck: That is so damn sad. Apparently, our office too.. the receptionist left her phone at her counter also got ppl curi. My goodness. What is happening to our society.

  3. Apartment, house, all the same. NEVER leave your shoes outside, heck, not even near the door! I learned that lesson years ago! It is sad that the same problem is still happening now.

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